DrugWars.io | Some Suggestions I have

With today's outage I had some thoughts on things that could be quality of life changes to just some fun stuff to see in the future. These are just some suggestions I have.

Maintenance Mode

Have a maintenance mode your staff can enable when something massive goes wrong.

  • Any players trying access the game or are currently playing from the website are greeted with a “The game is currently in maintenance page. Please visit our discord at URL or our twitter at URL to find out the latest news.

  • This prevents players who are using the website from playing the game that could result in them losing resources, units, and Steem due to whatever issue is going on. Resulting in you need to do tens to thousands of manual refunds.

  • Players are also protected from being attack. That way for any of the crafty folks who don’t need the front end website to send off custom json they can’t go around farming all the players.

Early Access Game

Make it more apparent in-game that this product is in early access (EA) with a page that goes on to inform the player what that means. Many will not be gamers who understand what that even means or have tested EA products before.

  • Massive game changes can occur during EA development of a game.
  • Stats, costs, and production amounts may change.
  • You are helping test for bugs and game breaking features/balancing issues.
  • Crashing and prolonged downtimes can occur.


increase travel to and from other players for combat. A single player being able to attack 50+ times within an hour with the same units is way too much.

Ideally, players would have a location and the further they were away from each other the longer it takes. This way it takes longer for older players to attack new players just starting out. This would require some relocation of dead accounts and moving everyone active closer every so often.

  • You could even have different zones the player could choose to relocate to once a month.
  • At the very least it should be a couple mins to less than an hour to attack.


Allow players to make custom player made gangs.

  • Gang members cannot attack each other.
  • The gang leader sets a custom tax rate of resources that the players pay from 0% up to 100% to the gang.
  • Gang members can donate to the gang if that member is not under attack.
  • Gang leader and higher ranking Enforce within it can spend resource for gang perks. Higher production levels, quicker building, faster unit training for members. Along with being able to increase defenses for members.

Player Protection

Some kind of feature to allow players to take a break from the game and not lose everything from time to time. It’s just a game people lives should not be consumed by it.

Witness Protection

After a player has been ransacked “baldy” a few times within 24 hours they have snitched and gone into witness protection for up to 11 hours. This can only be triggered once every 36 hours.

  • They become protected and can gather resources, making upgrades and train units without being attacked.
  • Any attacks that were underway prior to Witness Protection will still land and do any damage.
  • If they choose to attack they can leave witness protection but it cannot be triggered again for 36 hours.
  • They cannot contribute further to bank heist while in this protection.
  • Anyone caught trying abuse this with alts or by spamming low attacks to trigger this will be banned from all protection programs.
  • There should also be a point where you are considered “middle to end game” and no longer qualify for this kind of protection.

Mafia Protection

One every day for 4-8 hours the player can enter Mafia Protection.

  • They loss 20% production while under this protection to pay for it.
  • They cannot attack, train units, or make further building upgrades.
  • They cannot contribute further to bank heist while in this protection.
  • Any attacks prior to enabling Mafia Protection will stand land otherwise they cannot be attacked.

This is basicity a quality of life. Get away from the game and all your stuff will be fine.

Escaped Aboard

Twice a year the player can enter a vacation mode that lasts up to one week each time.

  • They do not gain any resources, and they cannot start anymore upgrades, training, and so forth.
  • They cannot contribute further to bank heist while in this protection.
  • Any attacks prior to enabling this will still land.
  • The player can choose to exit this vacation mode early it will however still consume an entire use regardless of how long they had it enabled.

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Screenshots and content are written by @enjar. Screenshots are from the game DrugWars.io.

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