Taking A Look At Ocean Planet

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Ocean Planet is an adventure game on the Hive blockchain that is currently in alpha. This was a game I bought a character for and a ship modular a while ago. With the rolling out of quite a few updates, I thought it was time to get around to checking it out.

The game has a little bit of a Waterworld feeling to it with the post-apocalyptic setting it is in. You can move around the map on a ship with the main town being a floating city. There are also many sites that you can mine at. Some of these are freely open to use and others require buying a pass.

game travel.png

Traveling between different locations takes real-world time. Thankfully these times are not overly long so you can take a short break and come back and you should be in the area you wanted to be in. The game does allow you to spend what looks like giant shrimps to speed up traveling.

game map.jpg

As someone who has not bought the citizenship pass three are two sites I’m allowed to enter and go mining in. You have a Market that features a sunken market. Along with Boxship wish is a sunken cargo ship. While some of the loot tables appear to overlap so far there are a couple of items that I only seem to get at one or the other.


Mining itself is quite a simple process. It does take some time depending on how much you are willing to spend on the game. Mining I feel highlights how microtransactions work in this game. While many of the actives are free in the game to do. You can buy a bunch of different items to boost results or decrease the time spent doing them.

For instance, once your hook has reached the bottom of the ocean and collected dirt to search you can pay to instantly bring it to the surface or wait a short amount of time. In addition, there are a bunch of items you can buy in the shop that can help you bring up less dirt to uncover for items or even increase the payload you bring to the surface to search.

Glory Waters.jpg

When you are not off on an adventure there is a large city you can dock in called Glory Waters. In the city, you can sell off what you have found while mining to NPCs or list it on a player auction. You can also visit your home where you can modify your ship and perform other actions depending on what items you have purchased out of the microtransaction store.

The majority of the NPCs in Glory Waters don’t want much to do with me for now. Some of them will allow me to sell items for very low rates. While others I’m not sure if I need to buy an item or if a future game update will bring more options to choose from when interacting with them.

Final Thoughts

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Seems like an interesting game and for it being in alpha there is a decent amount of things already to do. From the different locations on the map, there seems like a lot of planning for them that will be coming to this game. Just keep in mind most things deepening on what you want to do in this game will require buying or acquiring an item to do so. There is even a “broker’s license” in the store to have the right to withdraw any game currency you acquire.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Ocean Planet.

Consider using my referral link if you are going to check out the game.

Disclosure: This game is in Alpha.