Entropia Universe | 2022 Summer Events and Mul’s Arise

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Summer tends to be a jammed pack season in Entropia Universe on planet Calypso with a lot of events that take place. They tend to range from almost anyone can join in on them to things only the best of the best will be doing. These events tend to bring out the big guns, money, and possible loot.

This year the developers behind Calypso and the game Mind Ark decided to lighten the load of events that tend to run during the summertime. They did away with Summer Mayhem. This left quite a few players unhappy as you can imagen. Mayhem for many is when a lot of seasonal players show up.

They ended up somewhat compromising a little bit by tossing up a “mini” Mayhem event. I did not partake in it. They also did something a little different and instead of it taking place in instances they had it up on Crystal Palace Space Station.

I was rather lucky to have wrapped up in time for my trip up there. As those domes are not big enough if a hundred players show up and start fighting over creatures. While I’ve heard it did not go as bad as many were thinking it would. It was what it was and glad to have missed out on the “mayhem.”

One thing players are not happy about is the removal of Summer Boxes. While these boxes cost money to open you always got the cost of the key back in terms of loot. More times than not it would be something like Universal Ammo. Many players would be hoping to get a rare ring drop.

With that out of the way came the next event currently taking place. The Mul’s Arise. These are a prelude that in a couple of weeks the main event for the summoner would be taking place Summer Migration.

Muluk Hir Mul Arise Event.png

The Muls have a small amount of lore behind them that the “rituals” they perform cause the migration. The migration cause some massive creatures called Eomon and others to show up. These things have 5k health at the low end and I know for sure I have zero chance of soloing them.

While many might try and team up or just go out and hunting with anyone they can find to take them out. I more than likely won’t be doing much with them. If you are just a random shooting in a shared loot event those with the highest damage get the best items if they drop. This leaves everyone else with low markup stuff.

Since I missed out on the Summoner Mini Mayhem event and it’s uncertain unless some friends of mine come back to partake in Migration with a group. I’ll more than likely not have much to say about those. So I thought I would jump into the Mul’s Arise event.

Mayhem Mulmun during the event.png

Usually, with this event, you get Mulmun, Muluk-Hir, and Mulaak’f creatures. Since they did not have a proper Summer Mayhem they also tossed in Mayhem Mulmun for those wanting to grind the codex but with no token or box drops.

The biggest struggle with these creatures at least for me is the deal of a single damage time. While it is impact damage and I have gear for that. That is still asking a lot out of my current gear with it only impacting damage.

Hunting A Mulmun Outcast during Mul Arise Event.png

These things can also have some decent health regen as well. The last thing you want to be messing around with when dealing with a creature that has some decent health regen is the need to stop shooting to heal yourself.

This ends up making these not the best thing for me to hunt. At least the Mulmun was so easy I could just sit in my pixie adjusted with 2A plating gear and almost not heal at all. However, I wanted a bit more of a challenge.

Exploring around for the event mobs.png

After exploring around for a while I did not find a higher maturity Mulmun spawn that was not covered in other creatures or being camped by way too many players. While there are some creatures during this event that have large spawns. Many others just have tiny little spots with a dozen or so.

There are seven different areas according to the announcement. I did not go to all of them. As I decided I wanted to hunt something a bit bigger.

While I did kill some normal Mulmun and Mayhem Mulmun for codex skill gains. I focused my eyes on the Muluk-Hir. They are just within the range of something I can kill that more times than can’t kill me. Although they did get the upper hand a couple of times.

Hunting more Muluk Hir.png

After every fight with a single one, I did have to heal. Usually, I try and avoid fighting creatures that put me in such a situation. Even a couple of times during the fight I would have to use my bigger healing device and toss in some enemy heals on myself. Not ideal with the health regen they have.

These are not the big summer event thing either. That would usually be Mayhem and the Eomon. While these different kinds of Mulmun can drop unlimited healing devices, weapon amps, and some guns. It’s not the most exciting thing to hunt.


I like everyone else got none of these things. I did not even get any (L) gear drops. It was mostly just shrapnel followed by more shrapnel. After taking some losses I decided I had enough and went back to other things I’m involved in.

This event is also what is called a “shared” event. Meaning all creatures share their loot with those that shot them. Which helps ease any tensions if people shoot the same creature. There are also creatures in this event that have 10k+, 20k+, and 25k+ health that takes a few players usually to kill.

Granted some of them were getting “soloed” from the looks of it. Which is just mind-boggling to think about. I guess though once you have a big enough gun to overcome the health regen and are paying for healing services you can sit there for a while and kill them.

I also noticed a lot of the players that are known for playing the game smarter than others seemed to be lacking from the event. They were still online getting globals just not on any of the Mulmun. This I found to be rather interesting.

Final Thoughts

loot not great.png

I ended up grinding a couple of codex levels for three out of the four creatures you could hunt during the Mul’s Arise. After those were done I did not see much of a reason to stay. I would not expect in a million years to get any of the rare drops and some of them I have a feeling would be hard to sell or not worth what they use to be due to a lot better items coming out over the years.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.