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With Holybread a browser RPG on Steem being out for over a week and a half now. I thought I would do a follow up on how I’m fairing. While some things in my tips and tricks Guide will still be holding strong this far into the game.

There are quite a few other things to take note of. Hopefully, everyone has been staying up on their gold shop rolling, questing, spending energy, and unlocking that second hero team slot while fighting it out in the arena. With lots of fun to be had.

Gold Shop

Holybread gold item shop.png

I have been staying on top of re-rolling my gold item shop a couple of times a day with bread. For the most part, my RNG has not been that great. There are however times when I pull a decent item that makes the difference in me being able to float around the top 50 rankings in the arena.

I have been using my free bread from doing the daily quests. You don’t want to over roll the shop to many times per day otherwise anything you do end up finding will have cost more than what you could have spent buying from the player market. While bad RNG could result in things costing way too much. If you are just using your free daily bread there is at least no out of the pocket expense of Hive.

I’ve also been using the gold shop to sell extra items I get that I have no use for. Since most of them don’t have much value. I knew they would not sell to a player above the minimum fees for item sales of ten cents.

Thankfully the item store merchant for me still has over 7k gold to buy items. Since I’ve been doing a decent job of daily re-rolling and buying a couple of items here or there it has kept him stocked with gold. It has ensured he is able to afford any items I find while out questing in the short term. Many other players seem to be struggling with the shop being out of gold.

I have also remained in keeping enough gold on hand before I start rolling that I could buy just about anything I wanted. The only thing I’d have to go out and farm for would be any epic items. With epic items being such a low spawn rate I don’t try and hold enough gold knowing this. Items are starting to creep up in the 3,300 gold range for me with my current level of 28 on my main hero.

Overall I’m happy enough with how I’ve been playing this part of the game. I keep enough gold on hand to fit my needs. I’m slowly building up a little bit of bread for later on in the game when the time comes if I want to buy a hero with it. I’m also not restricting myself to the point it’s holding me back. I won’t be a heavy spender of Hive in this game so I need to ensure I use things efficiently.

Second Hero

Holybread second hero.png

The biggest thing for me since launch was spending my energy and getting enough area fights in to unlock my second team slot within a reasonable amount of time. I even spent $1 rather early on ensuring I would have at least a second hero when I unlocked that slot.

As expected the top people were unlocking their second team slots and going out to get their second hero. They were just cannon fodder for the first couple of days. Many people who ran into them not knowing better didn’t think much of at the time. Many for whatever reason appear to have not acquired there the second hero by now which will start to set them back by every day they don’t.

This morning what use to be cannon fodder for many started to become a slight speed bump. As these second heroes on everyone’s team level and gear up better they will start to play a bigger role. Even more so once the top players start unlocking their third and final team slot for another hero.

In the short term, I’ve not invested to much gold into my second hero which ended up being a warrior. I have been holding onto items for him to wear as he levels up to use. While he has managed once in a blue moon to kill off other people’s second heroes more times than not he gets killed.

This is simply a result of not choosing to roll the shop for items at his lower level. If I get anything amazing that rolled for stats I need I would prefer for it to be a higher level anyways. Soon enough he will be a high enough level for the items I’ve been holding onto for him. Making him a vital role for my team soon enough.

While many players have a switch up their order of heroes in an attempt to mislead players into thinking they have a low-level hero. I’ve kept mine in his second slot going first in battle. If he is able to get a kill this means when he dies my main will get the first hit on the other player's main. Which at the level I’m playing at can be the deciding factor in who won or lost a fight.

Later on, once I have a third hero unlocked I might start to spec each one of my heroes into being a counter to another class. Once they can hold their own weight in combat I can then change their order as per case each time I attack another player for a more favorable outcome.

Main Hero

Holybread main hero.png

With all those resistance he is starting to build up and that massive amount of health he has been able to hold his own decently in a fight. While I only been in the top twenty a couple of times. I have been holding strong around the fifty range depending on how long I’ve been away.

As I’ve stated in my tips and tricks guide my goal is to mostly focus on gaining experience. While many have gone gold hoping to buy a lot of stats for their heroes. Not only will this start to get pricy but the higher level you are the more gold you could get from a quest. So when I need to take gold quests over experience it’s better than what the lower levels will get.

At this point in time, my next intelligence point will cost 534 gold. While some of my other stats such as luck are a bit cheaper. I’ve been keeping things rather even for the time being. Since I’ve seen a decent mix of mages, warriors, and rangers I’ve not had the desire to spec my mage to counter mostly one over the other classes. While it is more costly going mixed stats he is my main and has to do a lot of carrying for the time being.

I had a lot of fun in the first couple of days of almost one-shotting other players with the mage every time I fell drastically in the ranking. There were some days where I would wake up and be down fifty or so ranks. While I might have lost a lot of battles at times. Those around me have so your own rank goes down as others jump ahead of you.

Since I’m not spending to have heroes that grant team buffs such as health or damage I do expect at some point the area will become quite the struggle for me to stay in the top one hundred. For now, you have a lot of people still trying to work out how they want to go about gearing and leveling up heroes. Along with the game economy not being old enough yet were a bunch of people have looted an epic or better hero from questing or buying them off the recruiting market.

Sales And Purchase

Holybread player market.png

With this being a blockchain game many I’m sure are wondering how much I’ve spent vs what I’ve made so far. While it has been a rather short amount of time I did make a little bit of profit along with buying one thing I did not want to be left without.

I ended up selling 1 million breadcrumbs while still holding onto a large amount for future use. While it is a bit early to have a full understanding of the future value these could have since the developers are still working out the details of that on their end. I ended selling a portion of my holding. A part of appears to have been bought during the buyback period. The remainder I had was purchased afterword.

Holybread sales.png

I was hoping to get more than the 30 Hive I ended up getting from selling my breadcrumbs. I expected a large portion of people to want to speculate by holding or just not know there would be a buy-back every week yet. Others where fire selling there’s to some larger buyers that appear to want to control or have some influence when the buybacks happen.

Since I peaked in the first couple days into the top 20 in the arena and been hanging out around rank fifty. I’m aware the number of breadcrumbs I had was going be rather small compared to what the top twenty if they could hold those spots, would bring in. Some of them have been able to hold strong. While others who were in the top five have faded off the radar entirely.

Either way, I like to take a little bit of early profit if I can in a blockchain game. This leaves me with a bit of a budget and keeps my spending in check. It can be quite easy to overspend and not be able to recover for a long time if ever in any kind of game like this. There is also a fun factor to take into account that holds a certain value as well.

Holybread items for sale.png

I have placed a number of items up for sale. None of them have sold. I first tried at $1 and then kept lowering my price. At this point, those items are way outdated and the minimum fees for an item sell would more than likely exceed what they are actually worth these days.

Some players went heavy spending in the player market in the first couple of days. I held back knowing those items would become quite outdated rather fast. I expect to see mid to late game become a great place for selling and making a profit off items. As players will be wanting items that will last them more than a couple of hours.

As far as buying, I knew within the first week I would need a second hero. I did not want to leave it up to chance that I would loot one from questing. I did end up getting a hero from questing and his bonus was for gold and not very good either. I’m glad I did not wait.

So I pulled the trigger and purchased a warrior for $1 with just the standard damage bonus. While I might have overpaid slightly compared to current market prices. My biggest fear was a bunch of players all realizing at the same time they needed a second hero. While you can pay bread to buy better heroes than most are selling in the player market. Those are rather limited in supply.

Overall I’m currently up in Holybread as far as Hivegoes. I will more than likely use profits made from this game to reinvest in and purchase Premium when the time comes for $9.99. This will also give me some needed bread that I am expecting to use later on in the game. At this time with Hive rising in price as it has been over the past few days. I’ve not wanted to spend much of it until the markets are more stable.

Final Thoughts

holybread mage chest.png

Outside of some lag issues during peak hours and the game developer addressing it over the last day by making some changes to their server. The overall experience has been enjoyable and I’m still having fun playing Holybread. You can also expect there to be some issues when a game is this new.

A special thanks to everyone that has been sharing links to my tips and tricks guide or review on Twitter, Discord, and elsewhere. It’s great to see so many enjoying this game and my content around it. This helps me gauge further interest in this game.

Have fun and I hope to see you in the arena!

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about the game Holybread (none-referral).

My Holybread referral link. I get some bonus bread when you buy bread if you sign up using my referral.