Entropia Universe | Ore Mining Calypso Part 2

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With the first part of my ore mining testing done I thought I would move slightly over to a different spot and see if the ore composition would be a little different. I was getting several ores I wanted or did not mind mining. I just wish I was getting a higher percentage of them or at the very least a lower amount of the ores I did not want.

Ore Mining Calypso Part 2.jpg

This is another screenshot of my Little Big Miner Log map. Unlike the first run where I was struggling with giant mountains and hillsides. This area was mostly a lot flatter. Other than the edges around the coastline.

There were a couple of areas that seems so dead that I skipped around mining in the middle. This run had me quite worried for a large amount of it that I was going to take a decent loss. For a while, I was starting to think the depths here might just be too great for my finder and it would be yet another area I would have to move on from.

While I’m not a firm believer in the ore vein theory. Many people believe that “sometimes” you find a vein of ore in an area and if you keep mining around it you will find more. It is hard sometimes to not follow the pattern your brain is projecting and just see how it goes.

searching for ore.png

This icy wasteland certainly had its moment of beauty. Sometimes during these long mining trips, I can’t help but pause and take a moment to enjoy them. It would be quite a few hours before the sun would rise and seeing the mist over the ocean and the far-off mountains in the background gave it quite a picturesque view.

Some actives in Entropia Universe I find not to be as enjoyable during the night time. Thankfully in a snow-covered area like this, it is still easy to see and walk around. There are some parts of the game where mining and exploring can be a bit more difficult with less light such as being in a dense forest.

size 5 find.jpg

It turns out that during this trip outside of a couple of screenshots it escaped my mind to take a few. Thankfully one of the amazing features of Little Big Mining Log is it takes screenshots of your mining finds for you. This makes it quite easy to go back along with other data it saves for you and try and make sense of the madness.

It also allows me to go back and see just how many of each type of ore I was found in an area. While I talk about it a little in the past post that certain ores you tend to find larger finds of them. Understanding how often you are finding something as well in an area helps further understand things.

This trip ended up being quite uneventful. With my largest being a single size 9. I was expecting with all the iron hits I was getting to have found a lot more than just the one or size 5’s and smaller. It’s not that a higher markup or ore can’t be found as a bigger claim it’s just not what you usually find.

finding lots of 3 size finds.jpg

I was also finding a lot of unusually small-size claims for ore mining. You would expect to see a lot of size 3 claims if you are enmatter mining since it cost half as much per probe drop. On something like ores along with the large dead area I found I had half a feeling someone else had recently minded here.

For the life of me, however, I did not see a reason someone would want to mine in this area ores if they knew any better. Part of the area I was mining was on a land owned area which should scare off most people. The reason I was there is that it had a zero tax rate.

The area had a lot of iron like the other area. The stuff is so cheap you might as well just buy it from other miners than target mine it yourself. I was not getting enough of the other ores including what I was here for to make it worth my time.

Final Thoughts

lysteirum size 3.jpg

Originally when I wrote down how this run went I had it showing a slight loss. However, to save on auction fees and to have large enough stacks of refined ores to even sell I tend to save them for later. I ended up getting a slightly better sales price than I was expecting on a couple of the ores found. Bring this run-up to .02% profit before refining and auction fees.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.