Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem And All The Fun In The First Half

It’s not uncommon I’ll be running an instance and either all the fun happens in the first half of it or the second half. While that sometimes makes me think I’d be better off leaving an instance that was rather active early on. As you have seen in the other posts you never know what would have been missed by not staying.

250 points gained.jpg

After a couple of kills, I got a 250-points. This session ended up being quite a low-point grinding one yet again. So even this small amount getting me just a bit closer I’ll take it at this point. My note barely shows anything over 25 points with far too many just 5-point kills than I want to think about.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02 69 PED 2.jpg

The good news is this run was not so much about the points but everything else I ended up getting. This instance kept showing that the first half was going to be one heck of a good time. With me getting a 69 PED kill only a couple of minutes later.

Funny enough when I went to click on the corpse to loot I miss-clicked and opened up the settings to create armor or other item sets. By the time I closed it the swirls were done and the third-party software I use to auto-take my global screenshots had already taken the screenshot. Not the first or last time I end up miss-click with a global I should do it more often there seems to be a pattern!

There are quite a few funny memes in Entropia Universe lore of the rituals players perform before they loot a creature. Even more so the higher-health ones that can drop a lot of loot. Thankfully I don’t need to circle the creatures 32 times clockwise, 15 times counterclockwise, and give 5 prayers to the loot gods.

As I often need to do since my record keeping is done in 1k PED worth of ammo blocks. I needed to take a moment to make some repairs and to re-ammo up. While also writing down how much loot I got and all my costs.


I rarely show the process of having some inventories open and the repair terminal. I ended up repairing 6.07 PED of armor decay on my ghost armor. I also put 30 PED or so into the scopes and laser attachments. Fully repairing those attachments costs over 300 PED if I recall and I try to avoid having that much PED tied up in TT of those items if I can avoid doing so.

I was also taking stock of how many weapons I had left on me. I ended up taking a gun and amp out of my Quad-wing interceptors storage and putting it into my inventory. As the gun I had would be breaking in a short while anyways.

500 points gained.jpg

Not even a couple of moments later and getting reset up I scored 500 points! I have been on a roll these past few grinding sessions for pulling a 500-point kill. It’s a shame I could not find any 2,500-point kills that would have saved me a lot of time. Regardless 500 points out of 850 points I need to average all in a single kill is amazing.

Even the first boss kill of the instance awarded me 100 points. Sadly the points would start to dry up rather quickly for quite a few hours afterward. Grinding my progression to a rather dull snail's pace. I however kept going regardless as you never know when you will be getting a huge point kill.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02 61 PED.jpg

I then went on a nice little streak of getting globals. I ended up getting a 98, 51, and 61 all within 30 minutes of each other. This instance was starting to look like an amazing one.

About half an hour later I’d end up getting one final global for 80 PED. After that nothing else for the rest of the instance. Loot quickly like the points dried up for quite some time. I went in and out of a couple of instances not getting much accomplished.

Final Thoughts

killing a boss.jpg

Sometimes you think you started grinding during a hot session and it quickly goes cold on you. I did not need how bad the second half of this run went to go down as I’m already in a trouble spot for losses in staying within budget. At least the first half of the first instance covered all the costs for that instance.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.