Entropia Universe | Vault Hunter And The Cyclops Depths

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I got one-shotted by a boss and did not get to see the rest of the dungeon. On Planet Calypso in Entropia Universe, there is quite a long mission chain called Vault Hunter. Finishing that mission chain leads you to one of the more interesting dungeons I have ever seen on the planet called Cyclops Depths.

This won’t be an exact guide on doing the Vault Hunter mission chain or Cyclops Depths either. This ended up being something I wander into doing as I was working on finding new missions on Calypso I had yet to do and just finishing them. I had no idea of what I was about to get into.

Vault Hunter completed mission list.png

The Vault Hunter mission chain is quite a massive one as far as mission chains go in Entropia Universe. Thankfully it is also rather an easy one. A lot of the time you are just running around to different locations and then going back to the mission NPC.

Vault Hunter 1 strange pillars.png

One such mission had you visit a bunch of strange pillars. A lot of the time it seems quite strange what you were even doing. I still don’t quite understand to this day what these are all about.

Scavenger hunt.png

There was even a series of collections items. Where you needed one item from someone and they before giving it up wanted something else in return. The person who had that then wanted their item. So I ended up going off on a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Crystalline Hologram Key.png

After quite a lot of nonsense, you end up with Crystalline Hologram Key which unlocks the ability to access the Cyclops Depths. You might often notice a lot of bigger players in Entropia Universe are sometimes global on things like Mind Reaver and Marcimex.

Such creatures most players only associate with being able to hunt during special events. Calypso has a couple of dungeons on it where you can sometimes find a rare event creature in them. Getting to either of these two in Cyclops Depths is not easy to do.

Inside Cyclopes Depths.png

Cyclopes Depths has quite a giant maze that you have to find your way through to get to different areas. There is also just the revival point at the start of the dungeon. So any death and you are right back at the start. This can be quite devastating if you are unable to clear some of the harder challenges inside and managed to get past them.

I ended up wandering around for quite a while lost. There are a lot of side rooms that seem to lead to nowhere of importance. Some rooms are also quite packed with creatures so you do need to be a bit mindful sometimes when moving around.

Thorifoid in Cyclops Depths.png

I also found myself ill-prepared to hunt the more general creatures you find on your way to the deeper depths of the dungeon. They have a few different types of Thorifoid in there that deal with a wide range of different damage types.

As a result, I just put on the best gear I had Gremlin and hoped for the best. Getting killed and having to start all over again was not something I wanted to do. While some dungeon “instances” in Entropia Universe are single players and don’t respawn creatures. This is a public one and things seem to respawn quite quickly.

Along the way, I would find some higher-level creatures that I can only assume are bosses. I turned a corner and walked into a room with one of them in it. It made quick work of me and before I know it I was at the start of the dungeon again.

Getting killed in Cyclopes Depths.png

After a couple of attempts and getting lost some more I came across a bridge. On one end of it was a level 347 Pyromancer Chalte who shot fireballs at me. It was not my intention to get aggression on it I must have gotten too close despite being so far away. It summoned me in and called in a mini-boss that I had walked passed a few steps beforehand.

It seems it’s set up so you can’t just run past the Pyromancer down the bridge and make it to the entryway that takes you deeper into the dungeon. After talking with a friend, if I could have gotten past that I would have been in an area that I can camp in that had repair stations, missions, and not far away from the Marcimex that I wanted to hunt.

If this was a few years ago I could have just asked in local chat or waited around for someone else to kill the Pyromancer when this place was more active. The trick is not to get in the way of someone else trying to kill it if you don’t know what you are doing or you both get killed.

Nowadays it is more empty and not everyone wants to stop what they are doing every time a non-uber player wants to get past it. It could have been a long wait to get into the next part of the dungeon. Not to mention once you do get past it if you get killed down there you end right back up at the top.

Final Thoughts

Master of the guard.png

It’s not every day I end up doing some random mission that leads me to quite an interesting place. I’m glad I now have the key and perhaps if I ever notice a few people getting global down there I’ll wait for someone else to kill the boss. I would love to hunt some of the creatures down there.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.