Taking A Look At Endless Siege

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Endless Siege is a tower defense game on Wax. Each day there is a new map where players set up their defense with four different types to keep the enemy NPCs from depleting your health. You spend coins from kills to upgrade towers or place more down. At wave 15 you can reset or pay Wax if you wish to continue as an entry into the daily tournament.

There are a couple of different elements this game has going for itself that I rather enjoy. If you are a hardcore tower defense enthusiast you might not be so happy there are only four different towers to place. Outside of that, the game is easy to understand but hard if you want to be one of the top daily players.

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So far the couple of times I have checked in on this game the daily map has been different. That to me is the biggest factor this game has going for it. The replayability for this game is going to be huge. With each new map, you will have to think about what the best choke points are and how you want to set up your towers.

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The game has three damaged towers and one slowing tower. Each one has a different range and damage amount they cause. Some of the towers are more suited for single damage while others have an area of effect. As you increase the level of the tower with gold you get from kills it increases the range and the damage they cause among other stats.

You can even change the rules of the towers each individually. They can target the first or last monster. Along with if they should be focusing on the strongest or the weakest. Depending on the type of damage the tower is doing this allows the player the ability to have each tower focus on what they deem is the best target for it.

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Up till this point, you might be wondering where the “blockchain” part comes into. That has to do with tournaments. Once you have reached wave 15 to keep going you have to pay an entry fee of 25 Wax to enter into the daily tournament.

At the end of your run, your score and some other information get sent to the wax blockchain. The leaderboard page shows rank, points scored, wallet name, and transaction tx so you can see for yourself.

The game also lets you see the top 3 players' game from the prevue day. So you can watch and see what they did to reach the winning scores they did. I have to say some of them make strange choices.

All the top players choose to play in manual wave mode. This allows you to decide up to a certain point when to trigger the next wave. This allows them to flood the map with lots of monsters that they then create choke points that they kill them in.

The biggest issue I can see with the daily tournament and why I have not chosen to enter is simply not enough players. The same couple of people seem to always win the top slots. You only have 7 to 10 players entering them daily. While it pays out to the 15th slot only the top three are taking home a profit from what I have seen.

Final Thoughts

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I like how they are using contracts on the Wax blockchain to handle tournaments and showcase the results. Between accepting entry fees and sending out the rewards to the players. It seems like a smart way to use a blockchain. Not every single button click in a game needs to be broadcasted to a blockchain and this game showcases that.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Endless Siege.