Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem The Final 2378 Points

I was so close to being done. At this point, I was exhausted beyond belief. I had put far to much time into this event. To a point, I was no longer sure how long I had grinded or how much would remain.

I did know one thing the closer I got to 34k points the fewer big point kills I’d need to accomplish it. I’ll admit I was daydreaming a bit about scoring a 2.5k or 1k point kill. The first one would be enough to be done and the other would cut it into almost half of the points remaining I’d need.

My first instance run for the day was so brutal I only took a couple of screenshots. I seemed to have given up on my notes of recording single and five-point kills. I was more than done with this event mentally yet I still had points to rack up.

Somewhere around the three or four mark of the first instance. I decided I’d had enough of it. I needed a short break and a moment to deiced if I was going to pull an all-nighter if needed to finish this off or not.

I returned with a full drink at the ready and went back into yet another instance. Less than 2,100 points remaining. Wild that was still a lot I decided it was time to just grind it out and hope I could finish things off.

For a lot of this event, I had given up doing a lot of moving around. I felt just fine sitting rather close to the repair terminal. I decided however since I was getting low on ammo anyways into this fresh instance I would do a bit of a walk around till I was out and needed to resupply at the instanced zone in the area.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02 61 PED.jpg

This time at least ten minutes in I looted a 61 PED kill. There were also some decent kills in the area I was clearing out. I however was also getting rather low on ammo and did not want to wander too far from the terminal to buy some more and write down some numbers.

The second boss of the instance rewarded me with 100 points for killing it. After a couple of other smaller point gains, I was now within 2k points. After that for this instance nothing bigger than a couple of 25-point kills.

daily stage 5 done.jpg

I decided around the two hours remaining mark after hitting the daily stage 5 reward that it was time for a fresh instance. While I was not racking up huge points I just needed 1296 points.

There had been a couple of smaller globals as well. Looking back now I’m kind of shocked by how many globals I was getting in the final hours of this grind. I however have almost little recall of any of it.

I dropped the instance I was in. Along with the daily I had at stage 5. Took a short stretch break and headed back into a fresh instance. This also gave me a new daily and I was using the quick amount of early stages in that daily as a short motivator to get me through things.

For about the first hour and a half of the instance, it was rather silent. I had racked up a single 53 PED kill to keep me going. It was also a good thing as I was getting low on my ability to restock 1k PED ammo at a time. At this point, I was willing to take any little bits of shrapnel I could get my hands on.

leaving the instance for another one.jpg

After a lot more grinding I decided this instance was just a dud. The loot was dreadful. The only good thing was I now only needed 884 points. While the points did not seem to be moving fast I did score a 50-point, 25-point, and a few single-digit kills from that instance.

I dropped that instance. Before heading back in I decided to check in on how my gun supply was doing. I did not have enough to get me through a 5-hour instance if I needed to. So I went quickly over to a shopping mall I have been buying all my guns from a store during this entire event.

The crafter was AFK in his usual spot next to some crafting terminal on the same mall floor of his shop. As I went to go double-check the auction house to make sure I was getting the best deal I could.

I had given up checking other shops in other malls. The crafter I was buying from was quite on top of undercutting everyone. While prices were slowly rising they were not as bad as Halloween Mayhem in terms of what I was able to acquire fresh supplies from other players.

500 point gain.jpg

Shortly into yet another instance for the day, I got a 500-point kill. Just 320 more points I told myself. All I would need would be one final large-point kill and I could be done.

Shortly after that, I got a decent 84 PED to kill. I could get used to seeing some bigger numbers above the usual 50 PED. For this level of a creature being 14, I felt there were some decent numbers. It however would not have prepared me for what was coming next.

The cover I would have used for this post but something else happened.jpg

I paused to take this screenshot while killing the boss. I felt it had been a while since I tried to take a screenshot for the cover without the UI for the most part showing. Naturally, there were too many other players getting large globals to still not have to block out their names.

You will however realize now that the image I had planned for the cover is down here in the post instead. It is just funny how a simple plan to take a screenshot for a cover of a post failed to happen in the most amazing way possible.

my top 10 kills in TT.png

No, it was not getting a large point kill to finish off the Silver Annihilation for Mayhem. It was a 372 PED boss kill. Sadly the bulk of the PED was in shrapnel. While that does not sound like money wise it’s not. It is my 7th highest single loot of a creature in Entropia Universe.

This also makes me rather glad I was playing in a higher instance than I had been for the bulk of this event. While I had hoped this thing would have a nice fat zero at the end of it with how far down I was from doing this event. It at least helped a little in recovering some of my losses.


Not even 20 minutes after that I got one final 500-point kill finishing off rank 10 of the Silver Annihilation Merry Mayhem! Outside of the usual 53.20 PED of ammo and 106 Mayhem Tokens. I got a nice fat 0.6 PED of Stamina. Along with the Silver Christmas Tuxedo (M) and Cuddly Silver Tezlapod Toy.

Words can’t explain how thrilled I was. It has been forever since I have found myself in this kind of crazy grind. It was finally over I got the 34k point I wanted and finished things off.

Final Thoughts

my last 500.jpg

Having finished the biggest goal I had for Marry Mayhem I was quite thrilled. I however felt I still had left things unfinished. I had yet to finish off Rank 25 of the Mayhem Creature codex. I knew it would be quite a long grind to do so even though it looks like I’m so close to being at 62.7%. I had a lot of thinking to do before I would decide to call this the end or try and finish off that other goal of mine.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.