X4 Foundations | Review

I wanted to love X space game and X4 Foundations perhaps came as close as I might ever get to such an experience. It still however feels like it’s just not for me. There are a lot of things that were close like station building, mining, and

X4 Foundations | A Fallen Fleet

For a game that seems to take a long time to play. It is interesting just how quickly a situation can unfold. Setting you back many days of progress by a misstep. Leaving you wondering how you will end up recovering to a point of doing more

X4 Foundation | Disaster Strikes

It could not have happened at a worse time. Times in th

X4 Foundation | Start Of A Fleet

It was time to start working on a fleet. After all, if

X4 Foundation | Into Madness I Go

I got a bit of space madness in me. I’m itching for

X4 Foundation | Not A Good Start When Dealing With A Bug

I’ve been on the hunt for a while now to find a decent and fun

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Gas Station Simulator has a lot more goi

Review | Dyson Sphere Program

They had the inner nerd in me at Dyson Sphere. For

Nostalgic Monday | Kerbal Space Program

This is one of those games I was hoping I could get into back in the day. I’m quite a ne

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Update On My Dcity

It has been a few months since I’ve done much with my

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The Escapists is a game about escaping out of a series of prisons. You could be an outstandin