7 Days To Die | Exploring The Cold North

It was time to jump into my truck and head to the cold north. Since I’ll be exploring there during the day I did not see any need to put on warmer clothing. I’d just have to be a little careful to not get frostbite and die while up there.

7 Days To Die | Exploring The Wasteland And Burnt Forest

With so much of this map yet to be explored I thought I would head west to the Wastelands and possibly even forest area of the map. While there are some large cities I’ve already explored in those areas there are still a lot of smaller stuff

Mining In 7 Days To Die

While exploring and shooting zombies in 7 Days To Die can be a blast. What I love to do more than most other things is to go down a dark deep mining shaft and just mine for hours. Mining is quite an important part of my player economy in bui

7 Days To Die | Day 35 Blood Moon

The blood moon that occurred on the 35th day of the game ended up showing up a lot about what was working for my defenses and some weak areas I had not realized just yet. Things did get a bit spicy at times. I however never felt like I was i

7 Days To Die | Exploring The Desert

While I’ve gone to some places in the desert I have not spent a lot of time driving around exploring it. So I loaded up and went off on an adventure to see what kind of trouble I could find myself in. I was looking for smaller buildings and

7 Days To Die | Upgrading To Steel Base

With another blood moon coming up shortly in the game it was time yet again to gain quite a few levels and upgrade my base. While it feels like quite a few of the areas of the base I’ll be upgrading are a bit overkill and perhaps even wastef

7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Savage Country And Apartment 938

Savage Country is one of those types of crates you sometimes see while exploring the game. I was expecting them to have some massive buildings and even a factory. This place was quite a run-down office that did not leave me that impressed wi

7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Stand Tower And Water Works

I am rather digging these shorter POI sites at the tier 4 range. While some Tier 4 sites I’ve run can be a bit longer like that last one I did. Others are a bit shorter where I could almost run two in the same amount of time. Stand T

7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Downtown Strip

I was back at Trader Rekt again grinding missions out hoping to quickly get to tier 5. Once you start to get up there in higher tiers they slow quite a lot down in how quickly I could clear out the buildings. I also could no longer just get

7 Days To Die | Trader Rekt

While I’ve been having fun running all the POI tier 5’s I can get from Trader Jen. It appears I’m just getting the same ones over again. Since I’m not quite certain how many tier 5 sites there are in the game and I’ve found the best way to t

7 Days To Die | Shotgun Messiah

Shotgun Messiah was quite an interesting place to run with how amazing the layout of this factory was. It might not look that massive from the outside. On the inside, they have a lot of areas all funneling you around along scaffolding high a

7 Days To Die | Horrors Of Higashi

Chambers with zombies found in them as if they were medical experiments. This place made me quite question what was going on here. Many floors were dedicated to different parts of medical experimental science as well adding to the overall vi