Entropia Universe | Was 2022 Merry Mayhem Worth It For Me

I have some good news and some not-so-great news when pouring over all the final numbers for how I did during the Merry Mayhem Christmas event in Entropia Universe. Some of the results that I’ve never tracked before even shocked me. While other things I always do keep track of were a bit of a disappointment.

I had quite a few goals or wishes I was looking to accomplish during this event:

  • Unlock Butchering skill
  • Unlock Entropia Universe
  • Unlock combat Sense
  • Loot (L) armor or weapons.
  • Loot Rare Mayhem Token
  • Loot Entropia Unreal token
  • Have a 93.6% TT return or better
  • Say within a $400 (4,000 PED) budget of PED liquidity
  • Complete All 10 stages of the Silver Merry Mayhem Annihilation mission event
  • Complete all 25 levels of the Merry Mayhem Creations
  • Try Out Free For All Instance
  • Complete Merry Mayhem Jul Snarg Hunt Mission
  • Create a few different pieces of content
  • Increase my skills to use an Armatrix LR-45 (L) at max

While that sounds like a lot of things to do the Merry Mayhem event takes place over 41 days. It started almost right after the Thanksgiving event ended and ends in January. This gave me a lot of time as long as I followed a certain pace so that I could complete at least most of these goals. Other things on the other hand would be a bit more luck base.

An easy one to say I completed decently early on was running the Merry Mayhem Jul Snarg Hunt mission. I even wrote up a guide regarding it which content-wise is what I wanted to do

I even lucked out quite early on looting a Entropia Unreal Token They however are not expected to be worth much just having one of them with how many are expected to drop between this event and next year. I also only looted a single one of them despite how quickly I got my first one.

I however yet again did not loot a single Rare Mayhem token. That is a bit disappointing to have entered as many Mayhem events as I have this year without getting a single one. They are quite rare and I’m starting to understand just how rare.

I did at least loot a lot of normal Mayhem tokens. They however can’t be directly traded and I’ll be going over more on them in a later section down below.

I even went out and gave the Free For All instance where you need to loot Mayhem Star tokens that you can either turn in yourself or attempt to sell them. It was not my thing and unless you looted the top-end Mayhem Star they were not selling for much.

I wish I could say I lucked out and remained within my budget of 4k of PED ($400) liquidity spent or less. Towards the end, I had some horrible hunts and decided I was close enough to complete a lot of things I was willing to spend another ~$100.

In the end, I was out 5,568.81 PED of liquidity before including markup on guns-- ouch. I cycled approximately 54,058.43 PED worth of ammo, armor decay, and gun decay.

used guns and gun amps.jpg

I broke a lot of guns and gun amps. Thankfully I had a nice little stockpile to get started that lasted me a couple of days. I also lucked out and found a shop owner who kept their shelves full for the entire duration of this event.

While that shop did increase their rates the further we went into the event. It was below the at the time current market rates and what other shopping were selling guns for. I ended up saving some money by taking advantage of those deals and being able to switch out to different guns depending on the daily markup for them.

As far as my returns however I was at 89.69% TT return. Even if I had kept at the return I was hoping for of 93.6% I would still have been over budget by a decent amount. I did have as many high-scoring point sessions as I was hoping to have. I don’t quite recall if I even got a 2,500-point kill which I had several of them during the Halloween event. The Merry Mayhem event also required twice as many points.

The good news is I’m not down -5,568.81 of value in total. I am however in a liquidity squeeze as that is a lot to be down in liquidity. There are a lot of things not taken into account just yet. They quite surpass my losses.

The good news is I did end up completing all 10 stages of the Silver Merry Mayhem Annihilation mission. Each stage rewarded different things for doing so. Some of them I was able to use during the event and other stuff I’ll be holding onto.

Each completed stage reward me with 53.20 PED of Universal Ammo. Since my guns can use that kind of ammo I cycled through it. This ended up being 532 PED of extra value which reduces my losses to 5036.81.

Each mission stage also rewarded varying different amounts of normal Mayhem tokens. In total from just that mission type alone I ended up getting 1,540 Mayhem tokens. While these are not directly tradeable they can be turned into items that are. On a conservative level, people seem to value them at around .6 PED each. So I got 924 PED of these tokens just from this. Reducing my losses to -4,112.81 PED.

In addition, I looted from the daily missions and killing of creatures an additional 1,292 tokens. Those would be worth around 775.2 PED reducing my losses to -3,337.61 PED.

I also gained 1.3 PED of Stamina from the mission. This stuff is ultra-rare to obtain. If I’m not mistaken you can’t even extract to sell it either. So since there is no way of extracting it to sell I can’t include it in reducing my losses.

There were also things like Extra Chewy Skumtomte that can be consumed for buffs. No hard value but I’m sure I’ll use them one day.

The mission also rewarded me with Bonus Merry Creature Codex progress. I won’t be adding value here for it. It did help me again on several codex levels. This saved me several extra days I would have otherwise needed to grind to finish level 25 on the codex.

Silver rewards wearing.jpg

Finally, I also looted some from the mission and some other items. These include Silver Jolly Christmas Mittens, Silver Christmas Tuxedo, and Cuddly Silver Tezlapod Toy. Those combined have a value of around 133.34 PED reducing my losses to -3,204.27 PED.

It is also strange they did not include pants as the reward. My guy looks like some kind of serial killer holding a gun with Christmas clothing on and no pants!

As far as the Entropia Unreal token I looted most seem to be valuing it at around 10 PED. While they can’t be traded yet at some point they will be. So I’ll value it at 10 for now reducing my losses to -3,194.27.

xmas boxs opening.png

I also looted quite a lot of Christmas Strongboxes. Of the Strongboxes I opened I did not loot anything with markup that I would be attempting to sell which such. That also means I did not get the Christmas Ring 2022 which is going for over 25,000 PED. It was well worth a chance to try and loot one but I did not. That would have more than covered everything a few times over.

Instead, I mostly got the usual stuff or things like snowballs. Snowballs have no markup from the best I could tell since they are consumable and people get so many of them. These boxes also cost $1 USD to open each for 10 PED of TT of items before markup.

I will more than likely be selling my remaining Christmas Strongboxes. The value of the ring from them keeps going up over time. I could also use the PED a lot more than spending further money hoping to get lucky with a ring that I’ll never see.

I have 523 Christmas Strongboxes. They seem to be a value for now of around 1.5-1.7 PED each on the auction house. If I go on the lower side that should be 784.5 PED reducing my losses to -2,409.77.

Next, up there is all the remaining markup or value of what I looted. I did not loot any (L) armor or weapons which tend to have a lot of markups which is a bit of a shame. I did however loot a lot of shrapnel that I can convert into ammo for 101% markup and many Output amplifiers that go for 148-154%.

Calculating for those items which have all been sold or converted into ammo for their value. I gained an extra 477.33 PED reducing my losses to -1,932.44. I am rather shocked at how low in value that ended up being.

There are some things however I had to TT since everyone is looting insane amounts of them like Wool that it’s not worth anything at this time and I could not afford to hold onto. I’ve also had a lot of issues selling wool even when an event like this is going on so I did not feel it would be worth the auction house costs to sell after the first few stacks of it failed to sell.

Even after all that -1,932.44 PED sounds like a horrible loss. It would put me at a 96.42% return. It also oddly enough would have put me into slight profit if I would have gotten the long-term return rate I should be getting before I included all the markup and value of items.

This also means that just looting a single Rare Mayhem token which I did not get would have not only covered my losses from this event but several other Mayhems I did throughout the year. If only but that is not the case.

Thankfully all of this yet again pale in comparison to the real star of this event. Skill gains and holy spokes am I glad I decided to write down my starting skill totals before I got underway on this event. I also did consume all my 100% skill boosts and the 30% skill boosts I had remaining. With only the final moments of me not having a skill gain boost going.

From completing all 25 codex levels of the Merry Mayhem creatures I gained 222.0183 PED of skills in total. I earned a lot of important skills I was looking to get like anatomy, perception, alertness, and dexterity. If I wanted to buy those skills from other players it would have an approximant cost of 3,127.82 PED to do.

Now when dealing with skills you do get to take them with a bit of grain of salt. If I were to sell these skills I would not have 3,127.82 PED of profit as you lose some in extracting and you need an ESI (Empty Skill Implant) which cost insane amounts.

That skill value does however flip my loss into a win. -1,932.44 PED loss turns into 1,195.38 PED worth of value account increase. It is also kind of mind-blowing just how much those skills would have covered total losses if nothing else had any value.

That is however not the end of the story. As I kept track of 24 separate skills that I was going through during this event. If I take out the skill gains I got from codex the remaining skill gains I got just from hunting is 516.41 PED. Calculating what those skills are worth is 5,970.84 PED approximately on auction. Putting me up account-wise to 7,166.22 PED in value but with a very large asterisk next to it.

You can also now start to see the major downside to these kinds of events. I have a lot of liquidity now tied up from running in multiple of these events: tokens, skill gains, and strongboxes.

The skill gains for me are at least worth it. Even more so with the unlocks I got during this event alone from certain professions hitting the right milestones to unlock.

During this event, I hit level 30 Animal Looter profession. This gave me the skill unlock Butchering which contributes 10% towards the Animal Loot Profession. This skyrocket my looting profession by a further 2 levels by the time I was done with the event since I gained 764 levels in butchering.

At level 30 Looter profession I also unlocked Xenobiology. While it contributes 2% I did not gain any other than the first level of it from hunting. It’s a science skill and I’m not quite sure what I’d need to grind to increase it.

I also unlocked Combat Sense for reaching level 50 in a hit profession. Since I was not behind in the hit profession it’s not that useful to me for now. Skill unlocks are however nice to have.


At least due to all these skill increases, I did increase my weapon professions high enough to go from an Armatrix LR-40 (L) gun to an Armatrix LR-45 (L). I won’t always be hunting with that high of a level of a gun. It is however quite nice to have for high-health regen creatures and some bigger hunts I enjoy from time to time.

total global.png

I also broke some of my records from biggest kills to most globals I’ve gotten hunting on a single day let over my entire time of playing Entropia regarding a single creature. Atrox use to be my highest number both globals and biggest loot. While Atrox still holds my record for the biggest loot on. Merry mayhem has passed it in total globals.

Even with the 83 globals on Merry Annihilation Daikiba it still was not enough to turn this around for a better run. I would have thought with that many globals I’d have gotten something huge.

7th highest looted.png

While I did get a 372 PED kill that ended up being my 7th highest by TT value looted creature since I’ve been playing. With how much I was below my target returns I was hoping I’d get something much bigger than that. No 3k, 4k, or 10k globals for me this time like many others have gotten. Perhaps next time.

Final Thoughts


While it did not go as great as I would have liked. At least I finished off both the codex and silver mission for some insane rewards. This has done a lot to grow my account even though I’m down a fair bit in liquidity. I see many mining sessions in my future to try and recover from this.

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