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Space in Entropia Universe is quite a cold and heartless environment that you always hope is a lonely one as well. Outside of a couple of safe areas for stations, it is also PvP lootable for certain items. While it can be a scary place once you better understand it things are not so bad.

For those looking to explore and fly through space on their own, they will need a couple of things. Something to fly around in, a thruster, plenty of oil, and the repairing supplies. The best way to avoid an ugly situation while in space is simply by preparing ahead of time.

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One of the things that you are going to need is a Space Thruster. It attaches to whatever vehicle you will be flying. It also decays by . 10 PED (10 PEC) when you leave or choose to land on a plant. If it’s getting low it’s always a good idea to have a second one. Since not all parts of the game you could be going to will even have one for sale by other players.


Next up will you will need some kind of transportation. While it’s possible to fly to another plant with a Sleipnir it is often a very long trip. Most including myself opt to use something like a Quad-Wing Interceptor if we are leaving the solar system and going a great distance. As it is almost double the speed.

One method to try and save time while traveling to another planet is called SS (Space Station) jumping. It’s where you are trying to take advantage of different sections of space and where you end up reviving at Space Stations. If you know what you are doing you press T and wait to teleport at the right spot. If you do it wrong you end up teleporting back to a SS you already passed by.

For such interplanetary trips, it’s often a good idea to bring a fair amount of oil. While you could go from one planet to another on around 2 PED worth of oil. I usually prefer to have at least 5-15 PED of oil on me. Also, make sure you refuel and place the oil inside the gas tank before takeoff. Nothing like getting looted with the oil you needed still in your inventory. It is however safe from looting once in the gas tank.

There are plenty of horror stories from back in the day of someone wanting to explore the vastness of space and not taking enough oil. You can end up in a place where you run out and end up stuck. If you don’t have someone that can come and rescue you it’s not unheard of for someone to be stuck for weeks at a random place.

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Since space is PvP you might need to make repairs. You might run into other players who shoot you down or even space monsters. For making repairs you will need a Vehicle RK-0 or better. Along with some welding wire as that is what gets consumed per use.

You will also want to make sure the planet or space object you are flying to has already been downloaded. This can be done by clicking the tools button on the games client loader and going to the plant data page.

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One thing you don’t have to worry about is accidentally entering into space. If you fly high enough to do so you get an interplanetary travel message popping up if you would like to enter into space. Alternatively, you could just remove the space thruster ensuring it’s not even possible.

It can be quite annoying if you have been flying in space for forty-five minutes to 2 hours depending on what you are flying and where you are going. Only to have to sit in space for another twenty minutes to download a planet's content. Not to mention if you just sit there waiting at the plant and don’t fly to the station to wait you are waiting in PvP space.

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With space being lootable PvP never take items that say they can be looted unless you know what you are doing and are willing to lose them. All such items as animal oils, animal hides, ores, and forth will be labeled on them in the basic information tab “this item can be looted in PvP areas.” Such items are most common in the materials and mined resources tab.

One place players often forget where they have lootable is in their ship's inventory. It is quite common practice for a miner for instance to need more carrying weight so they use vehicle inventory space. While great at the time can end up being a costly mistake later on.

I always double and triple-check that I do not have anything that can be looted. While in the past I have carried a single piece of dung for any would-be pirate to loot if they kill me. They do collect them and sell dung to recover some of their costs. Not to mention that might anger them causing them to shoot you down again.

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Some of the most dangerous areas for PvP can be right outside of the safe space around space stations. Pirates also like to wait in In common approach sides just far enough that they can still kill someone before they reach the planet. Along with midway points that end up converging among many routes if people are taking straight flights from point A to point B.

One tactic I use to use was not fully repairing whatever I’m going to fly with. It also use to be quite common practice that if you did get shot down that you would not fully repair indicating to the pirate you had already been blown up, have no loot, and will just be a waste of their ammo.

Some people risking loot will check out an area first empty by leaving the safe area around a space station. If they get shot down or not they then load up on lootables. This is why sometimes a pirate might shoot down the same person two or three times just making sure they are empty.

You can also want to avoid traveling right from one planet to another in a straight line unless you don’t care about getting shot at. Most people spawn into space. Set a waypoint for the planet they want to go to. They then fly there without making any further adjustments.

If you end up on a space station and are about to leave to enter space pay attention. Is there anyone else in the hanger? Are they just chilling there? Are they right next to the station exit and only start moving when you do? That sounds like a pirate or someone scouting. If you don’t want to end up in a PvP situation log out of the game for a while after you enter space and come back later.

You also want to take a look around once you are in space. Are there any other players up there or just a bunch of empty Pathfinder and such ships? Are there any red icons around you indicating another player that is tagged as PvP?


It’s best to look around for the object you will be flying towards. Whether it is another planet or something like an asteroid. Just blindly setting a waypoint and flying towards it might not always have the result you are looking for.

Remember even once you make it to a safe area in space you will still have the forced PvP buff on you for a short while after. Far too many people start to get shot at head into safe space and then stop moving thinking they are safe.

While a lot of players try and zig or zag when getting shot at by a pirate. Chances are unless they are a rookie they are better to shoot at a moving target than you are at moving around avoiding it. A professional pirate also pays to have some of the best space vehicles money can buy because they move faster. If nothing else fly in an irregular non-pattern so they are wasting ammunition. If they think you know what you are doing they will suspect you are loaded with loot or not worth the money-wasting more ammo. It could go either way.

Never think you are smarter than a pirate. There have been too many stories of traders, miners, and whales thinking they know better and can outsmart a pirate. They get caught with 50k PED or more worth of loot on them. As if losing that kind of money is not bad enough word gets around and everyone willing to take a potshot at someone in space will when they see the guy who lost 50k.

If you do for whatever reason end up getting stuck on a station above a planet you at least have options. Those stations tend to be the station where a player will most often show up on. Enough people are friendly enough to take you down with them. You can always pay to teleport down if you can’t find a ride. The cost for doing so is 7 PED.

Some players will also pay that fee if they need to get lootable from a nearby place that is next to planets they have been mining or hunting on (such as F.O.M.A. or Crystal Palace.) Not every area in space has that option. If those are your plans make sure ahead of time by double-checking that you can.

Landing on a planet.png

Once you get close enough to a planet you will get a pop-up asking if you want to land. Once you land I always recommend re-logging just to be on the safe side of things.

If space travel sounds too expensive or stressful there are some other options. Sometimes before a player leaves for another plant they will ask around if anyone else wants to ride as their passenger. It is usually expected of you to pay half of the costs in oil and decay to get there if not more. That is usually made known ahead of time.

You might also find it in a planet's main city where people tend to hang out with people selling a transportation service. It might be a single-player running a Quad service where they are charging a fee for doing so.

You might also find professional crews that fly the big ships such as Pathfinders that will transport players and cargo to other planets. These services are usually advertised on billboards and advertisement screens. You can also try checking out that planet forum for such services.

Once in a while, you might have some of the bigger ships slow boating it to another planet. While they won’t be using warp drives to get there it can be a cheap way to travel if you happen to find such opportunities. Pilots who usually take those kinds of flights are looking for tips. Along with help making any repairs if the ship gets blown up.

While it is not as commonplace as it used to be. Do a quick search on the internet that the player you are about to pay money to for a flight is not a pirate. Nothing worse than paying another player money for help transporting goods to another plant to find out they have friends waiting to blow you both up and loot you.

Final Thoughts

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Space is not as scary as you think it is. You do however need to plan, be prepared, and expect the process to take some time. I’ve flown in space solo, with a friend, and as a crew member on large ships. While most times it can be dull there is always that chance you will have some story to tell for a decade from now about stopping pirates and recovering stolen loot.

Most times however if something goes down it just results in you getting blown up. You spawning whatever you are flying. Repairing it. Then flying off the space station towards where ever you were going in the first place. Never forget to check if you have lootable and remove them before heading into space.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.