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This is an extension of my main index that includes blockchain games. This due to its size has needed to be expanded again. Many of these games are in different stages of development from still in testing closed alpha to a released version. So far I have covered games from the following blockchains: Hive, ETH, Enjin, Wax, and I’m sure many more in the future.


  • Dungeon Princess: Infinity
  • EOS Knights
  • Prospectors.io


  • 0xuniverse
  • [Enjin] Age Of Rust
  • Brave Frontier Heroes
  • Crypto Space Commander
  • Gods Unchained
  • League Of Kingdoms
  • [Enjin] The Six Dragons
  • [Enjin] Lost Relics
  • [Matic] Neon District


  • [Closed] Brosino
  • [Closed] BroCity
  • Crypto Brewmaster
  • dCity
  • Exode
  • [Closed] Holybread
  • IBT Survival Island
  • Ocean Planet
  • [Closed] Piggericks
  • Rising Star
  • Splinter Lands


  • 0xwarriors
  • Alien Worlds
  • Endless Siege
  • Nifty Wizards
  • Prospectors.io
  • R-Planet
  • Waxtycoon

Closed/Dead Blockchains

  • DrugWars.io
  • [Closed] NextColony


  • Other Blockchain Gaming Content

Since my content is published on a site that rewards in crypto it only makes sense I have some skin in the game when it comes to taking a deeper look at these kinds of games. While this industry is still quite young it has massive room for expansion and I feel I will start building up more of an audience for it over the long run.


Dungeon Princess: Infinity

Dungeon Princess Infinity dungeons.jpg

Recommend: Maybe

Dungeon Princess: Infinity is an RPG that has some items that can drop as “NFTs” that can be sold for EOS. It is a mobile game where you control a group of five heroes and battle it out through waves of monsters in dungeons. There is a vast selection of gear, skill points, and skills to train for your heroes. While there is auto-combat for using in the lower dungeons that will only last you so long.

EOS Knights

Recommend: Maybe


While I’ve never been a huge fan of idle games if you in the market for one this might be for you. It is also on the EOS blockchain I would just not have high hopes of making back what you put into it. The lower markets don’t seem to have high trade volume and most of the top players seem to have their value in the gear they wear more than anything else. As such if you want a game where you spend a little and check in a couple of times a day to revive your character maybe.



0xuniverse spaceship launch.png

Recommend: No

The game development study behind this has been having a lot of issues. If they are able to work around the high ETH gas fees I'll consider changing my recommendation. Last time I checked there where talks of shutting due to the lack of funding.

0xuniverse is a space game played on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain either in a browser or on a mobile device. To get started players first need to buy some planets. After that, they can invent spaceships and launch them in search of new planets. Some transactions broadcasted on the ETH blockchain such as every time you send a ship out to search for a new planet.

Outside of the large number of transactions you are doing to play the game I’ve enjoyed my time. I will be making further content on this game at some point. It is one of those where you can just leave it alone for weeks and sometimes months while you wait for resources and population on your planets to regenerate.

[Enjin] Age Of Rust

Recommend: Yes

Age Of Rust is a story-driven puzzle PC game on the Enjin blockchain. For a while now they have been having a playtest of the game to try out the first chapter.

Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes quest combat.png

Recommend: Yes

Brave Frontier Heroes itself is played in the browser. It is 2D graphics games with options to have fights carry out on auto. The game itself does not have an upfront cost just to play. You will, however, be at a bit of a disadvantage if you are looking to play for free instead of spending some money. As some stuff is locked behind a paywall and it does cost money if you are looking to sell items for ETH.

Crypto Space Commander

Crypto Space Commander combat.jpg

Recommend: Yes

Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a space MMO game on ETH that has recently finished being in early access. Players can run missions, go mining, manufacture ships and modules, trade, and even pvp in a vast amount of different systems.

Gods Unchained


Recommend: Yes

Still, in development, this collective card game uses elements of the Ethereum blockchain for card ownership. While keeping player matches and other stuff that’s not required off to save on the cost of using gas for transactions. You get to pick different gods who each have their abilities and this is a turn-based game at that.

I look forward to creating more content about this game when it comes out or had changed quite a lot.

Every weekend there is an event where players battle it out to earn enough wins and rank high enough for core and other pack rewards.

With the recent release of the market place, players are wondering should they be fusing cards once that in-game mechanic is activated again inside of the game. I go over some pros and cons. People also add their take in the comment section on this topic.

I do a full breakdown of the game and go over many different aspects to bring a player up to a fundamental understanding of the game.

League Of Kingdoms

My kingdom in League Of Kingdoms.jpg

Recommend: No

League Of Kingdoms is a kingdom builder strategy pvp browser game with a twist of “blockchain” added into the mix. You don’t need to connect an ETH wallet to the game to get started. It is a big generic and unless you plan on buying land chance are you won’t be interacting with any blockchain during your entire gameplay.

[Enjin] The Six Dragons

arena portal.jpg

Recommend: Maybe

The Six Dragons is an open-world RPG on the Enjin blockchain. Players can explore massive areas of land, slay dragons, enter dungeons, and craft items with drops they get. The game has a single character talent tree system to pick from as players level up. Along with questing to complete as you grind for drops and XP.

[Enjin] Lost Relics

Forgotten Artifacts Practice Dungeon gate guard.jpg

Recommend: Yes

Lost Relics which use to be called Forgotten Artifacts is an ARPG dungeon crawler that uses Enjin’s wallet as an ERC-1155 asset on Ethereum. This game is still in early access so it is subject to having some major content patches in the future that may change the overall gameplay.

[Matic] Neon District

Neon Pizza Delivery missions in Neon District.png

Recommend: Yes.

Neon District is a cyberpunk rpg on the ETH Matic blockchain. Not too long ago they release a version of the game with some playable elements. For the time being, players can check out different characters in the game and level them up. Open loot creates and levels up the gear. Along with sending your team of characters out on missions or partake in pvp.




Recommend: closed

Whether you are slots or a card kind of person there are a couple of different games to enjoy. I talk about in detail for those who don’t know how to play the classics that are provided in this online casino. Thankfully it just plays money and they are looking to expand the games they provide in the long run!


Brocity home.png

Recommend: closed

BROcity is a browser game that accepts Hive as payment for buying items out of their cash shop. Players can send their character to buy items to increase stats points, go to work to earn in-game money, and even fight other players among many other activities.

Crypto Brewmaster

Crypto Brewmaster brewhouse.png

Recommend: This game is in Alpha

Crypto Brewmaster is a game played on the Hive blockchain that is currently in the alpha stage of development. You get to brew beer using several different ingredients that are traditional in the brewing process. Afterword the player gets to sell it for coins if they choose.


dCity city view.png

Recommend: Yes

dCity is a city simulator that is played on the Hive blockchain using cards that players acquire from buying that are NFTs. Players access the game through an internet browser that supports logging in with Keychain. The game used to be called Steemcity but it has since taken a more neutral name dCity. They use the Hive-engine as a method of handling game assets.


Evacuation Scenario.jpg

Recommend: This game is in alpha

Exode is a space colonization game currently in alpha on the Hive blockchain. For the moment players can buy card packs, make a deck to play, and enjoy the evacuation scenario. Later one once things are more development players will be able to colonize and more.


holybread arena.png

Recommend: closed

Holybread is an rpg game that released on January 27th. It incorporates several aspects of the Hive blockchain into it. In this game, your level and gear up heroes to send them off on quests and battle in the arena. My review is based on my testing in closed beta. Some things may be subject to change.

They have since moved to Hive and changed ownership hands. Progressions and development have started up again and it is great seeing them thrive in their new home.

IBT Survival Island

IBT building a house.jpg

Recommend: In Alpha only the DLC will be blockchian

IBT Survival Island is a survival game that is in the early stages of development and testing. The game itself will be using its SMT on the Hive blockchain as a future DLC to the game.

So far I have been a tester in their second demo round. I look forward to joining more and posting updates on the games progress from time to time.


Recommend: No

In December 2020 it had become known the game wallet’s had been empty out in some way a possible hack. They did not make a good faith effort to try and alert the wider Hive community outside of a single post that no one read till it was discovered later on.

This game did not support a secure log-in method using keychain.

The social account(s) for this game have gone silent for months.

It appears this game is no longer being played or has shut down in some form or another.

Ocean Planet

Recommend: Maybe

The game has a little bit of a Waterworld feeling to it with the post-apocalyptic setting it is in. You can move around the map on a ship with the main town being a floating city. There are also many sites that you can mine at. Some of these are freely open to use and others require buying a pass.

Rising Star

Rising Star Illegal Busking.png

Recommend: Yes

Rising Star is a browser and mobile game played on the Hive blockchain that is focused around running missions as a musician looking to rise in the ranks of stardom. You start as a lone musician without much talent getting chased off by the police just trying to earn some Starbits and fans. Along the way, you can acquire better musicians in your band and instruments among others, and become a rising star.

[Hive] Splinter Lands


Recommend: Yes

A collective card game played on the Hive blockchain. Players build up there decks around splinters and level up the cards by combining them. They then can battle other players in matches that have different rule sets and other resections like mana cost. This is one of the few blockchain games I expect to keep innovating and creating value over the long run. It has changed a lot during the short time it has been around.

A look at the tournament system that has been added to the game.

I wrote this when the game was still young and Alpha cards were still cheap! My game and the times have changed. This review is a bit dated these days!

I go over at the time my plans to slowly remain viable in this game in the long run. Games like these you need to think long term. At some point, I took a break so my plan did not work out as well as I was hoping.

It is shocking to recall I used to be able to get rather high up in the seasons. It has been a while indeed.

Knowing not everyone is a gamer. I wrote a few pieces like this intending to try to build up an audience of new people to both the game and gaming. Quite of the number of others were doing the same and so I never wrote many of these.



Picking your team.png

Recommend: No

While this game could have potential on the Wax blockchain it’s flat out not recommended by me before I even get any further into this. You might have never heard about this blockchain game and there are many good reasons why. I can’t decide what I’m more disappointed by the $500 and higher microtransaction or the horrible choice for a Wax wallet that I could not get to work.

Alien Worlds

Picking a Planet.png

Recommend: Yes

Alien Worlds is a mining game on the Wax blockchain. Players can mine for different NFTs and Trilium (TLM) the game's currency. This game is still in its early days with many features not enabled yet as the game rolls out its roadmap.

Endless Siege

level up tower.png

Recommend: Maybe

Endless Siege is a tower defense game on Wax. Each day there is a new map where players set up their defense with four different types to keep the enemy NPCs from depleting your health. You spend coins from kills to upgrade towers or place more down.

Nifty Wizards

my inventory in Nifty Wizards.png

Recommend: Yes

Nifty Wizards is an rpg that is played in Telegram on the Wax blockchain. Players adventure through many telegram rooms or as they call them chambers completing quests and socializing with other wizards. Nifty Wizards has elements of getting out of Telegram and go do something such as on Twitter.



Recommend: Maybe

If you have gold fever perhaps this browser game being played on EOS or Wax blockchain can meet your fix. Players work their way up from using their hands to building up land and hiring others to do the back-breaking labor. While you can mine gold there are a bunch of other materials and goods in this fully player-driven economy game.

Please note I played this game back when it was only on EOS so that is the main point of view I have in the post below. Now days it is recommend playing it on Wax instead. That is expected to have the more active player base.


R Planet projects you can stake NFTs from.png

Recommend: Maybe

R-Planet is a game I have only staked other games NFTs to earn Aetherr for the time being. This game is still in development and not out yet to do anything other than that. Once it is players are expected to be able to combine elements and make discoveries. If you enjoy crafting games this could be one for you.


only some upgrades on the timer.png

Recommend: No

Waxtycoon is an idle tycoon clicker game on the Wax blockchain. The player can unlock different idle business such as a cafe and upgrade the income or timer of the business. With this being a Wax game there was an attempt at play to earn though rewarding the highest level players for resting progress and starting over.

Closed/Dead Blockchains

[Not recommended] DrugWars.io


Not recommend. This game operates on a centralized blockchain that has been known for blocking user’s assets from transacting.

AS game that draws inspiration from the former game of the same name—Drug Wars. After a while and so many changes to how the player would be paid out I lost interest and stopped playing.

Some thoughts I had about the game I would like to see introduced back when I use to play.

[Closed] NextColony


Recommend: Game has shut down

I go over my initial thoughts of the game after it became available to play on a blockchain. It’s a f2p browser game that is inspired by Ogame and has you colonizing the universe after the earth is no longer sustainable. I take a look at skills, building, microtransactions, and other aspects of the game.

Other Blockchain Gaming Content

I go over some things to watch out for from small costs to possible scams. Along with pointing out some advantages and giving yourself multiple options for revenue streams.

I go over some of the struggles of playing on EOS. Everything from having a hard time getting a wallet and set up to being stuck at max CPU due to bottlenecking and glitch issues the overall network has.

During a period of time gas prices on ETH spiked making it quite an expensive and unenjoyable experience to even game. While I hope gas prices improve and further development is made by game developer to make it fun again on ETH I share my experience and thoughts regarding the state ETH gaming was in for the better part of 2020.

I go over some news regarding a few different blockchains from Hive to Enjin blockchain. Quite a few games have had recent updates fixing bugs, rolling out new features. There has also been some interesting development going on in those individual blockchains themselves regarding gaming.

Final Thoughts

With blockchain gaming expected to become even bigger in 2020 and beyond this section will surely grow over time. As I check out new games I find interesting, along with, checking in on how older ones are doing. I will be doing a weekend gaming blockchain news post at least once a month if not more often as the market becomes busier.

At this time blockchain games are not my sole focus. In the future, this could change as projects come further along and more money starts to be inverted into this emerging market. For the time being these are very risky games to get into as with any game they can go out of bussin3es or even popularly over time. As such play at your own risk and set a budget! I hope you find something fun to play.



Screenshots were taken and content written by @enjar. Screenshots are from their represented games noted by the header of each game and further linked to in the actual article themselves.