Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe | Secret Island Water Temple Guide

The Secret Island Water Temple in Entropia Universe is the easiest of the temples on the island. You do need to find a Sacred Water Skull before you can enter the temple as it is the key. The creatures to farm for it are a great test to see

Entropia Universe | Getting To Secret Island And Exploring

Secret Island in Entropia Universe is a little bit of a strange place. You can’t just click on the dropdown menu on Rocktropia and click to go there. There is even a bit of confusion on where it is. What makes Secret Island strange is

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Arctic And Hunting The Thing

Rocktropia has one special area based on a movie regarding The Thing. While I don't know much about that movie I‘ve always found it interesting to run around the artic on Rocktropia. Hunting the Thing on the other hand tends to send chills d

Entropia Universe | Planet Calypso Event Hogglo Hysteria

The other day planet Calypso had a surprise event called Hogglo Hysteria. The Hogglo population for some not well-known reason showed up in large headers around Calypso disrupting natural wildlife in certain areas. Since I have had qu

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Hell And Slaying Demons

It was time to revisit Hell and see if they made any changes. While I’m underground I thought why not hunt some Demon Hackers while I was at it. This is

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Union Station Subway Lockpick Instance Walkthrough

The Union Station Subway instance on Rocktropia where you need a Lockpick to get into is brutal. The thing is a massive maze in a sewer system filled with zombies. There are also many rooms where you trigger hordes of zombies for staying in

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Crib Raid Instance

Out of all the Rocktropia lockpick 1 instances I’ve run, Crib Raid in Entropia Universe is my favorite one so far. It is a bit longer than the rest taking me between half an hour to an hour depending on how fast I’m clearing the instance. It

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Booty Raid Lockpick Instance

Out of the tier 1 lockpick instances on Rocktropia that were available the Booty Raid is the easiest and quickest one to run. You will be facing off against a bunch of low-level Vixens in the instance.

Entropia Universe | Exploring Planet Rocktropia

Planet Rocktropia is almost as big of a legend as the player behind it. It is heavily influenced by music and movies. With the planet having things from movies such as The Thing and Zombie Kong. Along with an area called Lemmy’s Castle guard

Entropia Universe | Mining on Calypso Death Awaits

Since I have been hunting around Jameson

Entropia Universe | Atrox I Must

Naturally, a trip back to Calypso would not be complete without me at least doing one hunt on Atrox. I would be hitting up one of my newer favorite spots Jurra Plateau. I would also be clearing quite a lot further than I usually go to see ho

Entropia Universe | Hogglo And A Strange Piece Of Loot

I have looted quite some strange items off creatures in video games before. This one ended up topping things as it does not fit whatsoever with hunting something like a Hogglo. It’s also a shame I have no use for it at this time. My h