7 Days To Die | Day 35 Blood Moon

The blood moon that occurred on the 35th day of the game ended up showing up a lot about what was working for my defenses and some weak areas I had not realized just yet. Things did get a bit spicy at times. I however never felt like I was in any danger from the coming hordes.

Part of my plans ended up failing because I did not do enough due diligence heading into the blood moon itself. One thing that had escaped my thought was doing a walk around my outer fence replacing any spikes that had been destroyed.

While I always go around after every blood moon repairing things. I don’t always go around replacing anything that was lost as I end up getting distracted by other things. The base also has had a lot of horde attacks due to how many activities are going down at my base. Making many of the spikes already damaged going into the blood moon.

It’s only then rather reasonable that there would be some massive gaps in my outer perimeter that the zombies would take full advantage of during the onslaught that is a blood moon. At least this still happened rather early into the game and was not a devastating loss on my part.

This was also not the only mistake I would notice either. At some point one of the poles which is quite easy to destroy ended up getting taken out. I did not notice this so half my guns on a side of the base that would get hit the hardest were not getting power early on. That left me scrambling trying to hook up power during the middle of the night while also fighting off zombies.

up on the roof blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

As the blood moon itself started I was up on my roof as I usually am at the start of these things. It was not even fully dark yet and I heard this giant explosion. The back part of my fence got annihilated by some zombies leaving not only a massive crater in the ground but a huge gap for zombies to just pour right into.

There is also a door on that side of the base making it easy for me to get in and out of that side if I need. I noticed quite a lot of zombies were wanting to focus on that door. It was a vault door so I have no idea what they were thinking. They were not going to get through it any time soon.

So I put a lot of my focus for the start of the blood moon on trying to keep that side cleared. I however noticed after a while that the auto turrets I had more upfront on that side of the base had yet to fire. I could hear the turrets on the other side of my base firing. Just not those.

auto turrets not firing blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

I ended up getting off the rooftop to assess the damage done and to see why they were not shooting. Turns out those auto turrets were no longer connected to power. While I got hit a few times I managed to get a new power line out and reconnect the auto turrets I had set up.

This was not the only issue I was starting to notice as well. While I had been meaning to fully remove every large container within the fenced area to give all my auto turrets and myself unobstructed views. I never got around to it.

zombies getting around a turrent blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

The zombies had worked out from a hole they managed to get into the fence on the east side. That they could just follow along the edge of some junkyard containers and not only evade the auto turret set up on that side. They could get within striking range of a turret I had facing defending a different direction.

That was thankfully quite easy to resolve an issue and quickly. I just needed to adjust the direction slightly that the turret was pointing at. All further zombies that thought they were getting in an easy way meet death that night from that point on.

I then noticed yet again the power had been cut to my turrets on the other side of my base. The pole I was using to carry the wires high above the ground got taken out again. I quickly set up another one and no joke I bumped into it. It suddenly broke somehow even though I had no idea I could break something by just bumping into it. So I had to redo my work yet again.

In the future, I need to set up a more secure way of getting power to the turrets. I am also at some point going to craft up a bunch of shotgun turrets. I would feel a bit better if I had more firepower helping me out.

That however will require a lot more power generation. So I’ll need to go around taking apart cars looking for some engines to help increase my power production. As with everything connected, I was already running at 98% power used.

sitting in my base 7 days to die.jpg

After a while, I decided I had enough excitement from staying out in the open and I needed a bit of a break. I went up onto the second floor of my base into my loot and crafting room. The most protected area I have. I then took my time with some well-placed shots taking out zombies with zero risk to myself up there.

This would also allow me to discover any other weak areas I had in my defense. As I would not be so easily able to just take out any zombie that made it up to my base as those would now be out of my line of sight.

As suspected quite a few zombies were attempting to make it to the massive garage door to the base. Sadly can’t upgrade them. That would also be the weakest part of the base at this point.

On top of that. If the zombies could break through that area there would just be one further door they would have to break down to get to me. While the other part of the base they would have to break multiple further doors once inside to get to my location.

I would sometimes leave the safety of my loot room to clear up any zombies that made it up to my base that the spike did not take care of over time. I made a small repair to the garage and some other doors. Nothing took more than 10% damage. I also went out and looted some bags that had dropped off some zombies.

taking out some zombies during a blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

For the rest of the night, I mostly put my focus on the biggest and hardest spawning zombies. My auto turrets and spikes took out everything else without much struggle if I did not beat them to it.

Once the blood moon was over it was time to survey the damage and make what repairs I could. I also made a list of anything I needed to craft to replace some stuff I lost around the fence itself.

not much of the fence left 7 days to die.jpg

As you can see there is very little of the fence remaining on one side of the base. The fence itself is the last remaining original part of the junkyard that I took over. While I’ve done some patchwork I never did a lot of upgrading to it.

The fence is also quite flimsy. A couple of hits and a zombie would take out each panel anyway. While it has helped a lot in creating choke points it’s long overlived its usefulness in the current state it is in. Perhaps this will be the next thing I work on upgrading.

fence spikes 7 days to die.jpg

Beyond that, I went around to the outside of the fence and did a lot of repairing on the spikes I have set up. Some areas were hit quite hard. Quite a few spikes even got destroyed and I’ll have to replace them when I get the resources to do so.

As far as my main base itself. It took almost no damage. One of the doors took 10% damage and I repaired it during the blood moon itself. The zombies never even got close to getting in and then they would have to take out even further layers to make it to me in my loot room.

Overall I’m quite happy with the improvements I’ve made so far to the base. It’s clear I still got quite a lot more to make at some point. That might even include one day making a base just for blood moons that is much smaller and easier to defend with a single point for the zombies to attack from. For now, I am enjoying this place for crazy blood moon nights like these.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.