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Entropia Universe | Summer Migration The Upswing 2023

While things have been in a bit of a spiral for quite a few hunts. I could tell based on my numbers the tides were starting to turn a bit. They also added something back into the loot pool for the summer event which is a shame did not start

First Impressions Of Starsector

I was shocked a game like Starsector has flown under my radar all these years. Granted at one point the game was called something else. Still, I was amazed when I went out to see if there was any space games that might interest me to find th

Entropia Universe | Revisiting My Old Hunting Grounds

I thought it would be nothing but a memory I had with the screenshot of it is long gone. It turns out I had uploaded a screenshot shared below of quite an insane moment I had in Entropia Universe to a site I once visited. I was browsi

Entropia Universe | Random Hunts And Wandering

Despite all the time I’ve played Entropia Universe I still spend time wondering around like a lost person. I’m always out exploring, looking for something new to try, and just wandering around. Most times I don’t even know what the day is go

Entropia Universe | Leviathan And The Accidental Global

Leviathan is not usually something I hunt in Entropia Universe. They are a creature that is a bit too big for me health and damage-wise. I was however in the mood to hunt some in a couple of different hunting sessions. Sometimes a mi

Entropia Universe | Feffox And Even More Profit

As I was making my rounds on Calypso of all the different creatures I wanted to hunt I went off to my Feffox spot to get a few hunting sessions in. Once you are in the middle of the spawn you can teleport out to an outpost for repairs and re

Entropia Universe | Farewell For Now Rocktropia

When I set off for Rocktropia I had no idea this trip would be mostly about exploring and going into the different instances the planet in Entropia Universe h

Entropia Universe | Secret Island Forest Temple Guide

On Secret Island, there is a Forest Temple instance you can run. It is the second hardest one to run on the island with Water being the easier of the two to run. Before you can enter you need to have a Sacred Forest Skull.

Entropia Universe | Getting To Secret Island And Exploring

Secret Island in Entropia Universe is a little bit of a strange place. You can’t just click on the dropdown menu on Rocktropia and click to go there. There is even a bit of confusion on where it is. What makes Secret Island strange is

Entropia Universe | Planet Calypso Event Hogglo Hysteria

The other day planet Calypso had a surprise event called Hogglo Hysteria. The Hogglo population for some not well-known reason showed up in large headers around Calypso disrupting natural wildlife in certain areas. Since I have had qu

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Hell And Slaying Demons

It was time to revisit Hell and see if they made any changes. While I’m underground I thought why not hunt some Demon Hackers while I was at it. This is

Entropia Universe | Rocktropia Union Station Subway Lockpick Instance Walkthrough

The Union Station Subway instance on Rocktropia where you need a Lockpick to get into is brutal. The thing is a massive maze in a sewer system filled with zombies. There are also many rooms where you trigger hordes of zombies for staying in