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I’m not Angry About Path of Exile I’m Just Disappointed

It is not uncommon for me to decide to take a bit of a break from Path of Exile. After reading up on all the changes they were making for Lake of Kalandra. I had a feeling this was not going

Minecraft And Cryptocurrency

I am by no means shocked that Microsoft’s Minecraft is

Diablo Immortal | An Age Old Issue

Diablo Immortal suffers from what all ARPGs in my opini

Entropia Universe Plans To Sell Unique NFT Eggs

Halt the presses! Is a

Ubisoft Rug Pulling Gamers Again | Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD And Many Other Games

This is not the first time Ubisoft went back on their w

Spider Solitaire Wants An Internet Connection

Last night the unthinkable happened! I lost connecti

Fees For Playing On Blockchains Still A Silent Killer In 2022

One thing I

Entropia Universe Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments For Deposits

I always thought it w

The Gamer Dilemma | Players Fight Against NFTs In Video Games

As someone who has played real cash economy games in the past and j

Enjar Rants About Stupid People Getting Wrecked In Crypto

Psst. Come here. I don’t know you but if you buy into this NFT projec

Blockchain Games No Longer Welcome on Valve’s Steam

An interesting trend a lot of companies seem t

Play-To-Earn In Games | 2022

More and more I keep hearing people say play to earn in games is not f