Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting And Her Beats

Poppy Sweeting was perhaps the classmate at Hogwarts I got along with the best. I did not have any interaction with her till much later than the others in the game. Then it was time for me to have my first Beasts class and got to meet her.

7 Days To Die | Horrors Of Higashi

Chambers with zombies found in them as if they were medical experiments. This place made me quite question what was going on here. Many floors were dedicated to different parts of medical experimental science as well adding to the overall vi

Hogwarts Legacy | Treasure Vaults Guide

With well over 100 Treasure Vaults to find in Hogwarts Legacy, this can be one of those side activities you end up spending a lot of time doing. While most of them reward quite poor armor there is always that chance of walking away with some

Entropia Universe | The Everlasting Grind Of Spider Bombers

Grinding Spider Bombers till I had finished rank 10 of the codex ended up being quite a costly adventure. It was however one I was committed to finishing before moving on to other creatures. I ended up having nine grinding sessions over a fe

Might & Magic VI | Temple Of Tsantsa

Temple Of Tsantsa is a dungeon that I have been ignoring as I recalled it being a lot longer to run than it was. It ended up being quite a fast run since everything in there is either snakes or head hunters to some degree. It was however as

Hogwarts Legacy | Natsai Onai And Our Unfortunate Run-Ins

While attending Hogwarts you end up building friends with a couple of different students. One of them is Natsai Onai. She has quite a strong will to stand up to evil dowers. As a result of this, you end up going on some interesting adventure

Hogwarts Legacy | Upper Hogsfield And Horklump Hollow

One of the fun things I find myself doing in Hogwarts Legacy is checking out the smaller towns called hamlets and seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into. They usually have some stuff to explore and find while in the town. I ended

7 Days To Die | Upgrading Base And A Blood Moon

With all the mission grinding I have done. I have started to amass quite a lot of supplies. On top of that, I’ve been dumping stuff into the forges between runs and doing a little bit of mining. Needless to say, I can start working on a lot

Hogwarts Legacy And The Collectors Cave

I found myself in a rather unusual coalition if you could even call it that. A wizard and a goblin named Lodgok of all things work together towards a possible outcome that gets what the other one wants. At least in theory that is what it sou

Entropia Universe | Planet Arkadia Aakas Mini 02 Instance

One of the fun things about the instances on Arkadia is that there are different difficulty levels. While the higher-level ones cost more to run they can also be more rewarding. For some fun and to see ideally what difficulty I should run. I

Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Fist

At my level now It’s not that shocking I come across a dungeon is should have run quite a few levels ago. This place I’m shocked the building was still standing by the time was done. I did not even need to heal once although it did come clos

Hogwarts Legacy Exploring Hogsmeade

In Hogwarts Legacy, Hogsmeade serves as quite a vital area for all your buying needs from a broom to recipes this place has you covered. I would find myself coming back here quite often anytime I had enough money to spend.