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This is an extension of my main game index containing space and sci-fi gaming related content. This can contain reviews, short stories, and guides depending on how interested I was in the game. Most of the games just have a review.

I’m a massive fan of space games in general. Sci-fi also really goes well with those kinds of games as well. I still have quite a few I need to get around to reviewing on my backlog for this genre of game.

  • Astrox Imperium# Header
  • Cryofall
  • Dyson Sphere Program
  • Entropia Universe
  • Eve Online
  • Faster Than Light
  • No Man's Sky
  • Space Rogue
  • Starbound
  • Warframe
  • X Rebirth
  • X4 Foundation

3D Pinball Space Cadet

Recommend: Yes

I somewhat call lots of late nights sending that pinball into hyperspace hitting the multiple flags. Then trying to refuel while working on a mission for points to beat my highest score that was not so high.

Astrox Imperium

Recommend: Yes

Ah, the void of space and endless hours of exploring, pirating, and mining. While Astrox Imperium is still in early access it has a bit of an Eve Online vibe to it. Expect it’s a single-player game and a lot more basic. I’m hoping over time this game will age and have some wonderful depth of flavor to it as things get expanded and balanced.


Cryofall early base.jpg

Recommend: Yes

Cryofall is a sci-fi survival MMO where you can team up with friends on a PvE or PvP server for building a base, farming, and even building mechanized battle armor. Players progress through the game by earning learning points from performing actions to unlock higher tiers of technology.

Dyson Sphere Program

prodcution planet.jpg

Recommend: Yes

They had the inner nerd in me at Dyson Sphere. For a base building simulation game that allowed you to set up on different planets and solar systems. This one kept me hooked for quite a long time. You also got to just focus on building out your massive planetary-wide operations without being interrupted by other stuff that you tend to see in the base building genre these days.

Entropia Universe


Recommend: Maybe

I use to make some money while playing this game with it being a real cash economy back in the day. I played to the players and not so much to the game. Which tends to be the trick in these sorts of things. I have recently returned for mostly fun and to show just about everything this game has to offer.

General Guides Non-planet specific

Planet Calypso

Planet Cyrene

Space Station Crystal Palace

Moon Monria

Asteroid F.O.M.A


Eve Online


Recommend: Yes

This game used to be such a big part of my life for many years. It is where I created the name En Jar. Some of those friendships bonded back from 2008 still exist today along with enemies made!

The backstory about my name and adventures I had in Eve Online. Filled with betrayal, roaming, and some questionable acts like piracy!

I talk about the good old days of being in the Z.E.R.G alliance when we would roll out to do some POS Smashing. Not always the funniest thing to do in the world but sometimes action would happen out of nowhere.

Faster Than Light


Recommend: Yes

Almost a classic by now if you have not played it you are missing out. One moment you are just flying through space on your shiny new ship and another DAM dead. I guess that distress because was not the best idea to send your crew out to. Perhaps leaving that door open to vent a fire resulting in not enough oxygen remaining on board was also not the best idea. Oh heck, there are no good ideas just experimentation and sometimes on crews members!

No Man’s Sky


Recommend: Yes

Some games are at their best when you go out and have your own adventure. Mix in some space travel and science fiction and you had me at more planets then anyone could ever discover. You have discovered, ships, farming, base building, and maybe some piracy as well.

For now, I’m in the middle of writing fan fiction based around my adventures in the game itself. It’s still ongoing with some of it already out.

Space Rogue


Recommend: Yes

Not as hardcore as a game like Faster Than Light but different enough to be its own thing. It can get a bit reparative after you have played it a few times since you more times than not make it to the end. Otherwise a decent game with some settings to make it take longer or shorter per play thought.



Recommend: Yes

While this game might feel familiar to a couple of others that soon dissipate once you finish mining on your first planet and get to go to the Outpost. From there you get to go on an adventure exploring other planets and solar systems looking to scan objects, have fights with bosses and a whole lot more.



Recommend: Yes

As far as free to play games go this one rocks it in sci-fi. Your character gets to use different suits called a Warframe which dictates the class and the special ability you have. Which you can build different ones and change into. You also get to have a choice of going solo or with a team on different missions down on the plants in the solar system. A couple of times a year as of late they have been adding in more content for free as well.

X Rebirth


Recommend: No

It’s rare for me to feel a game is so badly broken it’s not one I would ever recommend. This is one I’ve followed for years hoping things would improve and get an epic space adventure out of the deal. The last time I played a few months back it was still riddled with bugs, broken dreams and an empty bottle.

Recommend: Maybe

Perhaps I’ve finally found an X game I can enjoy. Join me on my epic adventure as I attempt to build an empire or get squished over a long period as I build ships, and stations, and do lots and lots of mining. Will I command an empire or suffocate to death in the cold vacuum of space? Only time will.


Screenshots and were taken and content is written by @enjar. Screenshots are from each of the individual games they are listed under. The cover image is from Faster Than Light.