Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem Jul Snarg Hunt Mission

During Merry Mayhem there is a special one-time mission you can get to hunt 500 Merry Snarg. While that is a lot of kills they do count towards the Snarg codex and they can drop a lot of low-level (L) guns and calypso bones.

Jul Snarg Hunt mission Entropia Universe.jpg

The Jul Snarg Hunt mission itself can be acquired from Santa’s Little helper. One can be found towards the east exit of Port Atlantis (61615, 75295) on Calypso. The reward for completing this mission is a special Isis LLC 2 Merry Edition (L) weapon that has 15 PED of TT and gives a 50% bonus toward laser faster weapon combat skill increase when using.

I would have loved to have a gun like this back in the day. Now a day the 7.8 DPS it does is not a lot for me. I might keep and use such a gun as a finisher for the bonus laser weapon skills. Since it has over 7k total uses it would last for quite some time.

Keep in mind the gun itself has zero value if you try and sell it to a vendor and you cannot trade it on the auction house. You also can only ever get the Jul Snarg Hunt mission once for the lifetime of your character. So once you do the mission you can’t get it again even if they have the mission return for next year’s Merry Mayhem.

There are several different locations you can find the special spawns for Merry Snarg. I wish I had scouted all locations beforehand before selecting a spot to grind all 500 kills for the mission at. As some places are far superior to others.

The first and most obvious place would be finding Merry Snarg right outside of Port Atlantis. While there are a couple of locations of them spawning most seemed to be void of any Merry Snarg and at best for the most part heavily mixed in with a lot of the natural spawning creatures in the area.

I did after flying around for a bit find a spot that had a few patches of Merry Snarg. Along with a few I could fish out of dense spawns of other creatures that are in the area. This place works great if you are the only person there. With multiple people, it starts to feel overcrowded.

Merry Snarg 5 PED.jpg

That spot is around (60447, 75173). You will find quite a few Merry Snarg on a ridge, in a dip, along a hill, and down a massive hill towards more towards the water. I ended up placing down a marker on the map to have an anchor spot I kept myself around so I would not lose where I was finding the densest of the Snarg spawn.

This was where I ended up doing all 500 kills. It ended up working out great for me in the end and more on that later down in this post. While another player did show up they went AFK for a while seemly waiting for me to finish and leave.

chug hideout spot for Merry Snarg.jpg

Another spot is outside of Chug’s Hideout. There was at least a couple of Merry Snarg at (68388, 74962). Since there was no one else here and I suspected much better spots I did not do much looking around. If everywhere else was full you at least have this option.

Usually, when you can do something at Cape Corinth it’s a safe bet it will be a great place for lower-level players. It’s almost a golden rule of mine you could say. One of which would have been not great advice to give a lower-level player to go here to grind out their mission this time around.

Large parts of the area near Cape Corinth that tend to get used for events and missions like these were covered in the natural higher-level spawns for the area. While you could sometimes see a Merry Snarg it would not have been great to try and pick them off.

cape Corinth for Merry Snarg.jpg

Thankfully if you go back to where the mountain is. There is a spot with a few Merry Snarg that can be found. As you can see with there being a green dot on the radar another player was here hunting them at around (62310, 88092).

Originally I had zero plans to go check out Fort Zeus which is the final location. I never go out there for anything but with how uninspiring the first three areas to hunt Merry Snarg are. I thought how bad could it be? It turns out it’s the best spot for density and pure spawns!

Fort Zeus Merry Snarg.jpg

Immediately when I got the e I knew I was in the right spot. Fort Zeus had a bunch of players afking at the fort itself. There was even a few players just outside the fort hunting away on Merry Snarg as well (87000, 94593). All the red dots on the radar are Merry Snarg and that is just one spot!

Depending on how busy this place gets this appears to be the place to hunt for this mission. It also appears many players are hunting Merry Snarg long after they have finished the mission. There are quite a few good reasons for doing so.

Once you have a location selected it’s time to get down to the dirty work of killing 500 Merry Snarg and it’s going to take a while. Even if you can kill them quickly. The hardest part for a higher level like myself was trying to avoid doing too much overkilling while trying to keep up a decent killing rate.

There is only a single maturity of Merry Snarg and they have 160 health. While it was tempting to hunt them without any armor on. I just put on my lowest protection set and was more than enough to deal with them. I never needed to heal once while I was in my Harrier Assault armor.

merry snarg globals.png

The good news is Merry Snarg at least for me liked to keep things interesting. During my 500 kills, I ended up getting 8 globals. They only have a 5 PED minimum to global and they have quite a few low-level guns in their loot table as well.

weapon drop.jpg

While it can be easy to become overly excited when you get your first (L) gun drop and you check out the markup on them. You need to keep in mind that these guns are very low TT many only being around .18 PED.

Since to list an item on the auction house it has to be 1 PED minimum or great and the listing fee will account for over half the amount at 1 PED. You can quickly see it’s not as great as it appears. Unless you are getting that 6000%+ for the year average months after there is no easy way to get a lot of these guns.

I would sometimes go for hundreds of kills without a single gun drop. Then suddenly out of nowhere, I’d get a couple. I would sometimes get a gun amplifier as well. This has a fairly decent amount of markup as well. You can see I got a few in 500 kills in total.

Snarg codex.jpg

Another nice thing is Merry Snarg count towards normal Snarg for their codex progression. I who have seldom hunted Snarg in general ended up getting a couple of ranks of the codex finished by the time I was done.
calypso bone sample.jpg

While all these things are great reasons for a player to consider hunting Merry Snarg well after they have finished with the mission. There is another big one I could see many chose as the reason they do to keep grinding. These Merry Snarg drop Calypso Bone Samples.

If you manage to collect 10,000 Calypso Bone Samples you can trade them in At Camp Carter for 1 Agility point. While that is such an insane amount some people do in fact turn them in. While you can’t list the bones on the auction house themselves you can trade them.

A Calypso Bone Sample can drop off quite a lot of other creatures as well. They are usually very low level and in my own experience, it felt like I was getting them at a better rate off Merry Snarg when I’ve tried to farm for some in the past. However, I can’t be a certain amount of that.

If I felt like grinding out my Snarg codex this would give me quite the reason to do so since I could pair it with collecting those bones as well. Who knows what else you might get farming that many Snarg? They seem to at least have caught the attention of many players.

Final Thoughts

Merry Snarg 6 PED.jpg

Since the main Merry Mayhem events were giving me a bit of a cold shoulder. It was nice to break away and work on something else that can only be done once and only during this time of the year. It was decently rewarding and I got to hunt a category of creature I usually don’t.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.