Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Final

While the Summer Migration event for 2023 would be going on for a bit longer. I always find it’s best to be the one to call it and not try to grind it out to the end. Things kept going great for me to the point it felt like it was time to ca

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 The Hot Streak Continues

I was back with some fresh guns I was r

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Further Decent Hunting

These next couple of days of hunting during the Summer Migration 2023 even

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration The Upswing 2023

While things have been in a bit of a spiral for quite a few hunts. I could tell based on my numbers the tides were starting to turn a bit. They also added something back into the loot pool for the summer event which is a shame did not start

Entropia Universe | Migration Summer Slump 2023

There is always that part in the grind where things go into quite a slump. There is just no beating around it I got wrecked after what was otherwise a great few days. At the very least things are not as bad as they could be. In the pa

Entropia Universe | Migration On The Move Summer 2023

I knew at some point the migration would start to move on. Sometimes you lose a good spot and have to wait sometime before you found another. On top of that another creature that I’ve yet to hunt starts to take over. Thankfully I stil

Entropia Universe | Digging In On Longtooth For Summer Migration 2023

While not all events this year I have plans to go bigger than I did last year. Summer Migration is one of those I’ve decided to go for. I was rather pleased with how things went in my first hunts out taking a look around. The biggest drawbac

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Longtooth

It’s that time of year again for the Summer Migration to take place in Entropia Universe. It’s where all the uber players are out farming these massive creatures called Eomon looking for insane loot drops. While the other players like me go

Entropia Universe | The Final Longu For Now

This was yet another one I was rather close to already having finished codex rank 10 on. Even better I already know a spot I love to hunt Longu at. So I thought why not get this one out of the way? As I had a few other creatures at the time

Entropia Universe | Back To Atrox And Jurra Plateau

While hunting Atrax was fun they are just not the same as Atrox themselves. So it’s only natural that I felt a need after such a long grind to head over to my favorite Atrox spot out in Jurra Plateau. A place that I’ve learned I enjoy huntin

Entropia Universe | Atrax My New Favorite Creature

One of the fun things about going around and grinding out a bunch of lower-level codexes is finding out you might have a new favorite creature to hunt. While I’ve hunted a lot of Atrox over the years I’ve rarely hunted any Atrax. I’ve always

Entropia Universe | The Triple Spot Codex Farming

I ended up finding a rather unusual spot that ended up working to my advantage. Usually, I prefer an area to just have lots of a single creature. So that way I’m not killing a bunch of stuff I don’t want to. This area instead has clusters of