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RIP My Graphics Card R9 380 4Gig

Many have been wondering why I have not joined Diablo IV’s

Protesters Protest Game They Were Not Going To Buy Anyways

In the world of gaming, it’s not that shocking yet another protest of a game has been underway for months now. It however seems to originate from non-gamers who were not going to buy the game anyways. They are angry because someone who did n

Test Post Please Ignore

Time-traveling cats are busy at our news desk testing things. Move along humans. Management, Lost In Time Gaming News (LITGN)

I’m not Angry About Path of Exile I’m Just Disappointed

It is not uncommon for me to decide to take a bit of a break from Path of Exile. After reading up on all the changes they were making for Lake of Kalandra. I had a feeling this was not going

Minecraft And Cryptocurrency

I am by no means shocked that Microsoft’s Minecraft is

Diablo Immortal | An Age Old Issue

Diablo Immortal suffers from what all ARPGs in my opini

Entropia Universe Plans To Sell Unique NFT Eggs

Halt the presses! Is a

Ubisoft Rug Pulling Gamers Again | Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD And Many Other Games

This is not the first time Ubisoft went back on their w

Spider Solitaire Wants An Internet Connection

Last night the unthinkable happened! I lost connecti

Fees For Playing On Blockchains Still A Silent Killer In 2022

One thing I

Entropia Universe Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments For Deposits

I always thought it w

The Gamer Dilemma | Players Fight Against NFTs In Video Games

As someone who has played real cash economy games in the past and j