Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem And The Better Than Expected Run

After some amazing runs over the past couple of days, I knew what was coming. The unavoidable rut of bad loot, a lower amount of points, and having to waddle through it all. While it sucked it was a lot better than some of my early runs.

I could tell by the low amount of loot I was getting that I was going to go deeper into the red. This ended up being quite the short run. While some players have horror stories of going through a rut for months or even a year in some cases. Nothing that inane happened that I’d expect to see those kinds of dreadful runs in my future.

I had started the day by racking up a couple more stages in my daily. It is quite shocking just how much of the total Mayhem Tokens I was getting out of the daily compared to my total accumulation of them over the entire event itself. Only to be beaten by the Merry Mayhem Annihilation rewards.

Early on I did at least score a 250-point kill. While I would have loved to rack up another quick stage of Merry Mayhem Annihilation that would not be happening unless I got some big point to kill out of nowhere.

Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02 81 PED.jpg

While I fully expected a no global day the loot gods at least smiled at me somewhat. I got a 52 looter shortly followed by a decent 81 PED. I still had yet to loot any armor or weapons from my grinding efforts.

At least you can get Output Amplifiers Components from these creatures rather regularly during this event. I ended up selling a couple of hundred PEDs worth during the Merry Mayhem event. While the markup on them was dropping I was getting quite low on funds to keep going.

I decided I was better off selling them now than waiting around months for the markup to return. While all these events did mean I made a bit less off them. I can’t be certain what the special events for 2023 were going to hold other than the game developers had hinted they would be doing some stuff. As a result, it just did not seem worthwhile to hold.

1k point gain.jpg

An hour and a half in I ended up getting a 1k point to kill out of nowhere counting towards my Merry Mayhem Annihilation. While I was not planning to grind it out to the next stage any time soon. Now with it only being around 300 points away there was no way at this point I was not going to for it this run.

It would end up being quite a slow grind for the next 200 points. At one point with the instance being well over halfway done in time remaining I had finished off stage 5 of the Mayhem daily. I decided it was as good as any to reset it.

So I dipped out of the instance. I also did a quick run up to a shopping mall to buy a couple more guns. I was also about to break the extender I was running on my gun as well. While I did not want to replace one of those for over 200 PED I rather like having the benefits of part of the gun decay being taken by it since they are a much lower markup. So with a grumble on my part, my wallet left a bit lighter than I would have liked from the shop I went to.

Then back into a fresh instance. While I was getting low on ammo and it is ever so tempting to restock in between instances. I had fallen into quite the habit of now of only stopping every 1k PED of ammo used for repairs and restocking.

Mayhem Annihilation stage 8.jpg

Almost an hour and a half in one of the bosses I ended up killing awarded me 100 points which were the last I needed to finish off Mayhem Annihilation for silver rank 8. I could hardly believe at that point I was now 80% done. While still so much left to grind I could see the end in sight.

While the reward for finishing that rank had some of the usual rewards. Such as 53.20 PED of Ammo and 106 Mayhem Tokens. I also got a cosmetic Silver jolly Christmas Mittens and bonus Merry Creature Codex progress.

Even with how far along I was in the Merry Mayhem Creature codex ranks it still gave me ~60% of bars worth of progress. Finishing off rank 23 for me where I selected 20.06 PED of perception granting me 147 perceptions. I had also finished off another level of Meta codex getting me and bonus attribute reward of 1 PED of intelligence well.

Final Thoughts

51 PED global.jpg

After that, there was not much to keep me around. I decided I had accomplished enough things for the night. While grinding it out till the last boss spawn I’d be killing I left with a little 51 PED global followed by a 49 non-global 1-minute afterward. Almost like the game wanted me to hang around but I had enough for one evening.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.