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A free thing you can do in Entropia Universe is gathering resources that spawn on the ground which is called fruit walking or now a days running. If you are not paying attention they can be quite easy to miss. Once you focus on just gathering them for a few hours you start to wonder how many have missed over the long term. For me, the answer is a lot.

This activity back in the day use to be called Fruit walking. Back then if you were moving faster than walking you would miss these grounds objects spawning around you. You can only see them from a short distance around you before they become out of sight again.

Thankfully these days they have changed that. This is why it’s now Fruit running among other things. You no longer have to reduce your speed to see them. Some even can spot them while driving around. Although that is a bit harder with how short of a window you have to notice.

 Fruit walking running  papplon.png

You might have noticed from time to time along with the foliage popping in that something else would show up. That something could then be looted. In most cases, it has a very low TT (trade terminal) value. and it can be sold on the auction house at a very high markup.

There are ways to set yourself up for success in noticing and hopefully increasing your hourly rate of collecting these things. Like many activities in Entropia Universe players have been known to have a few superstitions and theory craft about the whole thing. While some superstitions seem to have some logic behind them many can’t hold their water let alone a PEC.

One easy way to notice them popping in usually right behind your character is removing a large amount of the foliage that you can see. While you can still spot these objects with foilage it can be a bit harder. I usually call it turning the ugly mode on as a lot of times players will mess with other settings as well.

set objects quality to low to see fruit better for Fruit walking running.png

All you need to do is go into options, graphics advance, and set objects quality to low in the drop-down menu for that setting.

Next up is your UI. If you are like me you have lots of things cluttering it up. While some choose to move their chat and radar higher up in the UI along with keeping the bottom middle of the screen clear. There is a better way of doing it if you are fine running around without these things.

disable UI with toggle interface visibility for Fruit walking running.png

You can disable most of the UI from an actions library command. After you have navigated to the actions library type in “toggle Interface Visibility.” After that open up the keyboard map found under the edit panel in the upper right of the UI and drag the icon onto the key you want to press. Don’t forget that key as you will need it to toggle back on the UI or you will need to re-log.

There is one final option that can make life a lot better when trying to spot fruit and other things spawning around you. It’s not uncommon for things to spawn right behind or around you just out of the range of the normal third-person view.

increase the camera zoom out while in third person for Fruit walking running.png

Thankfully you can increase the zoom out while you are in the third person. While not recommended in many in-door places it is perfect for the great outdoors. This can be done by going into options, camera settings, and sliding that maximum distance slider to the right.

Once that is all done it’s time to start running and looking at the ground. As far as where? I would hope for a place that is not covered in creatures that want to kill you. I highly recommend places you have yet to visit so you can get the lay of the land and unlock some teleports at the same time.

As far as myself I was at Calypso at the time and went to the Amethera Outback Lands. There are plenty of places with few monsters and so many areas to discover and teleports to find I have not gotten them all yet.

To give you a kind of idea of what to expect I did a 6-hour fruit hunting run that I’ll be sharing down below. Outside a 1 hour break and a couple of bathroom trips, this was all done within 7 or so hours of the start. Why is this important to know? There is this common myth that the best time to do this activity is within 5 minutes of logging in and not for hours on end.

Not only did this theory hold no weight on my runs. I started my run hours after already being online. Many also think buying ammo off the trading terminal is supposed to somehow bring good luck in the “algorithm” that controls the chance for fruit and other things to spawn. The things people believe these days.

Some superstitions fruit runners have even back then are a bit crazy. Like running counter-clockwise 5 times, clockwise 15 times, and jumping up and down 27 and a half times after you find fruit to get another fruit to spawn right next to you. Just bonkers till it works at least once!

In my first hour of this run, I set out to try and disapprove a couple of other things. Turns out there might be some logic to a couple of things fruit runners do. Due to how short this run is and not repeating this 100k times I can’t say for sure some things could work or not.

One of those things is once you find a fruit or something that has spawned do a small permitted search around it. While some think it’s bad luck to loot the fruit first I always did just so I did not lose it.


During my run, I did find 2 fruit three times within a couple of steps of each other. While it was looking like a decent chance that coincidence stopped happening later in the run

Still, though, I like running in a spiral clockwork pattern after finding a fruit. It’s like I’m paying respect to some unknown god in performing a fruit dance. Perhaps I’ll get a double helping of something on another run.

What I did however notice is that once I did find something there seemed like I would have a high chance of finding another within a short distance. However, more often than not it was greater than just a couple of steps. I would say a minute or two of walking. This would make for a great cluster theory that a bunch of other activities in the Entropia Universe players believes.

In my first hour I ended up finding:

  • Papplon: 87
  • Nissit: 24
  • Bombardo: 45
  • Haimoros: 43
  • Brukite: 23

One thing I did fear would happen almost did. That I would go a full hour without finding anything at all to loot. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever find anything again. The answer is yes you will if you keep at it.

While the first 45 minutes of my second hour yielded nothing. In the last 15 minutes, I ended up finding a few things. It was admittedly quite a bad hour for me overall.

Finding for the second hour:

  • Papplon: 25
  • Bombardo: 99

low count find during Fruit walking running.png

Another theory a lot of fruit runners have is that if you find a low count amount of something it means the area has already been picked clean and someone else has been there “recently.” My issue with that is that person must have done some sloppy work.

As I found some fatter stacks not that far later running along. There however must be some factor that can cause such large swings in amounts found I just can’t be certain what. This was also not my best hour so it could be you want really out of nowhere places most will not be found dead in.

Loot below for my third hour. I also cannot believe that it took me almost three hours to find some dung. When I’m usually hunting that's all I find!

Hour three:

  • Papplon: 112
  • Bombardo: 21
  • Sopur: 22
  • Dung:32

Find some sopur while out fruit walking running.png

One factor could have been easy as human error. The sun had set in the areas I was running around in lines, zig-zagging, and on occasion turning a few degrees sending me on a different path. As such, I went to a place a bit colder for most of the next hour. That way I could also see much better what was spawning on the ground due to the terrain.

Find some sopur while out fruit walking running.png

Hour four was also quite the haul from a few different land types. Since I had already been doing this for 3 hours with only a short break you would think I would be finding less or at the very least missing more. I seemed however to get it down knowing what I needed to spot.

Hour four finds:

  • Papplon: 86
  • Bombardo: 121
  • Brukite: 84
  • Sopur: 25
  • Dung: 89
  • Trutun:25
  • Caroot:51
  • Kaldon: 23

found some dung while Fruit walking running.png

Another theory a lot of fruit runners will have is that you have a higher chance of finding things along cliff's edges. While I ran across quite a few cliffs this was as close to a find to one of them that I got.

I do however think there is something more going on that could explain why this might be some logic and truth behind it. We know that there is only so much space around the character that we can see a fruit spawn.

While you work on the game design a layer such as the ground is in a grid pattern. If you ever increased the height of something you are stretching that grid and material out. Which explains a lot of why cliffs look the way they do in a lot of older games.

Since we are dealing with an x, y, z plain I would not be shocked if certain shapes would give you a bigger than normal field of view.

There is also one other consideration to take into account. When you find something like a fruit it is spawned in a way you can loot it. You are not just running along finding 1% of it sticking out of the ground unable to collect it. There is going to be some code in place ensuring based on a set of rules where and where not something like dung could even spawn in.

These are however just things to take into consideration. They could have some impact or no impact. In my short run of 6 hours did not get enough loot to feel that the cliffs were a great place.

There is also the fact that players willingly or not tend to follow patterns and a cliff would direct their movement in a certain direction. Which you would think would reduce the chance of finding something if having other players already looting in that area recently had an impact.

Hour 5 finds:

  • Papplon: 113
  • Nissit: 21
  • Bombardo: 174
  • Brukite: 153
  • Caroot: 84

nice amount of bombardo from Fruit walking running.png

While there were moments of death and near-death a few times sometimes you just got to go for it. While trying to spawn my vehicle l and get some distance away from some incoming creatures I got a spawn. Quite a juicy one as well.

In my last hour, I went off to a nice sandy area to warm up and then went to view the ocean from where I was running around. Despite so many hours other than my eyes being a bit tired the time went quite quickly. Just like that my final hour of doing this was done.

Hour 6

  • Papplon:45
  • Nissit: 21
  • Bombardo: 58
  • Haimoros: 123
  • Sopur:22
  • Dung: 100
  • Caroot:149

the stuff I found while fruit walking and running.png

One of my main reasons for sharing with you what I was finding every hour other than to give possible realistic insight into how a run would go. It was to highlight how many different types of fruits and stones you end up getting.

With something like sweating, you just have one thing to try and price out, work out what you are doing to do with it and sell it. With fruit running, you have a bunch of different stacks all of which can take some time before they are large enough to do anything with. It is however not as bad as you think it might be in some cases.

If however I could list these smaller stacks and did not need to worry about auction house fees I would be holding around 7.19 PED worth of Fruit and stone. That is more than double the value I was getting when I was sweating for 6 hours. This activity however required a lot more of my attention and had a lot of other factors going on.

One thing I did not include is dung. Dung all on itself cannot be put in the auction house. You however can refine it with Growth Molecules 1:1 to make Energized Fertilizer. The issue with Energized Fertilizer is it has 102% markup on a good day and Growth Molecules if you can find any on the market could be as high as 101%. So very slim profits for having to convert it.

Refine however can resolve a big issue we have with so many different finds. You can make Nutrio Bars which pets eat by refining Sweestuff with one of the following Papplon, Bombardo, Haimoros, or Caroot for a 1:1 mix.

Sweestuff itself tends to go in the range of 114% markup with each one costing around 0.011 each. I looted 1,436 fruits that are worth around 4.892 PED.

If I were to make 1,436 Nutrio Bars my costs would be 20.68 PED worth of supplies if I took what I already had and just bought the Sweetstuff excluding refiner decay. Nutrio Bars are going for around 146% on the market. I then could sell for 21.02 PED netting me a small gain of 0.34.

While that is not an amazing gain I would save a little on auction house fees and I would not need to collect enough of four different fruits till I had a large enough stack of each. If however I had 10 times the amount and I mined the sweet stuff for cheaper or got a good deal. My profit margins for my runs would start to increase even more so if the price of Nutrio Bars also went up.

This however does not solve all issues. There are still 5 different types of stone I found still not accounted for. Each of them makes its own texture which is used for adding texture to clothing. Those would be a bit harder to move and unless you want to get into crafting it would be best to just leave them as-is for selling in the auction house.

One way many fruit runners try and resolve having so many different things to deal with is just sticking to a single or a couple of different terrain types. They will run through a bunch of different types taking notes of what they found. They then will focus on ones that have the most fruit types or the highest markup.

Final Thoughts

Found some Caroot while Fruit walking running.png

If I ever do find myself wanting to spend some time I would do this again. I enjoyed it a lot more than sweating. It also allowed me to explore the game more. I however don’t think plant Calypso is the best place for doing this. Some planets do have exclusive drops that could sell at a higher markup.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.