Taking A Look At Alien Worlds

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Alien Worlds is a mining game on the Wax blockchain. Players can mine for different NFTs and Trilium (TLM) the game's currency. This game is still in its early days with many features not enabled yet as the game rolls out its roadmap.


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One of the bigger things I have enjoyed so far is just how easy it is to get into the Wax ecosystem let alone Alien Worlds itself. Wax is a split from EOS itself looking to solve many of the issues they were having when it came to trying to play games on EOS.

To be able to play Alien worlds you do need a Wax cloud wallet. While Wax does have CPU, ram, and network like EOS you will find you get quite a few transactions on the blockchain itself over a day that you can at least get started without having to stake to resources right away. It’s also insanity easier to make an account on Wax than it was in the old days of EOS.

I started with 0 Wax staked to any resources from me so I only had whatever the cloud wallet started me with. Despite the wallet claiming I was over 2000% CPU capacity at some points, it kept allowing me to approve transactions from Alien Worlds to the point I was able to buy a new NFT from selling TLM. From checking a blockchain explore that seems to just be a display bug with the wallet showing me at such a higher CPU giving me some flashbacks to the EOS days.

When I finally did hit max CPU and had to wait most times it was around 20 mins or so. At that point I was near selling another small pile of TLM for WaxP on an exchange I had heard about called Alcor. For whatever reason, this exchange is not listed in the Wax cloud wallet dApp section itself.

Thankfully they did have another exchange listed under the dApp section of the wallet that deals with Wax NFTs for Alien Worlds called Atomic Hub. There you can buy or sell items with WaxP.

With just a couple of days of playing I was more than able to loot enough TLM and NFTs to sell for WaxP that I was able to stake 3.6 WaxP to the CPU and a smaller amount to the ram to the point I no longer have any issues running out of network resources.

With WaxP not being listed on many exchanges according to Coin Gecko, I found it quite critical to be able to start using Wax and play Alien Worlds for free. Which I have now done so.

Picking A Planet And Land

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One of the first things you do once you select which of the two characters you want to play as in Alien Worlds is pick a planet and which plot of land you want to mine on. The biggest thing to remember is not to stress out about this part as you can switch the planet and the mining spot at any time.

When I first started it took a moment for the game to send me my free character which I picked the Male Human for no real reason. Along with a free standard shovel to get started mining. Until those NFTs showed up in my wax wallet the game was giving me some issue. Once they arrived it was smooth sailing from that point.

There are six planets in total in Alien Worlds: Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri, and Veles. While they all will show their current TLM for mining plots and how fast that TLM is refilling. What you do not know and that is the more important part is how many players are active on a given planet at that time as far as I’m aware.

I recommend you do some testing on all of them with a few mining attempts on each of the six planets. You want to understand when you first start what a good mining range of TLM is for your current tools. Things like time of day and what day of the week have had a heavy impact on me finding things as there are more players during some times than others.

I have found from my personal experience if I’m getting a really low mining TLM amount that I should just change up the planet I’m mining on. While that could be wrong I ended up spending the majority of my first day on one single planet earning .10 TLM or lower. After switching elsewhere I was getting considerably on average a higher rate per mining action.

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As far as picking a plot of land to mine on there are a couple of things I keep in mind. The biggest for me once I had acquired a few more tools was picking a lower owner profit share amount. You will find most are set at 20%. I mine on a few 5% to 8% plots of land.

While there are many reasons why you would pick a higher owner profit share like 20%. That is something you end up working out yourself with the tools you have and what you are trying to obtain later on when you understand the game better.

grass costline on naron in alien worlds.png

Starting I looked for a decent mining base for farming TLM with a lower time multiplier. For me, that needed up being on grass coastline plots of land. Since I had a low level of luck and the chances of getting anything amazing are slim I perfected the more constant earning of TLM which I then sold for WaxP and bought better tools with. So the luck factor of a plot of land was not high on my list to take into consideration.


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The biggest impact for the current development stage the game is in is going to be the tools you have. While the game starts you off with one you can have three pieces of equipment at a time. This means you either have to find or buy others.

While I was hoping to find some tools my first day to speed up my progress that ended up not being the case. I did get some NFts that were however not tools. They were not for much either since they are for part of the game not out yet they at least did sell.

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Each tool itself has a charge time, TLM mining power, NFT luck, and proof of work reduction. The charge time is how long you will have to wait after you mine before you can do so again. The TLM mining power affects how much TLM you could mine. Finally, the NFT luck determines the chances of you finding an NFT item.

The more established players tend to focus on mining TLM or NFts or a balance between the two. To be honest, in my early days I’ll take whatever I can get, but, I am more focused on acquiring a higher TLM amount for now. Almost All the items I have acquired are worth 1 WaxP or just not selling for higher amounts.

The more interesting thing for the later game is the higher-end tools and NFTs. You have different rarities and shines that can play a huge impact on what someone is trying to sell an item for. At the higher end, you have Mythical tools that players are trying to sell for 10k+ WaxP which is in the $440 range. With the higher shimmers going in the many thousands of dollars.

I can already see the allure for wanting to go a luck base build with your different tools hoping to strike it rich. The biggest thing to remember with games like these is you still need a buyer. TLM while the price is slowly going down at least has an active market of buyers. Those higher-end items may never fetch anything near that price unless a collector or whale in the game wants them.


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I have only been playing for a couple of days now but as far as blockchain games go I’m quite happy I’ve at least had a few cents worth of items. You have to remember I started 100% as a free to play player. There are an endless amount of blockchain games out there where you will never see a single cent earned unless you spend big.

Mining in this game is quite simple. You just have to click the mine button. Wait usually a short amount to claim your NFT. Claim it by accepting the transaction with the popup from your wallet. Then wait out your charge time from your tools to repeat.

In my first two days, I looted nothing but the lowest rarity called Abundant. These tend to be items worth in the range of 1 WaxP or lower. From that, the bulk were items for part of the game not even out yet. I was getting things like Grey Peacemakers. Along with what appear to be abundant weapons that would use like Standard Sword, Standard Issue Axe, and a Rock Cudgel.

While it’s hard to say what these items could be worth one day when that part of the game comes out. The fact of the matter was they were an abundant rarity and I preferred just selling them for some WaxP since I needed some better tools. To my shock, people are buying these abundant rarity items for about 1 WaxP any higher amount and I have no such luck or there are other sells on the market offering a lower price.

After I had bought some standard tools from other players my luck slightly increase and the game wanted me to have a few Standard Drills. I sold some in the range of 1.8 to 1.9 WaxP. While nothing amazing with each WaxP being worth around 4 cents. Since Wax is not a blockchain with insane transaction costs you can, in fact, sell lower-priced items and people will buy them.

While I have been saving up for buying some common tools I ended up lucking out and found one of the items I wanted a Power Extractor which goes for around 32 WaxP. While not as lucky as others have been that saved me a couple of days of mining at the very least.

From the TLM and NFTs, I have sold, I have earned around 30 WaxP. While that does not amount to a lot I also did not need to spend heavily on gas fees or go 8 months with zero item sales like I have gone in quite a few blockchain games out there. I also looted that one item worth 32 WaxP as well.

Alien Worlds has an active enough economy that you can sell lower valued items to other players. With it being on Wax there is also nothing cutting into your bottom line to the point that is not worth doing. The Atomic Hub exchange takes only a couple of percent after an item sells for its cut. All in all, I’m rather happy with this part of the game.

Final Thoughts

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I’m willing to admit I have overlooked the Wax blockchain as a whole. They do have a few other games out there listed on the cloud wallet dApps section as well. Some of them I have played in the past that migrated over from EOS.

While Alien Worlds is a simple NFT mining game for now I rather enjoyed it. This is exactly how I would expect and want to see an NFT mining game to be. A mining game where you have an actual chance at finding NFTs without having to break the bank to get into it by paying large sums of money. Acquiring items even if they are not worth much is why people get into games like these.

While it might be interesting to try and get into land ownership they are selling for at least $240 for the lower valued one at this time. Getting a cut of all TLM mined on your land sounds like it could have some decent passive income opportunity. Perhaps that will be a long term goal I have for this game.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Alien Worlds.