Taking A Look At Crypto Brewmaster

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Crypto Brewmaster is a game played on the Hive blockchain that is currently in the alpha stage of development. You get to brew beer using several different ingredients that are traditional in the brewing process. Afterword the player gets to sell it for coins if they choose.

With this game being in alpha it is a quite minimum viable product with just the basics currently working and a fair bit of UI. There are a lot of buildings and other features that will be coming in the future as the game is developed further. One such up and the coming feature will be a market place.

Brewing Some Beer

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For the player to be able to brew some beer they will need to collect 5 different ingredients and combine them at the brewhouse. There are a couple of different ways for the player to be able to acquire ingredient cards at this time. The quality of the ingredient plays a major factor in the outcome of the beer and its value itself.

There is a free way for the player to acquire ingredient cards activity in-game. Players can hop on over to the Pub building and take a look at the bulletin board. The player can take on daily quests at the cost of energy and time. Some take only take 10 minutes while others can be almost an hour long. You are limited to do one quest at a time.

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Another option is to simply buy brewing supplies with Hive Back Dollars (HBD) from the shop. The shop itself works off the principle of increasing cost and the number of items purchased in a given week. Where the first purchase you make is 99 cents and then it increases from there till it resets for the week.

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As far as the ingredient cards themselves to brew a single beer you will need to collect barley, hops, yeast, water, and a fermentable like malt. These can come in different kinds of rarities and types to affect things like alcohol by volume, international bitterness unit, taste, and ultimately the price.

It will be interesting to see moving forward all the different kinds of beers and who knows what else you will be able to brew. For the moment you only have the recipe for European Lager. There are also quite a lot of unknown stats that are not currently giving much information on what they are doing for the overall beer when brewing one.

In-Game Coins

Crypto Brewmaster beer trading.png

You can earn coins in-game that can be transferred to others or used to purchase beer. For the moment there is not much to this part of the game.

For selling you simply go over to the pub and click on the cash register. From there you can click on any beer you have available to sell and the price that is being offered. I get around 15 coins per beer so far.

If you want to buy a beer you just click on the bartender in the pub and you can buy some for around 3 coins. Drinking beer yields beer energy over 30 minutes.

To be able to transfer coins to others you do need to have a minimum of 1k coins and use Keychain to sign the transaction on the Hive blockchain. For now, I’ll be holding onto any coins I acquire to see what further things you will be able to buy using them in the future.

Final Thoughts

While the game is in quite an early alpha it looks like they have quite a few features planned. The game's main screen itself has another six buildings that are to be unlocked at some point. The pub is going to include mini-games and a leaderboard. Finally, the brewhouse itself has some hints that you will be able to get more details and upgrade it at a later date in time. Which is great as it takes a few hours to make a single beer at this time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from the game Crypto Brew Master (referral link with a bonus for sighing up)

Discloser: This game was in alpha at the time of writing this.