Entropia Universe | Cyrene A.R.C Faction Badges Guide

The most important and time-consuming thing you can work on while being on planet Cyrene in Entropia Universe is acquiring A.R.C Faction Badges. They are required for advancing your progress on the planet. They unlock special vendors, questing, armor, and plate missions.

A.R.C Faction Badges is something that is meant more for the people who choose to spend quite some time or even live on planet Cyrene. You can get a hundred or so within a couple of days by doing some one-time missions and dallies that however is quite a small amount compared to what you need. All the end game uber things require many thousands of these and that means grinding out the daily missions which could take you over a year of doing so for many.

While there are things you achieve for a much shorter stay and at a much lower end of the game. You still are looking at about a month minimum or two depending on what goals you end up setting for yourself.

Mission center on Cyrene at Tans Ta Oh Teleport for ARC Faction badges.jpg

The bulk of missions you can run to acquire A.R.C Faction Badges can be found on Tans’Ta’Oh Outpost right next to the teleporter. There you will find 5 different mission panels that you can interact with.

One time missions on Cyrene for ARC faction badges.png

The panel on the left contains five daily kill missions. While the other four have killing quests covering just about if not all creatures on Cyrene that you can only run once. There are two high to mid-level and two mid to low-level panels. The daily reward missions grant 1 A.R.C Faction badge each while the single-time missions reward one to four.

You should not feel a rush to work on all the one-time missions at once. As some of them are quite hard and require you to kill creatures sometimes with thousands of health. Every day you are on Cyrene or can get out there you should focus on completing the daily missions.

Daily Cyrene A.R.C Faction Missions

Cyrene daily faction missions for ARC badges.jpg

Some daily missions will require you to have a certain amount of A.R.C Faction badges before you can accept them that will take a few days to collect enough. While others you can start working on your first day.

Daily missions tend to reset 21 hours after you complete them. At least that is what the game claims. However, I’ve noticed unless I’ve fallen quite behind I’m more or less getting them around the same time of day daily.

my route.jpg

There are five daily kill missions that I do on a single route in around an hour or a bit more. I tend to bring around 120-200 PED of ammo (I do over farm), ArMatrix LR-35, Armatrix LR-20, and a Z12 Barbarella. You can get away with just having Adjusted Pixie gear with 2A Armor plating and around 100 PED of ammo if you focus only on kills that get you credit for the missions. However, if you have lower gun or defense skills you might find one of the daily missions a bit more challenging.

While there are many different locations for each creature these are the spots I usually run each day. Keep in mind the level of maturate level required for any of the missions. In some areas, you can kill anything that moves while in others you need to target and pick off only a specific maturity to get credit.

If you are really smart you will work on this along with many other missions while on Cyrene. I talk about trying to maximize your kill counts by stacking missions in My Strategy For Planet Cyrene.

The first spot on my route is where I picked up the five daily missions from Tans’Ta’Oh Outpost right next to the teleporter. I’ll hold off on turning in till I do all the killing missions I plan to do for the day.

Cyrene Old Paneleon for ARC daily kill mission.jpg

The next spot I got to is marked 2 on the map north of Panton Jungle teleporter (134598, 77733). There you will find a massive field of Paneleon and only Old Paneleon will give you credit and you need to kill eight of them. I tend to hunt them in Adjusted Pixie gear with an ArMatrix LR-35 rifle.

Since only the old maturity count and it can sometimes be hard to pick out of these with everything else there. You might enjoy heading to A.R.C Headquarters Teleporter and up to the second floor. There you will find a Paneleon hunting cave that will be easier to pick out Old Paneleon.

Cyrene daily Arc Faction badge mission kill swamp lurkers.jpg

Heading southwest from point two to point three you will find a massive area of Swamp Lurkers (134241, 77550). While you do need to kill 35 of them every single one of them in that area will count towards the kill missions. They are also quite easy with Adjusted Pixie gear with an ArMatrix LR-20 is a bit overkill and I’ll use my Z12 Barbarella as a finisher.

Cyrene daily kill missions for Mutated Dire Weeds for ARC badge.jpg

Next up is at the 4th marker on the route shown on the map. Killing 12 Mutated Dire Weeds is another easy mission. I favor the spot just north-north-east of Zyn Forest teleporter (135787, 78238). It is quite a small spawn but since you only need 12 kills. People are not sticking around for long. I tend to hunt them in Adjusted Pixie with an Armatrix LR-20.

Cyrene daily ARC faction badge mission for kill devastaor sea wraiths.jpg

Next up is going to be point five on the route which is east of Hive’s Edge teleport (137191, 77670) for Kill Devastator Sea Wraiths. I consider the hardest out of them all at least for the gear I have as you need to kill 6 Devastator Sea Wraiths. They will be mixed in with other maturities.

While Devastator Sea Wraiths can be done in Adjusted Pixie gear I find that a bit rough since they deal 20% impact and 80% Electric damage and deal a decent punch. Thankfully they only have 650 health so an ArMatrix LR-35 makes quick work of them.

Cyrene daily ARC faction badge mission Kill Scout Bot Collector XTs.jpg

Finally, we arrive at point six and this one takes the longest since you need to kill 110 for the Kill Scout Bot Collector XT’s mission. While I do head west of A.R.C Immigration Zyn then slightly south for the spot I kill them at (137191, 77670.) This spot is only great for about one person and since you could be spending a few minutes here you might want to try to find your own spot elsewhere if this becomes crowded.

These are also the easiest to kill. I switch over to using Adjusted Harrier Assault armor for the speed running bonus. Unless you are a low-level player using any armor here is overkill. Using a Z12 Barbarella with the ZX Sinkadus amp can be a bit more overkill than I like having. However, you are killing 110 of these so just using a TT Cyrene pistol will take a lot longer if you don’t mind spending the time. You could always slap a ZX Sinkadus amp onto the TT pistol if you have one.

ARC faction badge.jpg

Once all five missions are done you can head back to the start of the route at point one and turn in. You get one A.R.C Faction badge per mission so five in total if you did all five killing missions. If you are thinking that is not a lot you are right but there are more ways to get some.

More Daily Missions Locations For A.R.C Faction Badges

Cyrene Daily missions NPC location for crafting mining and sweating for ARC Faction badges.jpg

The next spot you can head to for more daily missions is just north 0x1101 Supply Depot Teleport. There will be three NPCs under a tent at (138461, 77299.) Depending on how many badges you have you can accept different missions.

Sweating For A.R.C Faction Badge

Get sweaty Cyrene daily mission for ARC badge tokens.jpg

NPC Andrina at around (138461, 77296) asked for you to turn in 500 sweat for 1 A.R.C Faction Badge. You do not need to farm the sweat yourself. Cleaver players looking to sell sweat are often nearby wanting to sell you 500 sweat for 1 PED.

If you want to farm your sweat which is what I did I recommend heading into the Weak Paneleon Hunting Cavern. It can be found by heading southwest of Rookie Training Area right next to the exit out of the town you will see the teleport for it around (138739,77623).

Hunting the Weak Paneleon once they are dry from sweating is also a great way to try and farm up some of the Tail Tips you need if you are going to be working on Cyrene plating.

If you plan on crafting you might as well stay sweating Paneleon for quite some time. You are going to need a lot more than just the 500 for this daily.


Cyrene daily crafting missions for ARC Faction Badges.jpg

NPC Mac Trader Supplier will five crafting daily missions for A.R.C Tokens. These crafting missions tend to require Cyrene materials, Cyrene mission tokens, and in some cases sweat. The mission is only to compete if you have a 100% successful craft of the item itself. Expect each craft to take a few attempts.

For acquiring Cyrene Mission Tokens one possible type of mission is turning in Cyrene materials to different NPCs daily. An example of some of them can be found next to the A.R.C Headquarters Teleporter. Others can be found around the same island the headquarters is on.

Mission: Craft a Cube Empowered Lube. The blueprint can be bought from the blueprints terminal on Cyrene under ‘by and for Cyrene section.’

  • 1 Cyrene Mission Token
  • 1 Lurker Lube (refined together 2 Swamp Lurker oil and 1 Hardening Agent )
  • 25 Vibrant Sweat

Hardening Agent is made by refining 2 blue crystals.

Cyrene daily ARC Faction Badge crafting mission Craft Some Cube Enhanced Metal.jpg

Mission: Craft Some Cube Enhanced Metal. This blueprint is from the blueprints terminal on Cyrene under the ‘by and for Cyrene section.’

  • 1 Cyrene Mission Token
  • 1 Low-Grade Metal Compound (refine 2 Low-Grade Scrap with 1 Zorn Star Ingot)
  • 25 Vibrant Sweat

Mission: Craft Acid Armor Plates. The blueprint is from the mission Toa’quak Hide And Seek found at (134796, 76750) in a tree house.

  • 3 Jelleyworm Leather (refine jellyworm hide)
  • 15 Zorn Star Ingot (refine zorn star ores)
  • 6 Animal Eye Oil
  • 5 Cube Empowered Lube (25 vibrant sweat, 1 lurker lube, 1 Cyrene mission token)

Mission: Craft an Embossed Cyrene Shirt. This blueprint is from the blueprints terminal on Cyrene under the ‘by and for Cyrene section.’

  • 1 Cube Empowered Lube (25 vibrant sweat, 1 lurker lube (above for recipe), 1 Cyrene mission token)
  • 1 Cube Infused Calcium (25 vibrant sweat, 1 Cyrene mission token, 1 outstanding calcium compound)
  • 50 Vibrant Sweat
  • 2 Dire Weed Flaxen (refine Dire Weed Flaxen)
  • 1 Imperium Key Cube (craft all 5 imperium cube components and refine them together then craft 3 imperium cubes with 8 Cyrene Mission Tokens)

Frankly, this thing is a massive pain in the behind to craft and I don’t see it worth it for just 1 A.R.C. Faction Badge. Outstanding Calcium Compound refined from Protective coating (craft 10 vibrant sweat, 3 hardening agents) and greater claw.

Mission: Craft A C.B.R 107. This (L) blueprint is from the blueprints terminal on Cyrene under the ‘by and for Cyrene section.’

  • 1 Cube Infused Calcium (25 vibrant sweat, 1 Cyrene mission token, 1 outstanding calcium compound)
  • 1 Cube Infused Hormone (25 vibrant sweat, 1 terrestrial hormone, 1 Cyrene mission token)
  • 1 Imperium Key Cube (craft all 5 imperium cube components and refine them together then craft 3 imperium cubes with 8 Cyrene Mission Tokens)
  • 100 Vibrant Sweat

The terrestrial hormone is refined from 2 Terrestrial glands and 4 Zorn Star ingots. The gland can be quite pricy to get off auction if there are any for sale. I have only looted 3 ever from hunting puny or weak rhino beetle. This is another mission I never do


Cyrene daily mining missions for ARC Faction Badges.jpg

Once you get 200 A.R.C faction badges you unlock the ability to start accepting stage 2 missions. There are five daily mining missions you can get from Leigh A.R.C Relief Collections (138461, 77299.) You need to find 3 claims of each of Cyrene's resources: Blue Crystals, Green Crystals, Kaisenite Ore, yellow Crystal, and Zorn Star Ore. Each mission gives you 1 A.R.C Faction Badge

Ideally, you want to pick these up before going on a massive mining run or you can attempt to try and just select mine for these resources. The latter however requires quite extensive knowledge of the mining locations of Cyrene.

Cyrene mining map for ARC Daily Mission Blue Crystals Green Crystals Kaisenite Ore Yellow Crystal Zorn Star Ore.jpg

  • 1 Blue Outline: Blue Crystals and Zorn Star Ore
  • 2 Orange Outline: Blue Crystal, Yellow Crystal, Zorn Star Ore
  • 3 Yellow Outline: Yellow Crystals and Zorn Star Ore
  • 4 Green Outline: Green Crystals and Zorn Star Ore
  • 5 Red Outline: Kaisenite Ore, Yellow Crystals, Zorn Star Ore

I have broken down the Cyrene map into different sections to try and give you a bit of a hint of where certain things regarding these missions can be found. This is based on my mining data of around 2k PED worth of probes using a Finder F-105. I don’t have an exact 100% coverage of Cyrene at this time so there will be many other locations.

This also is not all my locations either. I’m simply just sharing some of them for those who need some kind of starting point. This map should only be seen as a rough guide and not exact locations. You will need to mine in these general areas for your own more detailed mining data.

Summoning Totem

Cyrene Summoning Totem for 1 ARC faction Badge.jpg

If all of that sounds like way too much work if you want to grind up thousands of A.R.C Faction Badges there is a much quicker alternative. There is an item called Summing Totem. It spawns a random creature and if you kill it you get 1 A.R.C Faction Badge.

I’m sure you already see the issue from the screenshot above. Summoning Totems have high markup and very low sales volume. While these can drop from a bunch of different Cyrene creatures such as Living Vortex, Ide Claw, Dire Weed, Swamp Lurker, and so forth. They are quite rare drops at that.

I only have one totem sitting in my storage from all the time I have been on Cyrene. There is also zero for sale in the auction house at the time of writing this. These are quite hard to come by.

Since I’ve not done one myself I can only go off rumors that these tend to spawn some nasty things. The kind of stuff that would eat me for a snack on the way to an all-you-can buffet.

Cyrene Summoning Totem Summoner Ralphio.jpg

This is also a stage two activity so it requires having at least 200 A.R.C faction badges on you. You can use the totem by speaking with A.R.C Summoner Ralphio who is just northeast of A.R.C Immigration Tanhok (138343, 77263).

One Time Kill Missions For ARC Faction Badges

killing Wiles for one time Cyrene ARC badge mission.jpg

Since just about anything you need to kill on Cyrene is going to have an ARC Faction Badge missions I recommend picking them all up at once. Don’t feel a need to rush to finish them all right away just let them be something you work on when you have other missions stacking for the same kill. This is something I talk about in My Strategy For Planet Cyrene.

With just Adjusted Pixie gear with 2A plates, Gremlin with 5B plates, and up to an ArMatrix LR-35. I was able to complete all of the single-time missions except for Skreel, Molten Red Golem (I never went into the loot PvP area to hunt them), and Fenris.

In some of the missions if this is the only gear you have and not something more ideal you just have to accept you will get killed often. For me that was any robot kill missions since I’m lacking that kind of gear for the most part.

When it comes to dealing with sea creatures bring lots of ammo. Almost all of them can be killed by just swimming backward. Just make sure you don’t get stuck hitting land or the bottom of the ocean as that will surely result in a quick death in many instances if not a lot of healing for most players. Something like the Wiles has 4,500 health and as you can imagen with just an ArMatrix LR-35 that took a while to kill one of them.

Other than those most of the missions were not that bad. I never went out of my way to just work on them only. You do need to do quite a few daily missions to have enough badges anyways that rushing these is just not worth it at the start unless you are about 100 away from 200 A.R.C Faction Badges. As at 200 you unlock stage 2 A.R.C missions that I have talked about in other sections.

When I ran them I counted 35 one-time missions in total. If you can do them all you get around 100 A.R.C Faction badges. Since these missions encompass about every creature if not all of them on Cyrene and each one usually has a few different spawn locations. I won’t be going over these in any further detail. Everywhere you go you will see something to kill for one of these missions! I might make a separate guide on these in the future.


the rewards.jpg

Once you have become insane from grinding the daylights out of these daily missions for days, weeks, months, years, decades, and your great, great, great grandchild is still grinding away on them. You might be wondering what do you get?

The universe.

Yep really. The entire Universe.

Ok, so I lied. You don’t get the universe.

Instead, you get the opportunity to buy or do large turn-in missions for rewards depending on how many badges you have acquired.

(L) Armor Rewards And Guns

Cyrene Faction vendor stage one ARC Inaugurates gear.jpg

If you travel to The Hub you will find there is a wing full of A.R.C Stage Vendors teleports. Each of these requires different amounts of badges to be allowed entry. Stage one requires 200, stage two 500, and stage 3 1200. The remaining three don’t have a teleport as they are not in the game yet. I have no idea how many A.R.C Faction Badges they will require for entry.

You can buy (L) armor off the terminals in each of the rooms as long as you have enough badges which you need on you to enter. Instead of buying with PED, you will be buying with shrapnel. So if these are a goal you are trying to reach. Make sure to not convert all your shrapnel into ammo till you have enough.

Stage one requires 200 badges to enter. I have compared the A.R.C Inaugurates (L) to a piece of Gremlin in the above screenshot. Each A.R.C piece costs 350k shrapnel (35 PED) and has a TT value of 28 PED. The gear is limited.

In the room, you can also exchange a limited or Unlimited Weapon cube for a weapon. Thankfully they added a mission where you can just turn it in so you don’t have to wait around for the vendor to be restocked.

At this time there are also two other rooms available in-game. I however do not meet the requirements to enter them. I have been told they sell an improved version over the A.R.C Inaugurates (L) armor.

Mission Armor And Plating Rewards

Cyrene 500 badge armor set stats for Paneleon Imperium.jpg

Beyond these vendors, once you have enough A.R.C Faction Badges you can also start working on upgrading Imperium Armor Plating, and ARC Guardian gear. With every single piece needs to be upgraded individually.

The NPCs to talk to for that process can be found on the second and top floor of A.R.C Headquarters Teleporter.

Cyrene imperium Office Plate.jpg

As far as the Armor Plating goes I’ll be creating a separate post about running the missions to acquire all seven Imperium Armor Plating 1. Along with talking about upgrading them to the next tier Imperium Office plate shown in the screenshot above. That is however as far as I can get for now the number of badges I have.

upgrading gear.jpg

Upgrading the first pieces of ARC Guardian armor requires having 500 A.R.C Faction badges to start. On top of that, you need to turn in with each piece all the materials listed. Things like Pristine Elements are very rare. This entire process gets pricy.

That is also just the starting point. Further upgrades however require having 1k, 2k, 2.5k, 3k, 3.5k, and 4k A.R.C Badges.

Assuming I had an unlimited budget in this game which I don’t sense it’s a real-world economy game. I would need to grind all 16 daily missions for 244 days to reach 4k if I already had all the one-time missions completed. That is also the easy part. As the upgrade material for each piece and gear gets even more difficult than the last.

Cyrene Perfected imperium armor.jpg

That final piece of gear though for those that can do this is quite crazy. It even has bounces for getting the full set. It’s considered quite OP. The only people who will have this kind of gear will be Uber players even then most will never spend the time that is required to acquire this set.

Final Thoughts

the total amount of ARC Faction badges I have so far.jpg

The original goal I had set for myself regarding Cyrene was to acquire the second stage of both the gear and plating. Since the Paneleon gear requires 500 A.R.C Faction badges and I’m only at 300 I still have a long way to go on that. At least I have enough to start working on upgrading my plating.

As far as how long and how much did it take to get to 300 A.R.C Faction Badges that is a bit harder to work out. I spent over a month on Cyrene doing at least the hunting daily missions and when I had the crafting supplies some of the crafting as well. Along with turning in 500 sweat if I had any.

I usually spent 1.2 Hours hunting ( I usually killed a bit more Paneleon than I needed since I wanted to farm them) each day.

0.10 hours dealing with the crafting if I had the supplies that day.

0-3 hours sweating depending if I needed any and how active I was to switch to the next creature to sweat.

2 hours of mining when I went on mining runs that however was not every day. This was far beyond what I would have needed to do for mining missions. I only unlocked A.R.C Faction Badges missions not that long ago and most times I would come back finding 3 out of the 5 mining claims for the mission.

So more than likely in the first month 36 hours hunting, up to 4.8 hours dealing with crafting, and up to 35-60 hours sweating. Maybe 28 hours mining but that was mostly before I had enough badges for those missions.

The costs I am even more unsure about. For most hunting trips I would have cycled 120-200 PED worth of ammo and decay if I did not get carried away on farming Paneleon per day (which I usually put about 50-100 PED into them) you could do this a bit cheaper. The crafting is unknown to me since I rarely craft and never spent the time to try and separate crafting supplies that I was going to use from my storage. I did about 2k PED of mining.

Then you have all those one-time missions. I never did keep track of the time spent working on all of those or the entire amount spent hunting those creatures up till the mission was completed. Since I was always stacking missions when I could and these kill missions were usually the lower amount of kills than other missions I had. While I could guess my cost per health of the creatures and number of kills I’d rather.

While it would be amazing if I was cranking out 16 A.R.C Faction badges daily. The only ones I know for sure I can get are the hunting done daily. I now have enough mining data I could try and only mine for those mining claims for mining missions. That however has a bit of risk just trying to mine for them only. The crafting I only ever craft 2 or 3 of the items if I have the supplies. I also do the daily sweating.

This number also assumed I would not be hitting some daily cap for how many A.R.C badges you can earn in a single day. There is also the possibility there are other daily missions to earn badges that I have not run into. I assume there could be something for hitting 300 A.R.C Faction Badges if that is another “stage” of progression.

I believe I could get the next 200 badges I need to move up into unlocking more things in around 20 days. That is if I could afford to keep going at my current burn rate. This is ultimately the true kicker in this game.

Thankfully my mining runs have been going amazing enough that they helped offset my costs while on Cyrene. Unfortunately, I’m sitting on so many Cyrene mining materials they are eating up most of my free liquidity and they take forever to move if they ever do. I almost don’t want to do any more mining at this point till I can at least get some inventory moved so I can truly understand my gains and losses if I have to start vending my ores due to no sales for just TT.

So that would bring me back to thinking it would take another month to gain 200 more A.R.C badges with what I’m expecting that I could do.

One thing I have been doing to limit the amount of time spent on Cyrene is playing based on the timers. I would log in, run my missions, and then spend up to an hour flying to another planet. I then would try and return the next day right as the mission would reset.

This however meant I was spending up to 1-2 hours daily flying when I elected to do this. Along with the cost of gas and thruster decay for making those trips. Adding extra costs so I could go play elsewhere in the game when I wanted to go that route.

This further proves my overall thoughts about Cyrene. Amazing if you live here full time or want to spend months here logging in daily for two hours or more. A bit rough otherwise if you want to work on getting the first two or so stages of gear or plating with how limited you are by grinding out the A.R.C badges daily.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.