Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem The Halfway Mark

Halfway to losing my insanity in this event as I like to say. I was out again grinding away this time I was rather close to a couple of milestones to keep me going. Stage 5 completion of the silver mission comes with some sweet rewards to further along some of my goals.

I started this day with a fresh daily mission as well. Sometimes I’m a bit behind on where I’d like to start or I forget to remove it before entering. Not this time around. So I quickly racked up a couple of bonus Mayhem tokens from that.

I also rather early on hit rank 19 of the Merry Creatures codex. Getting me a sweet 12.03 PED of Perception skill. Soon the reward amounts from this codex are going to get crazy. This one alone is worth around 161 PED of perception once accounting for how much to buy that much of the auction house from other players.

stage 5 of merry mayhem silver.jpg

A lot of time I would luck out. I’d get some giant point gain right before getting to the next stage for the silver Merry mayhem Annihilation mission. This time around that was not the case. It was a slow march of a bunch of 0, 1, and some 5-point kills. Almost an hour in I finished stage 5 putting me now halfway done completing the event.

I picked up the usual 53.2 PED of Universal Ammo and 106 Mayhem tokens as the reward for completing stage 5. That was not the only reward.

This one also gave bonus codex progress for Merry Creatures which finished off level 20 for me. Since it was ranked 20 it gave me rarer skill options and I opted for Alertness. 7.02 PED of its worth gave me around 273 levels of Alertness and a new rank in it as well. This is one of those skills I don’t have quite high so anytime I get a decent amount of it goes up by a lot.

An hour and a half later killing I ended up hitting a nice pocket of loot. I got a 52 along with a few smaller 10 to 30 PED loot. I however kept clearing out the same seeing if there was anything else and I was not let down.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02 72 PED.jpg

That ended up not yielding anything else so I moved around the instance for a bit. I then got a 72 PED and 68 PED within ten minutes of each other. With even further decent loots along the way.

shopping for weapons.jpg

I used up the remaining amount of ammo I had on me. Then I looked at the time and figured the shop I buy guns from should have restocked by now. I left the instance I was in for a short trip. Sure enough, the shelves were packed and I bought a few hundred PED worth of guns to stock back up for a couple more hunting sessions.

I then went hunting for a few more hours in the fresh instance. That one did not turn out so great. Between a single 250-point kill and 57 PED global. The rest of the session was a bunch of nothing.

Final Thoughts

further hunting.jpg

This ended up being a not-so-great day. While it was tempting to try and switch up to a different instance-level I did not feel like it. I had grinded enough for one day. I was however at least happy to have reached halfway done with this event.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.