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This is an extension of my main index and includes browser and mobile style of games. This section was originally cut just to make the main index small enough to post as it was nearing maximum character count for a post. I’ve decided to bring it back with its own page since I have a couple of entries to add and expect to see it grow a little bit into 2020.

I don’t usually play a lot of these types of games. I do on occasion enjoy a nice break from everything else and explore how this market is developing even more so the mobile side of things. Mobile gaming is a very huge and growing market. I do hope in the future it matures a bit and we start seeing a lot deeper and less giant cash grabs.

Back in the day for a couple of years, I use to be into browser games for a period of my life. It was usually focused around city builders and having a massive build-up until wars broke out between factions on the map. There was always something rather fun about spending months to try and beat everyone else around you in an arms race with massive showdowns of power to see who would win out and capture major points of interest for resources.

Table Of Contents

  • Fallout Shelter (mobile, pc)
  • Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming (browser, mobile, pc)
  • Ogame (browser)
  • Oregon Trail (browser)
  • Pendoria (browser)
  • Raid Shadow Legends (mobile, pc)

Fallout Shelter


Recommend: Yes

Fallout Shelter is one of those games you can play just a couple of minutes when you are just bored and need to kill some time. I wrote a review taking a look at many of the different aspects the game has to offer from the different rooms that make up your vault to going out into the Waste Lands.

Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming


Recommend: Yes/Maybe

If you did not have enough of the show there was a browser game made around it although their desktop client runs much better. Most kingdoms are ruled by an iron fist and even the longest holdouts take the knee in the end. The game can be quite addicting with its endless things to keep up with and the kingdom’s politics between players.

I take a look at many different elements in the game. Things like joining an alliance which is almost a must to combat and so much more.

While some end up spending enough racks of cash to build an actual castle. I focused on being just a budget player. I kick some butt and remained one of the top players for a decent amount of time. Games like these are created to carter to a few different spending ranges and I took advantage of it.



Recommend: Yes

A classics browser game that still has a cult following even to do this day. There are a few servers to play on and they add new ones every so often to keep it fresh. You have resource gathering, building, pvp, and exploration among many other things to spend hours playing away.

Oregon Trail


Recommend: Yes

I take a look at a couple of different versions Oregon Trails has come out as over the years. From the 1990s to the 1975’s. This is one of those games that has continued to evolve over time while still maintaining its roots. No matter what you do don’t die from dysentery!

Nowadays quite a few versions can be played from a browser. Which is why it’s included in this section.


Pendoria battle.png

Recommend: Yes

Pendoria is a persistent browser-based game where the player can run certain amounts of actions before needing to active again. Along the way, you can perform main and secondary actions, sell the goods you gather to other players, increase your boosts, and the number of actions you can perform among other things.

Raid Shadow Legends

raid shadow legends bastion.jpg

Recommend: Maybe

This game has a heavy focus around collecting champions that you level, gear, and improve in other ways. You then send them off in teams in the campaign, dungeons, raids and elsewhere to battle it out. They are also active in adding in a few updates per year along with a lot of new champions to collect from time to time.

While I’m not that thrilled with the microtransaction in this one I am least happy they give you enough energy for a casual player to play a fair amount each day and be able o enjoy the game. It was at least able to keep my attention for a few weeks as a free to play player.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar as an extension of my main index. Screenshots are from each of the individual games they are listed under. The cover image is from Raid Shadow Legends.