Path of Exile

I’m not Angry About Path of Exile I’m Just Disappointed

It is not uncommon for me to decide to take a bit of a break from Path of Exile. After reading up on all the changes they were making for Lake of Kalandra. I had a feeling this was not going

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Almost Done

While it was interesting running the storyline a lot slower

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Slowly But Surely

It was time to get down to some business. I have not be

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Actions Have Consequences

It was time to finish up the first half of the

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Dreaming Of Less Linear Paths

Some days I dream of Path of Exile 2 and the

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Keeping An Eye Out For Upgrades

It’s almost hard to try a

Path of Exile | Sentinel League Start

It’s that time again for the thrill of league star

Path of Exile | Thoughts On Upcoming Sentinel League

My first thoughts are I’m bored already and the l

Path of Exile | Final Thoughts On Archnemesis League

I knew going into it that this league was not going to be that ex

Path of Exile | Expedition Logbooks

While I have been selling expedition logbooks for a decent a

Path of Exile | Strand, Expedition, And The Glass Cannon

For over a week, I’ve been playin

Path of Exile | Changing Up My Atlas Passives And Other Things

Since near the start of the league I’ve been mak