Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem To Global Was Not Enough

One thing I had been enjoying about Merry Mayhem in category 03 of the Merry Annihilation instance was the globals. As seen in my previous post many of them were above your standard 50 PED at that. Sadly it was still not enough.

I was guns blazing at all hours of the day and night in the Merry Mayhem event in Entropia Universe. I thought things were going well during the runs I was on. I am however quite methodical in writing down and keeping track of certain stats.

The numbers don’t lie. It was going dreadfully. Each run I would go out and it would be worse than the one before it. It was like I was in a deep spiral. I had my reason when I did the Halloween event to mostly stay in Annihilation 02. The thrill of being in a higher category was starting to wear off.

mini loot.jpg

Even when I was not getting globals I would be getting 16 PED loot here or there on occasion. Later on, followed by getting 18 PED or even a few times almost a global at say 48 PED once in a while. It was quite fun hunting slightly higher-level creatures.

next level of meta gained.jpg

They were also rather great for codex progression including another level of meta for more agility. For almost every kill I’d see the progress bar move just a smidge. I was not at a point yet in the grinding for codex where it took a few kills just to move progress a half a point. That red line was dancing across my screen as I glided around Merry Mayhem's instance as if it was home.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 03 72 PED.jpg

I would get no less than an additional six globals during this grinding session. This ended up being double what I had gotten on the first night of this event. Just when I thought I would not be getting another one for a while I would get hit unexpectedly with yet another.

Sometimes lasted for hours on end where I’d get very little for each kill. The ruts were running deep in this and getting just a PED or less per kill in quite too many kills was starting to take its toll.

At least I was raking in the Strongboxes and Merry Mayhem tokens. It seems like every time I went to restock on ammo, repair my gear, and check the numbers I’d have 25 or more tokens and about 10 strongboxes looted.

These numbers were significantly better than the short Thanksgiving Mayhem that took place just a short few days ago. A single round of 1k PED of ammo and I’d bring in more of either of those two items than I had collected in total for the Thanksgiving event. This made me rather glad I balled on that when I did at that event.

merry annihilation hispidus.jpg

One of these days I keep thinking to myself I’ll kill one of these bosses in a Mayhem and they are going to drop something far more interesting than a strongbox, normal mayhem token, and not enough shrapnel to cover their cost of the kill.

That however ended up not being something that happened on these particular runs. These Merry Annihilation Hispidus so far have been cheap on me. Not one of them is worth a screenshot of the loot they dropped although I have enough of them to fill a folder with regardless.

What I find rather interesting about the boss is any online loot table I can find for them. They don’t list anything extra special dropping. This is not the case for former Mayhem events. That makes me wonder what they are hiding that many lucky individuals have discovered but never shared what they got.

While being a lone wolf in this game comes with many perks of me just going off and doing whatever I want without having any commitments. The downside of lack of information gathering makes instances like these leave me with a lot more questions than I have answers for at least for the time being. The chances of me discovering those answers are quite slim.

animal looter profession level 26.jpg

The benefits of hunting these Mayhem creatures being animals were starting to pay off quickly. At the start of this event, I was not that far into level 25 for the Animal Looter profession and here I was getting to level 26. All the top players in Entropia Universe put a lot of focus on getting to profession level 100. At this rate, I must be decaying away from achieving such a triumph, or at least it feels that way.

Thankfully if I can just get to level 30 I get a skill to unlock that I will get quite a quick boost in the Animal Looter profession. It is something I’ve been looking forward to getting for quite some time now. I’m unsure if I’ll be unlocking the Butchering skill during the end of this event or sometime next year if I’m lucky.

250 point kills.jpg

I even managed to get a 250-point kill at some point. I was at least maintaining a decent lead over the average points I needed to acquire each day. While it could become easy to think I have 40 days to finish off the silver mission. Once you get behind I can see it becomes quite hard to get caught back up even more so if you have a couple of bad days.

ores selling.jpg

The oddest thing I noticed during this grinding session was not anything that happened in the instance itself or anything as far as I’m aware to do with Merry Mayhem. I have a lot of ores in my storage I’ve been listing a couple of stacks on the auction house at a time off.

This particular ore is in question. I’ve been trying to move my entire supply since before the Halloween Merry Mayhem. It’s had weeks of none of it selling whatsoever and other weeks of just a pitiful. ~100 PED or so of it going.

All of sudden all the stacks I had listed for sale got bought out. This means I can finally list my last couple of stacks on the auction house of that ore. While those last stacks have yet to sell and they might not sell this week. I’m almost out of it and that is great since I was unsure I’d ever move all I had of it.

Sometimes it just takes time. Entropia Universe can be quite a slow-moving game at times. Sometimes you just have a slow and not-so-great week or even month. Then boom out of nowhere something happens. This time around not much.

Final Thoughts


Mayhem Annihilation 03 has been thrilling to grind in for as many hours as I have with all the globals I got. However, it’s just not panning out for me and the losses I’m accruing are much greater in the short term than I was hoping for. It looks like I need some big globals or quite a few more than I was getting to make it worthwhile to stick around at this level of instance.

As such, I’ll be stepping down a category level and hunting some lower-level creatures for this Event. They will have 200 less health and be a bit cheaper to kill as a result. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get things back on track.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.