7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Savage Country And Apartment 938

Savage Country is one of those types of crates you sometimes see while exploring the game. I was expecting them to have some massive buildings and even a factory. This place was quite a run-down office that did not leave me that impressed with their former operation. I was then off to Apartment 938 to do some further looting.

Savage Country

getting into Tier 4 Savage Country 7 Days To Die.jpg

It’s always fun in 7 Days To Die when they change up the entry point into a building somewhat. If I was going to try this building without having a mission. It might take me a couple of tries to work out where you are supposed to enter into it.

Since I have a mission I just need to get up to the mission starting point. That happens to be on the second floor of this building. I just had to walk up some rubble and then climb up a short wall to get into the building itself.

Once inside I found a rather strange room. I can’t quite call this a break room. It feels more like an apartment room with a mattress and other furniture options. It at least made for an easy entry in.

parking lot Tier 4 Savage Country 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up finding my way down into a basement parking lot. These types of areas in 7 Days To Die always tend to creep me out. They also tend to be quite full of zombies. It’s almost like these three zombies are looking for something to do with the power of the building.

It did not take them long to notice me along with the other zombies in the area. Up to this point, my experience in the building had been zombie free. Which I was a bit shocked about. As these places tend to have just loads of zombies trying to pop out of every little place they can.

This place also had some interesting barricades going on in the hallways as well. It was not like other buildings that had massive bar shutters keeping you out. They were just empty pallets and furniture. While it was just tempting to use my auger and chainsaw since they are tier 6 to get right through these barricades. I knew there must have been a better way around it.

I did eventually find a yellow latter in what looked like an elevator shaft to get up to the next floor. Once I was up there I was greeted by a couple of doors that were boarded shut. At this point, I decided it would just take me a few seconds with my chainsaw to break down those doors.

inside an apartment room Tier 4 Savage Country 7 Days To Die.jpg

Once inside I was greeted with some higher-end apartment rooms. This one seemed to be set up in a way to leave me to believe that someone had a massive order of Chinese food and it got left out when things went bad. With it just rotting on the countertop.

At this point, I’m left even more confused about Savage Country in general. This building was nothing like I was expecting. The entire thing just ended up being an apartment building.

lots of catwalks to use Tier 4 Savage Country 7 Days To Die.jpg

Interestingly enough those broken stairs in the middle of the screenshot must be right above where I gained entry into the building. At this point, I’m just looking around and seeing lots of catwalks I might have to use to try and navigate the remainder of the space to try and get up to the rooftop.

It was not long after that I found myself up on one of the rooftop areas. It was set up as an outdoor lounge. I ended up running into quite a lot of zombies that were still having their party. Perhaps no one told them the world had come to an end and that they were turned into zombies.

I notice there was an open door up there and that led me to another yellow later to walk up. I then had to cross quite a skinny catwalk that looked sketchy as heck. I could however see a hatch door and I got the feeling I had to be close to the final loot for this place.

final loot area Tier 4 Savage Country 7 Days To Die.jpg

It ended up not having the final loot. So I kept exploring. There ended up being another catwalk that took me across the street to another building. This ended up having the final massive ambush of the site and the end loot areas.

I however was not done with this place yet. As sometimes which can be a bit annoying I had yet to get the check mark for fully clearing out Savage Country. I ended up doing some backtracking and finding an area I missed. I got in my truck and went back to the trader to pick up my next mission.

Apartment 938

Tier 4 Apartment 938 7 Days To Die.jpg

I always get a feeling a place is going to be rather suspect when it does not even have a name. Since it looks like an apartment building I’m just going to call it 938. This ended up being quite a fast place to run.

While it was tempting to call it a motel since It had a swimming pool and quite small rooms. Those rooms were a little more personalized than you would expect for a motel. Either way, I could tell this building was going to be quite straightforward.

The mission ends up having you start in the back. There ended up being a small utility room that had a giant hole in its roof. From there you could use a catwalk to get into the main building.

swimming pool Tier 4 Apartment 938 7 Days To Die.jpg

All I got to say is I don’t feel like relaxing back here. Not only is the sun about to set. I don’t trust swimming in that pool either. Granted it did not help that I had to clear a few zombies before even getting started.

This place was total junk. These must have been areas that were considered high-crime areas. I doubt they installed all those bars over the windows during whatever happened leading up to the state the current world is in.

walking around the outside of the building Tier 4 Apartment 938 7 Days To Die.jpg

Most of the rooms were left open. Some of them I did lightly bust down. Granted that did feel like overkill when I did. As I usually found a hole in the wall or other ways I could have gotten into each room without having to restore to such things.

I half expected how small this place looked to be trying to console some massive underground area. After exploring the place in great detail. I did not find any such things. So this ended up being quite an easy clear.

Often the zombies on each floor came pouring out as I was shooting a couple of them once I made it up to the second and third floors. Making it easy to find them all as well.

In one of the bedrooms on the third floor, I did find the supplies I was sent to retrieve. Perhaps the hardest part of this entire site ended up being the rooftop since I had to deal with a lot of zombies up there.

Otherwise, this place was easy. I was rather happy about finding a large ammo pile and some other things from the final loot of this place.

Final Thoughts

back at my base.jpg

These last two places ended up being the final missions I needed to reach tier 5. Sadly as I cycled through all the tier 5 missions I could get from Trader Rekt they were all the same type of building as I was getting from the other trader.

My plan to try and find some new POI 5 sites failed. I however have quite a few other things I need to work on anyways. Perhaps at some point, I’ll return to run more tier 4 sites. As I’m rather blown away by how many there are. They are also rather fun for how much shorter they are than tier 5 sites.

For now, I need to sort out the massive mess I’ve made in my base. I have far too many misc boxes as I was just dumping things as I was clearing through all these missions. I might even start to toss something out or just not loot them at all.

I might also set up an emergency area underground in case my main base ever gets overrun by zombies. At some point I expect things to get insane. While I don’t want to be a pack rat I also don’t want to toss out anything I could end up needing later on if things take a turn for the worse.

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