Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem I Could Not Leave It

A smarter player in Entropia Universe knows when to walk away from something. I on the other hand decided to be stupid. I wanted to finish off the Merry Mayhem codex. I knew the final level to 25 was going to be a long, long grind. It ended up costing me dearly.

Part of me wanted to finish off the codex because I had set it as a goal at the start of things I would have preferred to achieve. Unlike some of the other goals, I had set that required dumb luck this one was entirely within my power to accomplish.

The other part of me was just fresh off that decent global I got in the last post. I started to wonder if I was on an upswing and if it was about time to crawl back some of the bigger then expected losses I was having. I can tell you now it was not. I only added to them.

I could have done the smarter thing. That would have been just to leave this for next year. Unless I’m mistaken they don’t make a new codex every year for this event. As once you hit rank 25 the star level you can still gain ranks. You just won’t keep getting bigger and bigger rewards among some other reasons to move on to a different codex to grind.

going back to it to finish off the codex.jpg

This part of the story leaves off with me just getting enough points to finish off Merry Mayhem Annihilation. Since the instance seemed hot regardless if that is a thing or not. I decided since over 4 hours were remaining to finish it off before calling it a night.

While you would think grinding just over 36% of the remaining level to hit rank 25 in a codex does not sound bad. I suspected this could end up requiring a couple of thousand PED of ammo to accomplish.

I ended up grinding in this instance for a further two hours before deciding to take a break. I had only moved the progress bar somewhat to 65.4% after taking down my final boss I would be killing for that instance.

I even switch over to doing the Free For All Instance. Since I did not need points anymore toward Annihilation I thought why not? I would still be getting credit toward the codex regardless. It seemed to be the wiser move. Needless to say after a couple of hours of some of the worst loot returns I’ve gotten during this entire event. I was back to just grinding it solo in Mayhem Annihilation.

After what seemed like ages I was only at 75.7%. I had considered at this point just calling it quits. This was more of a want to have and not a need to have. However, it was starting to bug me the idea of having to see this codex so close to reaching level 25 for the rest of the year.

In 2023 I’m hoping that my budget and time will allow it to go on some massive codex grinding on Calypso. Since codex came out after I quit the game I don’t have a lot of them even up to rank 10 let alone 25. I was not about to let up the opportunity of getting my second one on the planet to rank 25.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 04 179 PED.jpg

I ended up returning the next day. Loot had been quite dreadful. Thankfully I lucked out and got a surprising 179 PED to kill. I had thought the 372 PED kill I got in the past was going to be it and everything else was going to be below the 90s.

Even by the time that happened I had only managed to get myself up to 86.9%. I knew I’d have to be restocking my ammo once again at the very least if not again to finish this off.

At this point, there was no longer me thinking perhaps I should just give up this pursuit. It was going to happen as long as I had any funds left after I had increased the amount I had planned to spend on this event a little while back.

That just further proves the dangers of spending more than you were planning to for doing something. If I had not decided to spend more I would not have finished off the Silver Annihilation I also would not have found myself digging into a bigger hole of losses either from this event.

You might have also noticed in the screenshot that I was doing this run in a Mayhem Annihilation 04 instance. I felt I’d at least get a feel for a higher level instance than my normal 02 or the occasional 03.

While my kill rate could have been better as I was not getting as close to the boss spawning on time as I would have liked. I was decently happy with how an ArMatrix 40 (L) was performing in there.

It would have been better if I still had an ArMatrix 45 (L) on me. However, the last one I had was broken. I was not about to go out and buy even more guns. I was clearing out my packs and inventory of guns and gun amps I still had laying around.

almost done with the codex.jpg

At one point I opened up the codex. I must have been around 97-98%. I was over it and just done with all the Mayhem events I had entered this year. You have to be quite burnt out to be so close to finishing something to almost just want to call it then and there.

I don’t know how long I left that screen open. At some point, I decided to take a screenshot of it and go round up a few last kills. Many last kills.

99 percent.jpg

Ten minutes later after that point, I was at 99.2%. I was fighting yet another boss who did not drop the cost to kill it let alone anything I cared for.

I started to fear I did not have enough ammo on me to reach that 100% mark and be done. Thankfully I still had a few hundred shots left on me when it finally happened. Rank 25 of merry Creatures. I selected Alertness and picked up 285 of them which was quite a lot.

Final Thoughts

rank 25.jpg

I ended up hitting level 32 of the Animal Looter Profession. While I was thrilled my losses for the last few instance runs were not worth it. I should have saved this for next year. At least now it’s done.

I ran towards the exit of the instance one last time hoping to not see this place for quite a while. As soon my character reaches the other side where I usually AFK in the game I logged out. It was time for a much-needed rest on my part.

I’m just no longer cut out for these long grinding sessions like I used to be when I was so much younger. This was quite the challenge to keep logging in day after day after day. Grinding in the same instance slowly going crazy. In the end, I did it but at what cost? I’ll be going over that in another post.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.