7 Days To Die | Exploring The Desert

While I’ve gone to some places in the desert I have not spent a lot of time driving around exploring it. So I loaded up and went off on an adventure to see what kind of trouble I could find myself in. I was looking for smaller buildings and interesting areas to check out.

wandering around in the truck 7 days to die.jpg

I have enjoyed driving around in my truck in 7 Days To Die. While some roads can be a bit hazed with all the junk and massive potholes making the motorcycle bike a bit easier to navigate around on. I know in the truck I have lots of storage room.

abandoned hotel 7 days to die.jpg

Not that long into my adventure going down a road I’ve yet to explore I found an abandoned hotel. While I was looking to stay out of larger buildings I ran into. This place was quite amazing. It did not feel as run down as a lot of the other stuff I have encountered.

Other than some rather moldy-looking furniture in the lobby. The rooms looked like someone could have just stayed the night. They were shocked clean looking and even a bit more modern than you would expect.

The pool being a bit glitching and it raining outside which seems quite odd when you are in the desert. I could have seen myself spending a few nights at a place like this. That would be of course if it was not for the zombies.

small little town in 7 days to die.jpg

I then ran into a smaller little town. The weather at this point was not getting any better. Since I was not in the market for meat-like products I mostly just farmed all the zombies in Shamway foods without doing any looting of what was on the shelf.

Outside of needing an insane amount of steel. I was out looking for resources. My base was already well stocked on most things. Perhaps if I found some bottles of oil I would not say no to them. Which lead me to check out the car lots next.

Since I was a bit pressed for time I did not stop to take apart all the cars in the car lot. I did make note of it on my map. For any future salvaging operations I wanted to run. That would be quite a useful place to hit.

edge of the desert area 7 days to die.jpg

I then drove till I hit the edge of the desert area. Since I’m looking to stay within the desert I shortly turned around and headed towards another road I have yet to explore down.

I ended up finding a little house with a shed in the middle of nowhere. At least from the outside, they wanted you to think it was just a little house. It was however a lie. Down in the shed naturally, it was holding quite a little secrete.

undergorund bunker 7 days to die.jpg

That place had a massive underground bunker. While it was not that deep underground as some of them can go quite far down. It did have multiple levels. It has always been tempting to want to take over one of these and turn it into one of my homes.

After a bit of exploring I was off again going along an unknown road. It did not take long before needing to turn around again. This time I hit warning signs about a radiation area ahead. Since I’ve never found anything interesting in such areas other than my death. I decided it was not worth the risk to try and explore further in that direction.

I then stopped at the edge of what ended up being a quite decently sized city in the middle of the desert. I found myself another auto place. So I went for a bit of looting and killing zombie break from all the driving around.

oreally auto 7 days to die.jpg

It is quite amazing how many different stores and locations that have been added to the game over the years. Some of the names of places are also rather funny. This place had a few underground areas as well with what must have been a tier 3 loot room I ended up finding at the end.

I then started to drive further closer to the large city that was starting to unfold on the horizon. That was till I found one of the stranger structures I’d seen in the game. What almost looked like a house on top of some stilts.

odd looking building 7 days to die.jpg

It was quite a strange sight indeed. I still have no idea what it was even used for. There were some large meeting areas set up in the tower once I climbed up to the top. Along a bookshelf and a chalkboard. I can only guess it was some sort of research center.

After spending some time exploring that strange building it was time to go into the larger city itself. While I would be avoiding any of the larger buildings as I was not looking to spend an entire night here. I did find quite a few fun buildings to check out.

pool table 7 days to die.jpg

One of them happened to be a fire station. This was perhaps the first time I noticed this game has a pool table in it. While you can’t play it. It is quite crazy just how many assets are in this game and often how little you see something like this. It greatly gave this room a break room feeling.

There are just so many little details like this that make this game a wonder to explore around in. You never quite know what you will end up finding next. While a lot of things do end up repeating themselves with how big this game is that can be expected.

riding around the city in 7 days to die.jpg

After that, I took a decent ride around the city to see what else I could find. While I can say I’ve never been in most of these types of buildings I found. I was looking for something that would catch my eye as the next one to explore.

I ended up finding a police station with a connected donuts shop. That I found rather funny. I however did not stay long as it was not the kind of police station I was looking for to raid for supplies. Turns out this game now has multiple different kinds of police stations.

Eventually, it was starting to get quite late. Since I was not going to run into one of the larger buildings for the night to explore. I started to make the drive back home. I still had some stuff I wanted to work on. Along with restocking the forges and using up whatever reforged steel I had produced.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.