2020 Enjar's Gaming Index | Survival

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This is an extension of my main game index and includes the full list of posts for my content regarding survival games. These sub-indexes are created slowly over time as the main index becomes full.

Table Of Contents

  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • Conan Exiles
  • Don’t Starve
  • FortressCraft Evolved
  • Frostpunk
  • Raft
  • RimWorld
  • Satisfactory
  • State of Decay (I and II)
  • Subnautica
  • Terraria
  • This War Of Mine
  • Valheim
  • Wurm Online/Unlimited
  • 7 Days To Die


While a lot of these games can fall into the easy cycle of break a tree down and make a tool to progress. Once you start adding in other fun elements like dinosaurs, zombies, or other needs to survive they start to take off. They can also encompass a very wide range of genres making them quite fun and different from each other to play while still keeping that struggle to survive element.

Ark Survival Evolved


Recommend: Yes

This is one of many games I’ve somehow managed to break 1k hours played on. Most of that was before Hive and so I don’ have much content to show for it. It can also be a rather slow game to play if you want retail rates and I do prefer playing on private servers where I think the player has the highest opportunity to fall in love with this game.

One of my many attempts to create a narrative-driven story about an adventure I was having inside of a game. A few episodes there were not much interested and my friend wanted to switch the server over to another game. As such I never finished the one I was in the middle of about The Light House, and a few others I had planned.

Most of my fun from this game transpired from just random weekends of a friend renting a server out. I’ve restarted so many times over in this game I never want to push a tree again for thatch.

A big part of the gameplay for me was always living out of and using rafts. I’ve tamed on them, transported, hidden supply’s and lost a few on many adventures.

Conan Exiles


Recommend: Yes

I finally got a review out for this one. The story that I never finished due to a server crash many months ago corrupting the save file I’ll keep in. Perhaps one day I’ll attempt to pick it back up and finish that fanfiction.

Unfinished Fanfiction

Don’t Starve


Recommend: Yes

I wrote this funny little intro post in what I was going to turn into a series. It went to the back burner after I had too many other things to do and to this day I’ve never gotten around to it. While I never got around to expanding this idea out I did a circle around and write a review of the game. Perhaps in the future, I’ll consider trying to reboot what was going to be a gaming comedy series.

There are so many things that make this gaming amazing I ended going over some of my top ones in this review. From looking at the characters to what makes sanity unique. This game is quite the gem.

FortressCraft Evolved


Recommend: No

I’ve played this voxel craft game throughout the years off and on with friends and solo as well. The game has evolved into a very complex game of needing to build production assembly lines to keep progressing and building the next component needed to build the next and so on. I take a look at combat, crafting, and the not so needed DLCs.



Failure is being excommunicated by your people off into the giant and frozen lands of what used to be humanity. This city builder has heavy elements of survival, hard choices, and living with the consequences. Do you choose to keep true to your ethics or do the unthinkable just to survive?

Recommend: Yes


Raft island.jpg

Recommend: Yes

Raft is an open-world game where you gather and craft to expand out the raft you are floating adrift on. Overtime you expand out your capabilities by making the raft a base of operations. While you go out and explore the vast world of islands, and other places of interest this game has to offer.



Recommend: Yes

This game is named after the idea that you have crash-landed on an outer rim planet and need to survive. The game has an Ai that controls your ultimate fate from how easy things are going be and when a series of events seems to be trying to consider against you. I also take a look at the administration control the game gives you for controlling your community, building, and many other things.


Satisfactory production line.jpg

Recommend: Yes

Satisfactory is a factory building game where you can build massive production lines to fuel your ever-growing demand for resources and parts. The player can choose to build a more compact but vertical layout or just expand across a vast area. Progression is focused on turning in a high amount of parts. While there is a little bit of combat it’s not a major feature to the game.

State of Decay I And II


Recommend: Yes

I revisited the original game before its sequel came out. That way both the reader and I could remember and making some comparison would be easier to the original.

Both games themselves are some great zombie bashing fun. If you like running things over with a car and need a break from GTA5 well both of these games have you covered. You also get set up and build up a base while looting and depleting the local areas. While taking shelter during zombie attacks.



Recommend: Yes

This survival game throws you into an open world that is primarily an ocean planet. Throughout the adventures you have in this game you encounter mostly harmless creatures but some killers are lurking in the murky waters as well. This game is well worth it just for the exploring aspects so many amazing things to discover and experience.



Recommend: Yes

Terraria is quite the adventure to be had for a two-dimensional sandbox game. From its procedurally generated world to epic boss fights. It will catch you off guard and spoil that perfect plan. take a look at the fun of spelunking, boss fighting, and events that occur.

This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine Daytime at the house.jpg

Recommend: Yes

This War Of Mine is a survival game where you play as a group of everyday individuals trying to survive in a war-stricken area. You need to make moral decisions like helping or looting neighbors, murder, and many other harsh realities. Along the way, you are defending your place against loots while trying to keep your small group of people alive.


base building.jpg

Recommend: Yes

I do love a good open-world survival crafting game and Valheim either played solo or with friends can be quite the experience. You have Viking inspirations, base building, boss battles, and a massive deadly world to go exploring in.

Wurm Online/Unlimited


Recommend: Yes

I have played both versions but I mostly only talk about unlimited since you can have higher than retail rates and are not paying a monthly fee to play. What can take months to do in the online version can be done sometimes in just days in Unlimited. I use to be a part of a massive community in the online version but that was long before I was on Hive.

Why I ever left that cave will be anyone’s guess. I do enjoy mining in these games!

For as much as I’ve played this game during my time on Hive I rarely talk about it. Some games are more for my enjoyment.

7 Days To Die


Recommend: Yes

While this game is taking forever being in Alpha it at least provides some nice content updates while we wait for the full game release. The downside is older save files don’t always work but that is the life of a gamer playing something in alpha. Until then lets of zombie bashing with a crowbar, base building, crafting armor, and driving around in vehicles.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from each of the individual games they are listed under. The cover image is from Ark Survival Evolved.