Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe | Back To Atrox And Jurra Plateau

While hunting Atrax was fun they are just not the same as Atrox themselves. So it’s only natural that I felt a need after such a long grind to head over to my favorite Atrox spot out in Jurra Plateau. A place that I’ve learned I enjoy huntin

Entropia Universe | Atrax My New Favorite Creature

One of the fun things about going around and grinding out a bunch of lower-level codexes is finding out you might have a new favorite creature to hunt. While I’ve hunted a lot of Atrox over the years I’ve rarely hunted any Atrax. I’ve always

Entropia Universe | The Triple Spot Codex Farming

I ended up finding a rather unusual spot that ended up working to my advantage. Usually, I prefer an area to just have lots of a single creature. So that way I’m not killing a bunch of stuff I don’t want to. This area instead has clusters of

Entropia Universe | Tale Of Aurli The Final Hunt

It’s not a trip up to Crystal Palace without at least stopping by Dome 2 and hunting some Kreltin before taking off. While I’ve killed a few in the past it was not that many as they are quite sparse in Dome 1. So I headed off to Dome 2.

Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And 10 Years Later

I was shocked. What an ending this trip ended up becoming. I bet many if asked what they were doing in a game 10 years ago don’t recall let alone know which game they were even involved in. It all came back around in this one.

Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And That Feeling Of A Long Grind

I’m sure many gamers know that feeling once you realize you have found yourself in yet another long grind. Thankfully this was quite an enjoyable one. Well, I somewhat had an idea going into this that it was going to take some time. I found

Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And The Chip Drops

Needing a bit of a chance of pace and scenery I headed off toward Crystal Palace Space station. I wanted to finish off rank 10 for Aurli which I was getting “close.” I also wanted to get some progression in on my long-term goal of unlocking

Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Was It Worth It

With Entropia Universe being a real cash economy game many often have questions about the numbers on the financial side of things. With Mayhems usually being longer events I tend to do a lot of grinding in. I tend to be a little more open ab

Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 A Close Call Ending

One of the downsides to being a little light on funds in Entropia Universe is moments like these where you are getting close to finishing off an event. Your wallet is almost finished off as well. I could not afford to spend any further money

Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Massive Points

Things were just about to heat up in the points gained. It would only take a couple of large point gains to finish off this event for me. While there is always a chance I don't tend to expect them to happen. I was already having a dec

Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Almost Halfway Point

A fresh day and a fresh instance. The fun of events like this is not knowing if I’ll end up scoring some high-point kills or have a total flop of a day. Since I’m doing bronze this thing could be over quite quickly. I however have been findi

Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Annihilation 04

With a couple of guns at the ready and a bag full of ammo, it was time to head into Eater Mayhem Annihilation 04 instance. I wanted to see how hard those robots in there would be for me to take down. It turns out I felt they were a decent ma