Hogwarts Legacy | Further Working With A Goblin

I have found it strange working when working with the goblin name

Pokémon Go | A Plan Slowly Coming Together

You might be wondering what pizza has to do with Pokémon Go? The answer is everything and nothing. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this game and it’s not because I’ve stopped playing. Things are starting to heat up. Pokémon Go is

Hogwarts Legacy Has a Brilliant Introduction

The intro moments in Hogwarts Legacy were magically brilliant that told me everything that I needed to know that this was going to be an amazing adventure. I could not wait to see where it would take me into the unexpected and unknown. This

Exploring The Castle In Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Castle is a thing of wonder and beauty to explore around. I’ve at this point lost track how many hours I find myself just wandering around finding new things and solving old things I’ve had to pass up on past exploration expedit

First Impressions Of Hogwarts Legacy

So far I have been blown away by a couple of encounters I have had. The game has already taken me places I was not expecting to go and to be doing things I have always dreamed of doing. I’m rather thrilled to get some real-time into this gam

New World | My Main Mining Route In Monarch’s Bluff

While mining iron and a little

New World | Taking A Look At Housing

One of my goals in New World was to acquire the

New World | Taking Advantage Of Market Shortages

It has been an interesting past couple of days finding swee

Gathering Professions In New World | Tips And Tricks Guide

New World game b

Taking A Look At New World

I do love a good crafting and gathering game and this one come

Rogue’s Tale | What The Adventure It Was

Sometimes you are just in the mood to go achievement huntin

Review | The Wolf Among Us | Sponsored

The Wolf Among Us is a story-rich adventure where you play a detective and you get to make choi