Market Friday Goes to the Underworld in a Videogame


Was feeling very nostalgia this week so I stop by a very old game I use to be very active in. Had a little fun and caught up with some very old friends. Some of them I’ve not talk with in over 5 years or longer.

While there I visited Firewall Ridge in Hell on planet Rocktropia. Was blessed finding some player run shops still open: mining, armor, and weapon shops! Sadly the one I wanted to visit must have gone out of business.


To get there naturally I would take a phone booth what other way would you expect!

First Shop: Miner’s Den


I’ve mined on several planets in my day. It’s great I found a shop with a couple of items of the trade down here.


While personally, I have never used this particular brand of Finder for ores or enmatter I have been told they make quite the item to have in certain situations when needing to reach deep mining depths.

A very active miner could go through this entire supply of amps on this table in a couple of days. I’ve personally only used them for a short while. They are attached to the Finder and increase the cost per action. My luck always seem to run out when I had one of these attached!

On the back of the table are some depth increases I’ve never had a use for them. My personal finder never needed the increase from them for what I was mining.


Finally rounding out for this shop is an extractor to get ore or enmatter out from a claim. This one is a rather basic and cheap model at that. This is one area is where being high end does not matter much unless you are in a major hurry to get your claim or looking to be extremely efficient in usage cost.

Second Shop: Mikaile’s Fire and Brimstone


This particular armor shop is selling very specialized gear that offers protection for fighting creates in Hell.


I had a friend who used to craft this Firewall sets. I would trade him my ores at discount and he makes me a nice set at a discount. Nice way to save on auction house or shop fees! I had a thing for green armor, hair, and clothing back then. Sadly I sold mine when I stop playing they do look amazing!


As you can see these things are not cheap with high markup 151%. They are not cheap to produce, can’t be repaired and this particular one only females can wear!


Finally rounding off this shop is red set. These are higher in price and offer much higher protection as well.

Third Shop: No Name Posted on a Sign


This last one sells mostly weapons with a few other items. The shopkeeper was not dressed to the kind of post I’m making. She gets to be coved up a little more!


The shopkeeper has some land vehicles for sale. I prefer spaceships myself but these are always fun and a great tool for relocating dense area of mobs out of your way. Hence why I don’t have one anymore to spawn and show you of these. It might have caught fire a few times…


The table you have been waiting to see-- weapons! I do believe most of these are all entry-level/ lower end. We do love our guns in this game!


The lore on this axe is rather cool. I have had some drop while out hunting Motorhead creatures out by Lemmy’s Castle.


While out making sure I did not miss any other shops in the area I came across this wonderful looking room. You would almost expect to run into devil here.


Now you must be thinking by now if you arrived by phone booth how are you getting out here? I arrived safely back on the surface after using this Helliporter.

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Screenshots were taken by and content written by @enjar.

Screenshots from Rocktropia.