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Fort Lahar on planet Calypso in Entropia Universe has some interesting missions and rewards for running them. I ended up having quite a little adventure here even unlocking a daily mission that I can’t do by myself. This place ended up having a lot more going on to it than I was expecting.

I ended up having a mission chain if I’m not mistaken leading me here. I was greeted with a couple of other missions for the area. One started by having me scout some locations. Another required a few hundred kills. A final one sent me wandering into a swamp and everyone knows how much I love swamps!

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The Cleanup At Fort Lahar mission that had you kill 200 Combibo, 50 Exarosaur, and 200 Kerberos in the area I decided I would work on a little till I got bored of it. All three of these creatures could be rather close to the fort.

Not including killing more Exarosaur I needed to do some codex grinding on the other two creatures anyways. So I was more than happy need to kill 200 of them each. I’m also rather glad they only wanted 50 Exarosaur.

During hunting those three creatures Fort Lahar became under attack by an event. That event killed all the local creatures I was hunting. Since there were not many players around and not wanting to try and solo an event where I can only guess the reward is nothing. I went off to explore the swamps.

Hunting Calamusoid.png

The swamps ended up providing quite an intriguing endower to them. The Piece of Mind mission I had was looking for me to gather “implants.” These ended up being different body parts of the Calamusoid that inhabited the swamp.

I did not know it right away but those parts are used to create an item that keeps you alive when you venture deeper into the swamp for a daily mission. Those parts can also be sold at the auction house and have some sweet markup on them. It appears some of the Uber players that can solo the daily just buy the parts they need to save time

After some time in the swamp, I ended up getting killed. I did not get all the parts I needed all at once. I went back to hunting mostly Combibo getting around 100 more kills. I then went down and finished farming the rest of the parts I needed in the swamp.

After that, I went off to finish off one of the other missions that just required you to go to a location on the map. It was quite easy and forward and I had the mission finished in no time. Not everything has to be a kill large amounts of something so it’s always nice when one of these easier times is tossed into the mix.

Flying back to the swamp.png

I then turned in the mission I had finished from the swamp and was given an item that gave me a short-term inoculation against the swamp gas. If I wanted it again I would have to farm up more parts. I have since gone back into the area without the protection and died within 30 seasons or some from all the damage that part of the swamps causes.

Down in the swamp is a boss that spawns a bunch of adds. There was a player there I had seen before who had just farmed the parts for the inoculation and was now running his daily. I joined in and started to kill some of the adds that were all over this guy.

He must have had some decent gear or very high-level skills or both. All I do know is once the boss showed up with even more adds I ended up getting killed. At that point, I wrote off even thinking of being able to do this mission myself.

I ended up going afk for a short while and came back to a loot window on my screen. The player who I ran into must have soloed the boss and that encounter all without much help from me. I somehow ended up getting credit for the kill.

mission reward.png

So I turned in the mission and got some sweet rewards. I unlocked a daily mission for that encounter that appears to have a random reward out of a list of times. Some of the rewards looked awesome and others were more filler.

Hunting Kerberos.png

I then headed back out to finish the few hundred mission kills I had for Cleanup at Fort Lahar. Kerberos have been something I have been meaning to hunt for some time. I have often seen a lot of players get global and in general.

It turns out a lot of those players that farm them all the time happen to be in this exact area around the fort where I found the Kerberos. The only downside is when the event for the fort occurs the entire Kerberos spawn gets killed and will only respawn once the event is over.

Gun shop replacing my broken gun.png

I had just 61 remaining kills of Kerberos before I was done with the mission. Would you believe my luck my gun ended up breaking? Not wanting to hunt them with anything bigger or smaller guns I went to e Port Atlantis Mall and bought myself a new Armatrix LR-20 (L).

global on kerberos.png

I then rushed back to finish the mission and I ended up getting a 16 PED global. While that is quite a tiny one these are small creatures I was hunting. Nothing fun ended up dropping. I could not help but think to myself what are the odds I ended up getting a global because I broke my gun and got a new one? This must be a lucky gun at that.

I finished off the mission. This got me 10 PED of Universal ammo, a small healing device, and another low-level gun. While the two guns I ended up getting from running missions at Fort Lahar were quite low-level ones. I could always use them for future codex grinding on low-level creatures.

Final Thoughts

moon and the stars.png

While I still can’t run the daily solo I unlocked at Fort Lahar at some point I’ll farm up what I need for protection to res-enter that part of the swamp. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long for other players to show up who can solo it and I’ll help the best I can. At the very least I found an amazing and dense spawn area for Kerberos as long as an event is not going on.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.