Taking A Look At 0xwarriors


While this game could have potential on the Wax blockchain it’s flat out not recommended by me before I even get any further into this. You might have never heard about this blockchain game and there are many good reasons why. I can’t decide what I’m more disappointed by the $500 and higher microtransaction or the horrible choice for a Wax wallet that I could not get to work. Don’t you worry though they have a bunch of other cryptocurrency wallets they accept as well to segregate the game's economy even further.


Wax market.png

0xwarriors is made by a company called OxGames and they have not been doing so well for a while now. They in my opinion tried to releases too many games without following through on any. Call it bad luck if you will or just biting off too much to chew. Between issues with ETH and EOS, they got slammed quite hard into the ground on a few different blockchains.

About a year ago they from my understanding they announced to integrate two of their games on EOS with Wax. This game has over 11 wallets in over 6 different cryptocurrencies integrated into their game. Creating quite the segregated market between players with their items being based on the blockchain wallet they acquired them under.

EOS with the massive CPU issues they were having for what felt like an eternity it only makes sense that the company tried to find a solution to allow players to keep playing or to find a new marketplace of fresh blood to get into overpaying in their cash shop.

I had the displeasure of trying to use the Scatter wallet back when I played some EOS games (not including this one). When I found out this game was on Wax I had high hopes the wallet would be what most games are using on Wax these days the cloud wallet. After over an hour of frustration and little working information on the internet. My Scatter EOS wallet still won’t accept Wax transactions. Perhaps they will add in a better wallet in the future I won’t hold my breath though.

After checking out a couple of sites to see how active the Wax player base is on this game I was not shocked to find 0 players, 0 transactions. In-game there was only one person selling something on the Wax marketplace. If I wanted to buy items from another player I would have to do it on ETH, EOS, NEO, Matrix, or other blockchains.

Microtransaction And Shop Of Insanity


What a guaranteed epic item out of a loot box? That be $200. Is that a little rich for you? Don’t worry for $50 you could get 3 common items out of the cheapest loot box. Are any of these loot boxes worth it? Without opening a single one I can say with a resounding NO.

How much are Epic items selling for on a more active marketplace like on the EOS market in this game? Between 1 EOS to 20 is the bulk of the epic items. Forget spending $200 for at least 1 epic you could just buy one for as low as $2.75 at the current rate of writing this post.

This game is also about selling an overpriced solution to a problem all players have to deal with. When one of your heroes gets defeated during battel afterword’s they get a random roll to determine if they survived or are permanently dead. Don’t worry though for only $500 you can get a premium undead warrior that is already dead. Talk about insanity.

Pay to win such as this game is brutal when you run into a spender and half your team is permanently killed. Handing you a massive setback of needing to level a fresh hero from level 1 and hoping the RNG gods bless you with the skills you want as you level it up.

WTF Is Even Going On?

Picking your team.png

When you first start up this game you might just wonder WTF is even going on? The above situation is something you first deal with once you get into this game. No explanation and good luck finding much if anything about this game online when you scratch your head in confusion.

Heaven forbid you to start pressing any of the buttons on the screen trying to work things out it just makes things even more confusing. This game could have used a 2 min tutorial to explain things. It’s not that bad and I can even admire it once you realize how it’s displaying everything you need to know.

The ship at the bottom displays your current team. The left and right buttons take you to empty ships where you can have other teams ready to go or make a new one. Which if you take heavy losses and need to level up a bunch of lower-level heroes that might be the best thing to do. I also assume it is great for dealing with the long queues though I did not test that.

You also have the reserve slots and best I can tell they are used in tournaments. They are not used in the pvp battle with other players. They do replace any team member that dies after the battle is over. I don’t like having reserve you can’t set it up in a way to replace depending on what type of hero got killed.

You also have above the boat on the dock. There you can spawn in a new level, one hero. They come randomly with a weapon and a chest piece but nothing else. You will need them and thankfully this game does not charge you when a hero gets killed. As many of your heroes will get killed or as you level them up they simply did not get the skills you wanted and end up trying again with another hero.

Hero skill screen.png

Each time your hero levels up they get some free points and a skill to learn. You get to choose between a couple of different skills each time. Many times you don’t end up with something useful for what you are going for. Many of the skills are item-specific it is easy to mess up your characters build for those who have not played an rpg before and have some basic understanding of weapons, damage types, and stats. All of which would have been nice for the game to explain to the player.


pvp match.png

This is a pvp game and without a wide pool of players, many of the different modes seem to be rather mute. Not to mention when a spender logs in with his insane gear who instants all the battles you will keep facing them over and over again till your entire team is dead.

While the game tries to place you vs people you should have a chance at. The fact of the matter is I’m currently ranked 57th out of 101 players by score. That was only after a couple of hours playing. The player base is quite small from what I can tell.

This game has a laddered arena where they offer you a higher experience for entering it. Since all but one of the four people who enter it are going to lose that is quite a high risk for just a bit more experience. You can also sit there forever waiting for a suitable opponent. While you do so that team is locked out of other pvp options while waiting. With the lack of a player, I’m going to guess people wait in queue for quite some time.

They also have a paid tournament that cost $5 or a tournament token to enter. If you had issues finding 4 players needing 8 players that are considered suitable for your level is going to be a long wait. At least here the winner gets a common chest you know the ones that cost $50. The downside is if you are playing on ETH that 5$ item purchase is going to cost you who knows how much more in gas to accept it. I would not be shocked if there are days where the gas costs far more than the darn chest if you won. At least they have many other wallet options.

pvp battle.png

You also just have the normal pvp option. For a while, as a newer player, I was on quite the roll. I had a decent team formed around the skills I was given and it was rare for a single one of my heroes to get knocked out.

That however did not last long. One of my damage dealers with the bow got killed by a very well geared team. Next match or the one after my magic damage dealer got killed. This left my team and winning selection of skills without enough dps to carry on for much longer. Once my main tank died well that was the most painful of them all setbacks he saved our butts many times.

I had on my damage dealers a skill that gave them a chance to select the “best” target. With battles being automated you don’t just get to select who to attack it picks for you. It was why I won so many battles as my damage dealers would kill the other damage dealers first.

Meanwhile, most of the lower players I faced did not have that skill it seemed. Everyone would just attack one of the two tanky heroes I put upfront. One of them I was able to due to skill selection remove any chance of it getting killed as a roll option for when it was a lower level. The other was a brick house that just tanked like a boss.

Final Thoughts

hero got killed.png

Perhaps one day my opinion will change on this game. I was at least hoping I could have gotten some NFTs on Wax for this game but since the only wallet option they have is not working for me. Not to mention the insane prices if you are going to buy a loot box for what you get my chances are not looking good.

It also looks like the last “major” development for this game was a year ago when they integrated Wax wallet into this game. The discord link for this game where there is supposed to be a “player base” is just in fact to one of their other game's discords. There are no chat rooms for 0xwarriors in there with the only chat about this game are players asking for refunds. What a disappointment.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from 0xwarriors.