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There are quite a lot of reasons I’m starting to like hunting Feffoid so I thought I would do quite a long hunt on them and see how it went. I started with doing my daily cave of Feffoid and finishing off with three of my normal-sized runs on them throughout the day to see how it went.

running the daily feffoid cave.png

While I don’t run my daily Feffoid cave every day I attempt to do so. Many times depending on all that I have planned for that day it might be my only bigger hunt for that day. At least in terms of hunting something that has over 500 health.

I have now acquired 30 daily tokens. While I have been a bit on the fence if I even wanted anything from the special daily vender it turns out I would not mind a EWE LC-150 Tactical CDF Edition (L) which costs 60 tokens.

While it is a limited gun and will evenly break. It’s on par with my laser rifle skills. While I do sometimes take a small loss on running the Feffoid cave daily using my daily tokens to buy a gun that I want can help offset those costs.

After running the cave I was in the mood for that day to do some grinding on Feffoid. I wanted to level up my codex on them a little bit. Not to mention I love the swamp area I found a while back for them. It’s quite a fun little area to hunt in.

hunting feffoid.png

The biggest downside to Feffoid is they have a bit of health regen to them. While I’ll be using an amped ArMatrix LR-35 (L) to do most of the damage. If it seems like the last shot will be a massive overkill I’ll switch over to using an amped ArMatrix LR-20 (L).

I don’t usually use an ArMatrix LR-20 (L) as a finishing weapon. However, since there is a fair amount of health regen I need a more powerful gun than my usual setup to make sure I finish it off. Otherwise, I’d have to pull my bigger gun out and burn even more ammo if the time it took for me to switch guns and get shots off the Feffoid regened more health.

In the swamp area I am hunting Feffoid in I can clear all maturity levels of them without an issue. It’s not like some other hunts I’ve been on where I need to be careful and avoid attacking the high-level things in the area. I even prefer the higher levels.

loot from a feffoid.png

With my evade level and the armor I’m using I have not needed to heal a single time. While having evader level 22 is nothing insane it’s more than enough that they miss most attacks and I’m less than 2% to the next level. On top of that when they do get a hit in the Adjusted Pixie with Mk. 2A Plates I’m wearing more than softens the attack.

As a result, 0% of my total costs have been from healing decay. Even better I don’t need to use my (L) healing devices that have some decent markup costs to replace. When I do get low on health I tend to just find some low levels to hunt while I slowly regen some health. The Adjusted Aeglic Ring I picked up with a 30% increase in health regeneration has helped a lot.

After running the numbers and keeping track of my costs to run this my armor decay repair bill accounts for only 0.119% of my total costs to hunt these. While in theory I could not wear any gear at all and reduce that down to 0%. I would either have to heal or sit around waiting on natural health regen to recover from each fight.

A part of why I take so little damage is I’m using a rifle. The area I’m hunting in has a lot of flat areas where I can take full advantage of my ranged attacks. Even when I clear out the area I can usually pick off anything on hills without giving up any range.

As far as my time is concerned that is more than a low enough cost that I would rather wear the armor for now. Perhaps when I evade skill levels up that might change depending on how often they can hit me.

After my first cycle on Feffoid which included my cave daily run it was down 15.6%. That is before taking into account markup on items which I did get some decent stuff off the Feffoid. It was however not enough to break even and something I’ll include in the final. A large chunk of that loss was from running the daily cave.

Getting respawns on me.png

After that, I took a short break. There were a couple of other hunters in the area. While there are quite a few creatures to hunt here I wanted to avoid getting respawns on me as I move throughout the area. With too many people that can tend to be an issue for an area.

While it was nothing I could not handle. It would be unnecessary decay on my gear all be it small. I also did not want to heal whatsoever during these hunts. So I came back a few hours later.

The second run ended up going a lot better than the first one. I ended up walking way up 0.26%. While that sounds insanely small that is before I take into account the markup of what I looted. That is also including any markup on decay such as my gun and amp. For a hunt that had nothing huge happen I’m more than happy with that result.

My third and final round on Feffoid ended up being my biggest up for hunting on these for this session. While it was only 0.5%. I ended up getting a decent amount of items with some markup as far as running these has been going. This was yet to be included.

mini loot.png

While I never did get a global thought my runs so far on Feffoid. I would usually get some decent minis along the way helping me get close to my costs. The markup on the items would get me the rest of the way.

I also did not get one of the (L) guns that are listed that can drop that has a decent markup. I was somewhat expecting to seat at least one by now how many hunts I’ve done on them now. It’s hard to judge how often people even use that gun since you don’t usually see them listed for sale. If nothing else I would use the gun on low-level hunts myself as it’s an alight rifle.

Tier 5.png

The real reason I’m hunting Feffoid is for the small amount of Tier 5 components they can drop. They got enough value on them each that selling them at 450% markup after a decent hunt on them still works out for covering auction house fees and making a return. It also covered the losses of my first round entirely if they sell.

selling a component.png

After looking at the market I decided to get a bit greedy. Since I have not farmed a large amount of tier 5 components from doing this for weeks. The auction house is going to cut into my bottom line a bit more than if I had a larger stack. So I thought I would take advantage of the short supply of them.

If it fails to sell within a week at that higher price point I’ll just hold onto them till I get more. While that would have been a waste of listing fees it happens. I’ll more than likely be getting more of these components to drop always. Even if I’m not going out on a huge Feffoid hunt I’ll still kill some here or there in the cave for my daily token reward.

One thing that is easy to overlook and I don’t tend to include is the experience from skill gains. While it is quite a costly process you can chip out and sell your skills to other players. They can sometimes take a while to move depending on the skill. If it does work out you could always chip it back in but you took a huge loss doing so from buying an implant to put the skill on. I believe you even lose some of the skill on chipping out as well it’s been a while.

One thing I do know for certain is I did get around 11 PED worth of skills from gaining some codex levels from running the Feffoid cave and the long hunt I did on them. While the base value is much lower than that that would have been the cost if I wanted to buy it from someone off the auction house.

Final Thoughts

another feffoid kill.png

While I’m still waiting for a lot of the loot to sell or will be saving it to list once I get larger amounts. Just the expected amount I’m looking to get from the components alone will cover my losses in the first round. So this was a profitable hunt since the other two parts of the hunt were in the green.

These were quite fun and I look forward to hunting them even more in the future. It’s however time for me to move on from doing these at least for now. I will for sure come back just to keep working on the codex as my next set of rewards I can pick up some evade skills.

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