Entropia Universe | 2022 Summer Migration Event

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A couple of days back Eomon pheromone levels spiked on planet Calypso and the 2022 Summer Migration Event was in full force. This event tends to be the biggest summer event in the game that will go on for quite some time.

The biggest hunters and players of the game tend to show up to hunt down Eomon. While a lot of the mid-level players tend to focus on the other creature called Longtooth. I will be visiting some Longtooth locations and hunting some.

One of the cool things about Summer Migration is that Eomon and Longtooth are migrating across a route in-game. This also means they can be a bit hard to track down. Thankfully people tend to post route maps and current locations in the Calypso forums. It can however sometimes be a hit or miss when trying to track down their current in a real-time location with you needing to scout out some locations. Sometimes you show up after they moved to the next spot.

Finding an Eomon spot.jpg

Thankfully there are some static spawn locations as well. While there are some posted locations online a few of them appear to be outdated. This year the developers have even added a few extra locations as you can sometimes end up fighting over a limited spawn of these creatures with way too many players.

Somewhat good news is the event itself is “shared looted” so even if you are not in a team with others if you end up shooting something before it gets killed you get a portion of the loot. While some players can solo or hire a healer to hunt Eomon those tend to be hunted in groups or with packs of other players.

I don’t like shooting with a pack of players. While my gun is “ok” it’s not insane. If anything crazy did end up dropping like a very rare item there is not a chance I would be getting it. It will be the big players in a full team with big guns.

level 111 eomon.jpg

Many partake in this event hoping to get some insane drop. I only wish I could hunt the young Eomon maturity solo let alone the prowlers. The young’s have 5k health and the prowlers which are not even the biggest have over 13k health.

Getting something like a Genesis Star Excavator Improved which someone like myself who enjoys mining in Entropia would love to have someday. I can only dream. It’s one of the best extractor tools in-game. It’s also kind of strange it only drops off Eomon since a hunter would not care for something like that.

Instead, the hunters are hoping to get one of the guns, amps, or upgrade materials for improving guns and amps. Eomon also drops Shadow armor and I could not even guess what something like that sells these days. Those pieces alone would be a reason why many hunters show up to an event like this.

I on the other hand will be hunting the smaller and easier Longtooth. They even added in an adolescent maturity with only 300 or so health. I thought will be trying out young that have 1,300 up to a Matriarch with over 3k health.

I can only suspect there are a lot more items than I’m aware of that the Longtooth could drop. As they only seem to have a lower-level gun amp, (L) armor drops, and some old guns that are not so great these days. They however do drop some upgrade materials used for upgrading guns into adjusted, improvement, and some other things. Which must be worth a nice amount.

The biggest change to loot this year is no Summer loot boxes. This has left many to protest the migration event. Summer boxes in the past have had a small chance to contain quite an insane ring all the top players want in the game. This tended to be how many players tried to negate their losses during an event like this by selling those boxes at a high markup.

getting missions.jpg

As far as how my hunts went I first headed over to Minopolis to talk with RDI for some missions. The lower one mostly gives you some daily tokens and blazar fragments. Not that great it is however something. The bigger ones allow you to get some kind of weapon that I don’t know anything about.

This is also where you can go to upgrade certain weapon amplifiers and weapons if you get enough to upgrade material. I don’t have any of those weapons. These kinds of things are really for top players.

After that, it was time to scout out some areas and find some Longtooth to hunt. I decided I wanted to aim not for the lowest maturity at the start. I wanted to try something mid-maturity for them. Anything bigger than that I just lack a high enough gun skill and armor to deal with.

Old Fred.jpg

I ended up heading north of Atlas Haven across a body of water to find a spawn of Providers and up. There was also a boss spawn there but no one was going near it. It was also quite late at night so there were only a couple of other hunts even here.

The Longtooth Providers have around 2k health and deal impact damage. I ended up putting on my set of Gremlin with 5b plating. While it was a tad overkill I wanted to avoid having to heal too often.

I also noticed hunters that were going with lighter armor were getting killed by crits. This spot was a bit of a flight to get back to. I also don’t use teleporter chips and I assumed you would need one of the higher-level ones to get this far out in a single teleport jump. As you would want to get back quickly before they regen back to full health.

Longtooth Dominant.jpg

I did play around with some Longtooth Dominant at this location. Even with Gremlin on, they were hitting me for 36 or so damage. They almost had 2k more health than the Providers. I ended up having to heal a lot between getting only a couple of shots off. After a few kills of them, I focused on mostly lower things.

Not great loot.jpg

For my first round, the loot is what I would expect from this event. Not great. This might have been my best kill. Nothing had much of any markup even some below 101%. I ended up being down 27% which I was expecting to be much worse.

A lot of players reported some massive losses in this event. Many others are just telling everyone to stay away. These are some big creatures you are going have some wild swings hunting them. The lack of any kind of markup on items unless you get some crazy drop is a bit disappointing.

I ended up calling it a night. I was elsewhere in the game so it took me a while to get back to planet Calypso. This however would not be my last hunt. I gave this spot another try after getting some rest.

Going another hunt.jpg

My second hunt at this location ended up being during a weekend during the day. When I first arrived this area looked like it was locked down hard by other players. I however flew around a little bit and ended up finding a back section of the spawn where I would only run into a couple of other players.

This spot ended up working out better than I was expecting as far as getting things to hunt was. One of the players ended up leaving shortly after and the other mostly seemed interested in the higher maturity that was mixed into this spawn. I was more interested in the lower ones so we both did not have to wait around long for what we wanted to hunt to respawn.

Longtooth codex.jpg

I did end up finishing off a level of the Longtooth codex. I would, later on, finish off the second one as well. The skill rewards start quite amazing and only get better. Many players could be hunting these just for the codex gains. I found them a nice bonus but not a driving factor for giving these a hunt.

Unlike the first hunt on these where I was at least getting a couple of bigger loots up to 18 PED or so. This time around I was not getting any of those smaller loots. It was usually half or less the ammo I was shooting them with.

Longtooth global 1.jpg

I at least did get a 52 PED global off one of them. It ended up being shrapnel only which kind of sucks. At least it was something. Despite this, the hunt still ended up down 25%. The loot on average was quite bad.

I decided since more players were slowly moving to the back part of this spawn that I would try another location. I also wanted to try some of the smaller ones. They are a lot easier to hunt if those spawns are not overcrowded and I’d be able to kill a few more before running out of the normal amount of ammo I usually take out with me.

Young Longtooth location.jpg

I couple of spots I checked ended up being empty of any Longtooth let alone just the young that I wanted to hunt. I eventually ended up finding a spot that was southwest of Half Moon Bay. This place was however crowded since a lot more players have the skills and gear to hunt these levels.

I, however, suspected most just fly right in from a teleporter spot, and the first one they see they start fighting others over the spawn in that spot. So I flew around and found more than a few that I could hunt with less than a minute of downtime. For the time of day I was hunting for an event like this, I consider it to be a blessing.

Longtooth global 2.jpg

I ended up being rather glad is switch locations and to a lower maturity. Not that long in I got a 64 PED global. Again just shrapnel but at least it was something. These young have 35% less health and I was getting more loot off them. You would think it be the other way around but I won’t question it.

Longtooth global 91.jpg

Not even 3 kills later I kid you not. I got yet another global. This time a 91 PED and while it had other loot than shrapnel. I could have converted the shrapnel into ammo at 101% while the stuff that dropped tends to go for less markup if it sells at all. Quite painful with so little markup.

At this rate, if I could just get some decent loot or another global I would have broken even across the three hunts I’ve done on them now. The loot however dried up quite a bit. While it might be the smart thing to leave I kept at it anyway. I was here to hunt them after all.

Longtooth Matriarch.jpg

Then quite an odd thing ended up happening. There is only young maturity everywhere I look and this Matriarch shows up. It was a beast to kill and it even managed to kill me once. I even had to switch into my better gear and do a lot of healing just to do it.

After I killed it I got 10 PED of shrapnel. Quite a disappointment. I think it cost me a bit more in ammo than what I got out of it. After that, the spot it spawned in had an even higher maturity Longtooth. I stayed away from that one.

The rest of this hunt was uneventful. I at least did end up being up 41.36% on the third hunt. Which is a lot better than I was expecting. Nothing insane dropped.

Final Thoughts

last one.jpg

It was fun to at least give it a try. Once I add up all three hunts I did on Longtooth I ended up being only down 2.8% after the markup. There was not much markup which is a shame. After that, I decided to call it on these.

Since this event I suspect is going on for a while I might be back to try them again at some point. What I want however is not dropped by the Longtooth but the Eomon. Those I can’t solo and who knows maybe some old friends will show up during the summer wanting to hunt them.

For now, though I’m just glad I’m not taking a 40-60% loss like a lot of people are claiming they are. Getting 3 global even if they had nothing of markup in them was a lot better than I was expecting. It is tempting to grind out some more codex and work further on one of the missions. I’ll have to look into the rewards for that mission.

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