7 Days To Die | Exploring The Cold North

It was time to jump into my truck and head to the cold north. Since I’ll be exploring there during the day I did not see any need to put on warmer clothing. I’d just have to be a little careful to not get frostbite and die while up there.

As I tend to do. I like to stop at any location that looks like it could have gas. My truck which can burn through a decent amount of it over a few days requires further sacrificing of gas to keep it running. So I jumped out and did a quick search around.

This place was rather disappointing. While I could dismantle the gas pump for some gas. There was not anything else really worth my time. Outside of a couple of cars in the repair garage inside. I decided to just leave everything as it was. I did not feel like going on a massive dismantling job this early in the morning.

I popped some zombies that were in my way and I got back on the road again. The nice thing about this part of the map is there are a lot of side dirt roads to go check down. This was part of the map I’ve more than likely been around the least.

I rarely did anything up here since it was just too cold. Not a place I could adventure at night without a lot better clothing for the cold. This was always too lazy to go and get out of storage.

town next to a lake.jpg

This however was great now. As I had lots of little areas to explore. I ended up going down one dirt road to find a bunch of little cabins and other smaller homes. It was a tiny little town next to a lake. They also had some bears and cougars I had to take out along with the normal mix of zombies hiding everywhere.

Exploring up north was a bit more deadly than other parts of the game. If the cold won’t get you a giant cougar or bear just might. At this point, we know it won’t be a zombie that takes me out at least anytime soon.

fire to keep warm.jpg

One of the nice things about this tiny town was getting out of the cold. While it was starting to warm up somewhat as the sun rose in the sky. It was still dang quite cold outside. My biggest worry was it starting to snow and my character then would start to get wet incasing the chances I could freeze to death and reducing the amount of time I’d have to explore around. After a certain point, I’d have to abandon the north and head south for warmth and to dry off.

Other than all the zombies I had to cap. This little log cabin with a rather unusable second floor was amazing. There was even a little fire going to help keep me warm while I explored around it. It was also a great place to recover somewhat from an ambush I had suffered while poking around the place.

While the rest of the homes in this tiny town were not as old fashion. They were quite run down if not more so. There were even some warning signs to keep out. Nothing that interesting loot or zombie-wise went down.

I was then off driving down some further backroads hoping to not crash into a snow bank. Sometimes I would get out to shoot some zombies or bears. Might as well get that experience I thought.

jacks lumber mill.jpg

Then I came across a lumber mill! I doubt I’ve seen anything like this yet in the game so I rather existed once I could read the sign from the road. This place was quite a dump but I still had a lot of fun exploring around. I doubt it has cut any lumber in quite some time.

There were quite a few different rooms inside. I was just expecting a lumber mill. What I was not expecting was finding a kitchen area to cook up enough food to feed a small army that must have ran this mill at some point.

living area in the mill.jpg

There was also a sleeping area filled with quite a few zombies. I can only guess after the mill shut down that a few people never left. Well, not to worry whoever owns the lumber mill. I took care of those troubled employees for you!

inside the lumber mill.jpg

None of these were the real reason I went exploring this area. I wanted to see the lumber mill itself. I was rather expecting it to be a bit bigger. I guess I did not know what to expect. There were also some former employees trying to stop me from taking a look around. Don’t worry they have been resolved as well.

After a little bit of further exploring around it was time to leave and go back into the brutal cold. While it was starting to get warmer outside my character was getting rather colder. At one point it started to snow somewhat and that meant I’d start to get wet. Snow in this game is a bit strange.

I ended up driving around for a while on the main road not finding much that I’ve not already seen before. It was perhaps the only spot up north that I had spent any decent time at. It did not take that long before I was off onto another dirt road to an unknown location.

research outpost.jpg

This time it was this rather strange outpost if you will. It had a bit of a warning sign outside to keep out. Along with a military truck sitting at the base of a small tower. I have no idea if this was some kind of research outpost or what.

What I did know is I had to go in for a closer look. Nothing that interesting was found inside. Not that far away I found myself breaking into a small diner. They only had old beer and nothing else so I was quickly on my way.

Final Thoughts

heading south.jpg

I explored quite a few little smaller areas but nothing that interesting to report. The snow at one point got so bad that my character was over 30% soaked. This meant that I would quickly get cold and was at risk of freezing to death. So while I could still get out I decided to call this one a bit early and headed south to try up and warn up.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.