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Harvesting trees in a science fiction game is not exactly something you would think you could do in a game like Entropia Universe. While there are a lot of odd things you can do in this game this is currently one of those activities. It is also a great way to gain a lot of skills and stats along the way.

Believe it or not, as you are walking around Entropia Universe there could be harvestable trees all around you. You however do not get to see them unless you have the correct tool equipped. There tends to be a small, large, and huge variety of trees to harvest from.

TerraTech PH-1.png

Before you can cut down a tree you will at least need the basic TerraTech PH-1 (L) which you can get from the tools section of the trading terminal. While it says its max wood tier is small trees that do not prevent you from harvesting larger trees.. You just won’t be able to get any of the higher-tier wood drops from the basic TerraTech PH-1.

Most people who are harvesting trees are not doing it for the wood they can get. They are also not expecting a profit either. It is not something I would recommend for everyone. There are also a lot of other things newer players could be doing instead of something like this.

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Who is this for then? Entropia Universe has quite an interesting profession and leveling system. You tend to see huge skill gains when you first start out working on professions and over time as they get higher experience gained turns into a fraction of what it used to be.

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Professions in Entropia Universe are also affected by more than just their main skill. For instance, the profession Animal Looter which has a very slight increase in every level on the size of loot has a lot more skill gains that contribute to it other than skinning. Some of these skills are intelligence, perception, biology, zoology, and many others.

While you are out harvesting trees the main skill you will be leveling up will be resource gathering. You will however get a lot of other skill gains as well. Many of these affect looting professions such as Animal Looter that have already been named above are also what you will be gaining at random while harvesting trees.

If you are someone who has a decently high level of Animal Looter you will notice it is quite hard to gain much experience per kill when you loot. It’s costing more and more just to get it another level higher and taking a lot longer. That is how doing a different activity such as harvesting wood can be a way to level up other professions.

It is quite a common practice in fact for many players to level up other things that they are not planning to be their main weapon type or doing as long-term activities. Entropia Universe skill and profession system rewards you in a way it becomes beneficial to do so.

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When you are out looking for trees to harvest they will become outlined and state the type they are small, large, or huge. You will notice that it can sometimes be hard to find any trees that you can harvest despite being a huge forest covered in trees.

Not every single tree can be harvested. It can also take a while for a tree in that area to respawn. In areas where you are having a hard time finding harvestable trees, it’s best to go to another location. Chances are a player has already been there within the last couple of hours harvesting trees.

As far as trying to find the best location I don’t want to give away anyone’s special spots. I will however say to look for areas that are green on the map representing forests. Areas that are not next to a teleporter have a higher chance of not being picked clean yet. Unless you found a special high spawn area that people guard the secret to its location.

As you skill up resource gatherer like any other profession you will have the ability to use higher tier TerraTech tools. While you could use one you are not fully skilled to use yet they tend to have much lower success rates and uses per minute.

Even when you have a high enough skill to use the TerraTech with a 100% success rate. You can and will fail. This tends to be at least from what I’ve witnessed cutting a lot of trees was a part of the losses you take from doing this activity comes from. As you still decay the tool. You can at least get skill gains.

harvesting for Short Moonleaf Board.png

The best TerraTech PH-1 will be able to harvest for you is Short Moonleaf Board and Wood Shavings. While these items do not have high markup it can be enough to help break even or cover some of the losses once you have enough to sell on auction.

This is important to know because regardless of the tree size you are farming with a TerraTech PH-1 you will only be getting Short Moonleaf Board and Wood Shavings. You can use this to your advantage if the Short Moonleaf Board has a higher markup than other board types.

Next up you have large trees. With a TerraTech PH-2 or higher, you will be able to harvest for Moonleaf Board and Wood Shavings. At the time of writing this, the markup was not high enough for me to personally want to farm large trees for Moonleaf Board.

So instead I would use my TerraTech PH-1 for the Short Moonleaf Board. That will however come down to the markets and what is best for you.

You more than likely will find that buying a TerraTech PH-2 off the auction house has a massive markup and you can only get a limited (L) version. Most people tend to skip getting or even using the PH-2. It is just not worthwhile since all the cost of doing this activity is on the tool itself.

Long Moonleaf Board.png

Once you are Resource Gatherer level 6 you have maxed out the TerraTech PH-3. This tool can extract from the Huge Trees Long Moonleaf board. This tends t where there is still a decent markup to be had. This tool also has a much higher decay per use.

TerraTech PH-3 can also be bought from other players on the auction house in the UL version. The markup tends to be rather reasonable as well making it a must-have for anyone who plans to harvest trees for a while.

While you might be thinking what if you only farmed the huge trees? The thing is they are quite rare. If that is what you end up doing you will be walking around and exploring a lot. You might as well pair this activity with fruit running (walking). That way you are on the hunt for multiple things at once.

Since I was more interested in the skills gains I would just go out and farm small to huge trees. On one of those runs, I took out 10 TerraTech PH-1s and a repaired TerraTech PH-3. I would use the PH-1 on small and large trees. While saving the TerraTech PH-3 for huge trees.

In that run, I racked up 67 PED worth of decay. I came back with 61 PED worth of loot which would be a 6 PED loss. Once the markup is added in I would have been ahead by .25 PED. While not a lot it is better than a loss since I was doing this activity for the skill gains. This is before taking into account oil spent flying around as it took hours to find that many trees and harvest them, and auction house listing fees.

It is also quite hard to go out on such a large run without making stops to a personal storage device. The wood product tends to weigh a lot so if you have low strength you should expect to be making quite frequent trips to drop things off. A higher-level player on the other hand could be out for a while before needing to come back to drop off loot.

Final Thoughts

harvesting a tree.png

While this is an activity I rarely find myself doing. It is something I’ll do once in a while to level up my looting professions slightly. Even more so if they are getting close to a level up and they just need a little help pushing them over the edge.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.