Chronicon | Act II: Unstable Dimension And Some Back Tracking

I did not make it as far as I thought I would into Act II before deciding to backtrack a bit. Since I was not in any hurry anyways it did not matter that much. The start of act two was at least a blast.

Might & Magic VI | Tomb Of VARN

Tomb Of VARN in Dragonsands is a massive and difficult dunge

Hogwarts Legacy | Further Working With A Goblin

I have found it strange working when working with the goblin name

Chronicon| Finishing The First Act

While there are certainly quite a few things to

Might & Magic VI | Supreme Temple Of Baa

For the final memory crystal, I need it was time to

Hogwarts Legacy | Tower Tunnel

While I was playing Hogwarts Legacy there was this feeli

Chronicon| A Fresh Start

It has been a few years now since I’ve played

Might & Magic VI | Castle Alamos

Before I could head off for Castle Alamos I had two things

Diablo IV | Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon For Torment Unlock

That exciting feeling when you are about to unlock world tier 4 in Diablo IV. I was honestly expecting far more of a challenge. I did however wait till I was 68 before diving into this. While Torment says 70+ you don’t need to be to enter or

Might & Magic VI | Superior Temple Of Baa

The Ironfist king asked me to find proof regarding Slicker Silvertongue being a traitor on the council. He also gave me a cloak to allow me access to the Superior Temple Of Baa in Kriegspire. Since I have all other quests in the game done I

Diablo IV | Helltide Overview

Helltides are an event that occurs in random regions every so often in Diablo IV. They can be a great place to earn quite a bit of experience, legendaries, and needed materials for upgrading gear. They are something I look forward to running

Diablo IV | Nightmare Dungeons Overview

Perhaps one of my favorite things for the time being in Diablo IV is running Nightmare Dungeons. They have so far offered me a decent across-the-board of things I’m looking for from loot to experience. On top of that, you earn experience for