Entropia Universe | 2022 Mini Mayhem Thanks Argonaut Giving Event

This Mini Mayhem event is underway for a short time in Entropia Universe running from November 24th to Monday the 28th. This format of mayhem is something they recently have been testing around with. It gives players a short opportunity to collect some Mayhem Tokens.

I skipped the first Mini Mayhem that was back a couple of months ago on Crystal palace. I just did not want to deal with hunting in domes with a lot of higher-level players. This Mini Mayhem however they have a lot of spawn locations to hunt Argonauts at.

At least from what I’ve gathered from the event announcement there are at least 7 locations. After scouting some out they seem to cover every maturity of Argonaut from Grunt to Agrash. There is over a 17k health difference in creature heath.

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An event like this will mostly be for people looking to farm for Mayhem Tokens both the normal drop and rare. How massive an event like this tends to draw in a very large amount of the population. I talk a bit more about these tokens in a prevues Mayhem event on why they have been so sought after.

From my best understanding, these Mini Mayhem events don’t drop any other Mayhem loot. I know for sure you do not get any boxes from these. There are also no special Mayhem missions.

Argonaut codex.jpg

While picking up some tokens would be nice. I see this as a great opportunity to grind up my Argonaut codex. Back in the day, I did a lot of the iron missions (before they were removed) for Argonaut back before they had Codex so this is something I’m lacking.

One nice thing about this event is it seems to cover every hunting level as far as a player is concerned. You have the puny with 30 health which someone playing for a couple of weeks should have no issue with.

Elite maturities start at the 1,220 health range and go up to 2,250 ranges that many solo players like me will be farming for our codex and some drops.

Then you have the massive group kill areas that are just filled with things like Rarkash that start at 6.3k health and as far as I could find Leumed that have almost 15k health. There is also a chance for Argrash to spawn in those higher levels unless I’m mistaken as well that get over 17k health.

Cape Corinth Great For Low-Level Players For This Event

cape corinth.jpg

In a lot of events like these newer players can usually luck out finding something to hunt by checking Cape Corinth. You then fly northeast or head into the building and take a right and continue going down till you get to a repair, trade terminal, and revival area. Then you follow the road.

There are a couple of large spawns of level 3 Argonaut Grunts. At only 30 health I was expecting to see a lot more people farming them in Cape Corinth than there were. There are many decent spots to hunt in there.

argonaut grunt.jpg

I have hunted in the past in Cape Corinth during events. With how fast they have the respawn rate you should be decently fine as long as there are only one or two people on your radar depending on where you choose to hunt.

I can say this seemed to be the smaller of the spawns for Argonauts in general. I however did not venture over the mountain to see if they expanded the normal spawning area that tends to be for events.

Fort Ithaca For Level 10 and Up

Fort Ithaca.jpg

If you are someone who can hunt something a bit bigger than grunts in the 250 to 500ish health range. This is going to be your place. They have some of my quick scouting of the area with level 7 scouts, gatherers, and level 10 guardians.

This place seemed a bit barren. If you want to find the spawns I found some heading south out of the fort along the road. A few directions seem to be void of anything like the spawns did not properly come in.

Minopolis Level 13 And Up

level 13 argonaut scavenger.jpg

If I was not going to be hunting elite Argonaut this would be the place I’d be spending my time in. As I was able to quickly find level 13 raiders, hunters, and even level 22 Argonaut Leaders south and southwest of the teleporter.

The biggest downside I noticed about this place at least in the few spawn areas I checked around the teleport is a high mixture of levels. You can sometimes find level 13’s with 17’s or even level 22’s.

There did seem to be some pure spawns with just a single maturity. Those however at the time I was scouting seemed to be heavily camped and more than two people in some instances might be able to deplete those areas before respawns. Despite how quickly the respawn rate has been adjusted.

Ashi, Atlas Haven, and Jason Centre For Elite

Argonaut Raider Elite level 24.jpg

It seems they were expecting a lot of players wanting to hunt Elite Argonauts as there are a few different places to hunt them at. Some are even not listed in the official release for this event. Even with so many options, I found certain spots quite crowded depending on the time of day.

Starting I spent a large amount of my time in Atlas Haven as it seemed to not be as crowded as Ashi was. I was able to find a nice pack of level 24 Argonaut Raider Elites and higher up.

There seems to have been a lot more effort in spawning locations put into the elite spawns for the most part. You can usually depend on which location you choose to hunt at and find different pack levels all around the teleport in every direction.

With that said Jason Centre at least at the time of writing has some spawn issues with the native Caudaterguses still being around. For that reason, unless other spots were overcrowded I will more than likely avoid that area. Granted there were some decent spots without that issue in Jason and who knows they might resolve that issue at some point.

Ashi location.jpg

There seems to be an insane amount of people at Ashi the couple of times I’ve checked the area out. You can see on the radar just how many green dots there are. Granted this place also seems to have quite decent spawns.

While my ghost armor holds up decently well for tanking elite. Having a few spawn on me would not be the most ideal situation. I even had one that got a lucky critical off on me while I was not paying the best attention to my health and I got killed.

Uber Team Hunters


Finally, you have Camp Caravan that has Rarkash with 6k health and even bigger things stacking the local lands. While I would not be shocked if some biggest players in the game were able to solo or will be hiring healers for hunting here. The place was empty.

You could sometimes find random spawns of these at other locations as a one-off creature would need to make sure to avoid them. Nothing like this place that is well stocked with some decent packs of very high-end creatures.

I did not even bother to explore far here. I doubt I could take a hit with just my Ghost Armor. You will need some insane health, armor, and guns to fight stuff like this. I only noticed one group here and they were sticking quite close to the revival point.

Final Thoughts

hunting argonauts.jpg

I’m not sure yet how many days of this event I’ll be hunting during. I do at least want to grind up my codex levels a bit for Argonaut. This also seems like a great opportunity to be hunting the elite.

Just pouring over what I can find about the Argonaut loot tables. It looks like some crazy stuff can drop like Jaguar UL armor pieces. What maturity level drops it at a minimum seem to be a secrete a few players are keeping to themselves.

I do however believe there is a big reason many are choosing to hunt the Elite Argonauts. Perhaps I’ll luck out and find out why. If not at least I got to grind on these again which I have not done so in ages.

I however won’t be going as hardcore as I did for the Mayhem Halloween event. I’m saving up for something bigger that should be starting soon enough in December. Who knows how long that event will go on?

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.