Might & Magic VI | Temple of Baa

Temple of Baa in Might & Magic VI I feel can be almost overwhelming if you are not certain what to do. There are quite a few large open areas with an insane amount of creatures to clear. This is also one of those places if you are not re

Might & Magic VI | Free Haven

Getting to Free Haven in Might & Magic VI is a bit of a big deal. The town there is quite massive from shopping for spell books to paying to increase skills to expert and beyond. Not to mention it opens up connections to quite a few othe

Might & Magic VI | Eventually Free Haven

I wish I could say my play of Might & Magic VI is one of thoughtful action and decisions. In truth, I’m more of a wondering crazy person going where the winds tend to take me most of the time. Leaving a path of destruction in my wake. Th

Might & Magic VI | New World Computing

While many try and rush to get to this hidden zone I felt like putting it off for a little while. It is like using a cheat code in the game in a way. Yet the zone is there and reachable right away if you know what you are doing. With amazing

Might & Magic VI | Misty Islands

While checking the boats in Ironfist to see what locations if any were available I noticed I had a chance to go to Misty Islands. I had a few things I could pick up in Misty Islands along with some easy clearing. So I jumped on board the shi

Might & Magic VI | Clearing Out Ironfist

While I had already cleared out some of the easier parts of Ironfist it was now time to face the harder stuff. Mostly the lizards I was not looking forward to. Their long-ranged bow attacks can be a bit of an issue this early on.

Might & Magic VI | Abandoned Temple Run

Abandoned Temple is not a dungeon I enjoy running a lot. This one took over an hour to clear for the first time. A tad longer than the first dungeon I ran. Hopefully, in the future, I can cut that run time down by a lot. The Abandoned

Might & Magic VI | Goblinwatch Dungeon Run

I decided Goblinwatch would be the first dungeon I’d clear out in Might & Magic VI. While the first time will be a bit rough since my group is not that strong yet and missing some things I’d like to have. It will be a decent source of so

Might & Magic VI | Clearing Out Some Camps

Now that I had some money it was time to head over to the next zone Ironfist and finish off a quest while picking up some needed skills. This will allow me quite dramatically increase how fast I could clear. Along with clearing out certain a

Might & Magic VI | Starting New

Might & Magic VI is one of those games I keep coming back to over the years. It can sometimes be 5 to 10 years since I last played or only a couple. Either way, this game is where I fell in love with dungeons and RPGs the most when I was

I’m not Angry About Path of Exile I’m Just Disappointed

It is not uncommon for me to decide to take a bit of a break from Path of Exile. After reading up on all the changes they were making for Lake of Kalandra. I had a feeling this was not going

Diablo Immortal | An Age Old Issue

Diablo Immortal suffers from what all ARPGs in my opini