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This section will be covering Gear Up New FAP mission stages three through eight. If you have not done the first two stages you can read up on them here. The following parts of the mission chain require you to go out and get 250 kills on a few different creatures.

All the following missions you can pick up from Medical Tech Orandius who can be found at (138451, 77292) near 0x101 Supply Depot Teleporter on Planet Cyrene one at a time. While I know it shows them all at once you can only look and not accept till you meet the requirements.

Stage 3: Kill 250 Weak Paneleon

Hunting Weak Paneleon.png

You will notice for a few of these following hunts I tried to stack as many missions as I could. Why kill something like Weak Paneleon 600 times when I can just kill them 250 times and get credit for everything along the way.

I ended up grinding my 250 Paneleon kills on the other side of a wall (138705, 77708) that has an NPC that offers a daily universal ammo reward called Ammo Hoarder Rodney’s Tasks. That task in question requires you to kill 100 Paneleon with an Initiate’s Laster Carbine (L).

While I won’t be going over these side missions in other stages like this one. There is a massive trick I thought I would share that will make grinding a daily like this easy. You only need the killing blow to be with the weapon being asked for.

A trick to doing a daily.png

As a result, I was shooting them once or twice with my ArMatrix LR-20 (L) and then finishing them off with the weapon the mission required. I also did not care if I killed a few by accident with the wrong gun since the main mission I’m here for is Gear Up New FAP and it’s 250 kills.

You might also notice in the screenshot I put a laser amp on the newbie weapon. That is right a ZX Sinkadus works on other guns and not just the gun it comes with. The reason you want some damage is missions that offer a reward such as ammo tend to be on higher health regen creatures. How sneaky is that of them and you using an amp to counter!

You might also notice if you end up going to this area that a lot of players are sweating. There is a daily mission that asked for 500 sweats. While on this day I did not have the time to swant (gather sweat and hunt.) You got to give to these players around me maximizing to the fullest extent what they are getting. I bet a few of them also need the kills for this mission chain as well.

Panleon Spawn all to my self.png

Like a lot of the easier and first in an area locations of a creature for such a mission chain as this. There were just a few too many players shooting over each other. I ended up going slightly east and found my very own spawn of Weak Paneleon with no one else shooting them.

Stage 3 done.png

Thankfully Paneleon has this special lower level maturity of this creature and they are only 80 health. That makes this stage easy, cheap, and fast. You also get your first Refurbished H.E.A.R.T FAP! Each mission after this will make it slightly better.

Stage 4: Kill 250 Young Crystal Pede

Young Crystal Pede.png

For the next stage, the Young Crystal Pede is only slightly harder to kill having 100 health. While there is a lower level maturity of them they do not count. I ended up finding a massive herd of them around (137243, 78997).

This time around I did not find any other missions to run at the same time. I have no doubt there could be some out there. There just comes a point where time spent looking outweighs the time spent hunting and getting onto the next stage.

One thing to remember when you have finished the kills and go to turn into your old Refurbished H.E.A.R.T FAP is that it needs to be fully repaired. I know what some clever people out there were thinking. What if I used up the 14 TT healing and then went to turn it in? Well, the game might slap you sideways and tell you to try again after repairing.

Also to note the efficiency on these lower levels of Refurbished H.E.A.R.T FAP is not even that great. I found it better to not use it at all till I had the higher tier one I was after.

Refurbished Heart Rank II.png

At the very least as you go along this mission you are getting an upgraded healing tool if you for whatever reason did not have anything better. It also gives the player at least for me a nice feeling of accomplishing something. Instead of getting nothing till the very end of this long mission chain.

Stage 5: Kill 250 Scapegoat Duster

Hunting Scapegoat Duster.png

I consider what the game did for this stage to be a kind gift to the player. Dusters are humanoids that deal impact, penetration, and burn damage. The normal spawn of these being 500 health and up might be a challenge for many since they lack the gear.

Thankfully this mission is calling for Scapegoat maturity and they only have 80 health. They also deal so little damage any armor is bound to be overkill at this point. I ended up finding a bunch of them to hunt around (139008, 77847).

Refurbished heat rank III.png

As far as the Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank III FAP reward from this stage. While it is getting a bit better it’s still at least for me now good enough to use just yet.

Stage 6: Kill 250 Puny Nimet

Puny Nimet.png

This is where the game throws a bit of a curve ball toward the player. While everything up till this point was easy these ugly things don’t want you to progress further along. The Puny has 550 health and it’s a 100% electric damage creature.

My best tip for these is to keep your distance and pull them in one at a time. I was more than fine with an ArMatrix Lr-20 and Adjusted Pixie. Getting a couple of them on you at once can be an issue without the proper gear.

You might also notice I did not find any other missions to run with it in the screenshot. This is usually a smart place to look for mission names if you are trying to find what else to stack with hunting these creatures. At least I got to work on the codex a little bit.

refurbished heart rank 4.png

While the efficiency has a nice jump over the last version. The Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank IV is still not that amazing. At least up to now, you did not have any real challenges for this section of missions.

Stage 7: Kill 250 Breezy Living Vortex

Killing Breezy Living Vortex.png

Before I went off to work on this mission change I broke my own rules. Instead of stacking missions like a genius I went and killed a bunch of Living Vortex. It was only fitting I ended up taking a sizeable loss while hunting these the second time around. I guess I was lucky up to this point.

It was not my first time killing these around (138508,78930). I was also not alone this time either. Another player who is hunting them is standing in quite a bad spot getting mulled to death. I’d later return to see he was dead. I gladly killed what was hitting him after he was gone.

This area can be a bit tricky. Within just a few steps is a different creature entirely and it will sometimes wander on over. These can also spawn in waves and tend to focus on a certain area. I felt mostly safe pulling these towards the edge near the water. There was also a hill that was to the left of me that I could pull from as well.

At least I still had a daily to finish off these. For players that are clever and are trying to stretch their budget as far as they can go. Some of these missions have dailies that you could have finished twice if you were willing to wait around for the 21:00 daily reset before continuing with hunting that creature.

You might however notice that you need 150 kills for the daily and only 250 for the mission. Don’t worry the next stage will fishing off those 50 kills!

This was not a tactic I used during all of these hunts. I was not willing to spread this out over several weeks for little extra gains. Some players however are willing to go that extra mile.

Refurbished HEART rank 5.png

As far as the mission reward for this stage you might be wondering if we are there yet. Sadly just by a small amount, the efficiency on the rank 5 is just short of at least what I was looking to replace. For many players, however, it might just be good enough.

Stage 8: Killing 250 Gale Living Vortex

Gale Living Vortex.png

For this stage of the mission chain, do you need to go and kill Living Vortex? Again? Wait a moment did the developers just foil my already botch attempt at stacking missions? For those looking for a few extra kills to finish your daily, I’m sure they were happy about this one.

In the area I found these in (136711, 79406) you do need to be a little careful. While yes you will find the Gale Living Vortex you need with their 600 health. There is also a chance depending on what the spawn looks like that you run into some higher maturity of Living Vortex.

If that ends up being the case just pull carefully or look around in the desert area. There are a few little patches here or there of Gale Living Vortex. There spawns in many areas seem to be mixed with higher-level ones.

Refurbished Heart rank 6.png

Finally what you have been wanting from the start. The Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank VI with 150% heal over time effect (just make sure not to walk or suffer reduced healing.) Now it’s time to pack things up and go onto something else.



Oh. . . No. . .

Beyond Stage 8

More missions.png

Turns out there is a “Stage 9” at the time of writing this. There might even be further stages in the future. For now, you can do another stage for an upgrade if you could call it that to your Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank VI.

Right next to Medical Tech Orandius are now two NPCs with “!” above them. One of them the evil devil wants to lower the rank of your Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank VI down to Rank V. Why would you do that? Evil!

Further upgrade.png

The NPC next to him Jacob offers you a choice after you go out and kill more creatures to either have 15 increased maximum health while you have Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank VI equipped or 10% increased runs seed for 8 seconds.

Both of these options are frankly not very good. You are also not getting better healing out of the deal. The 15 health goes away once you switch to something like a weapon. The 8 seconds of increased run speed is only 3 seconds if you need more healing or you will take a healing penalty for moving.

I could not quite understand why the developers decided to go this route. So I did some digging around. Turns out back on March first, 2022 which is not long ago a Cyrene developer named Kris spilled the beans that the buff upgrade still kept the VI names because they have future plans for this mission chain at some point.

Planet Cyrene did recently just get a patch but there was nothing new that I’m aware of for this mission chain. Who knows if and when there could be an update. If there is and it’s worth getting I will certainly be coming back.

For now, I won’t be working on either of the buffs you can get at the “final” stage. I won’t spoil what you have to kill but I don’t feel it’s worth it.

Final Thoughts

Hunting more living vortex.png

That ended up being quite an epic grind of a mission series. Perhaps the most work I’ve done for a mission in quite some time. It was a blast and I can’t wait to get a lot of use out of my new healing FAP.

I’m sure many are wondering was it worth the cost to acquire? For me, I was upgrading a FAP that I use a lot in non-combat situations and this new one has almost a 70% increased efficiency. Meaning over a very long time I will end up saving what it cost me to do this mission change.

I also pointed out a few times not just killing these creatures for this single mission chain either. I would have killed all of these for at least a few ranks of codex gains if not more beyond what the 250 kills required.

The Refurbished H.E.A.R.T Rank VI was however the main reason I decided to take a trip to Cyrene in the first place. It would also be a reason to return once I leave if they happen to add upgrades worth coming back for. While I would have come here at some point for the codex it would not have been for a while.

I’m just glad I was able to get this one done and out of the way.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.