7 Days To Die | Upgrading To Steel Base

With another blood moon coming up shortly in the game it was time yet again to gain quite a few levels and upgrade my base. While it feels like quite a few of the areas of the base I’ll be upgrading are a bit overkill and perhaps even wasteful. I have an insane stack of resources to use up and levels to be gained.

My base is in this rather strange stage of everything being in different stages of being upgraded. I have everything from the basic easy-to-break-into bricks I’ve yet to get around to upgrading. Along with a few key areas already upgraded to a max of steel.

upgrading my base roof in 7 days to die.jpg

While I prefer the brick look. It is perhaps one of the weaker building blocks to have outside of say having wood. Upgrading it to the max of steel walls also takes quite a few different renounces. I need everything from concrete, iron, and steel.

There are many parts of my base like my roof that I’ve been wanting to upgrade for quite some time. While it’s not been an issue yet. I can only suspect one day my roof would end up getting covered in zombies that can crawl up things during a massive attack on my base.

Doing so also gave me an insane amount of experience. Just in one of my many passes on my roof, we can see I was at almost 300k experience gained. I would not be shocked if fully upgrading my roof alone netted me around 1 million experience. That is quite a few levels.

inside my base 7 days to die.jpg

While I have been grinding a lot of missions as of late. I have also been attempting to keep my forges and other crafting stations running as much as I can at my base. Since having a tier 6 auger I’ve been able to set some of my forges to go on over hours-long crafting sessions. Only needing to come back on occasion to check in on things.

I also did go on another massive mining run. My main mining shaft is starting to get a bit of a distance away from my base. On top of that, it’s taking a little longer than I’d like to get to my next area I have access to metal and other resources.

I also know at some point I’ll be making a panic room that I’ll be able to escape down into. I will use that new area as an excuse to create a new mining tunnel. One that I’d love to have come up somewhere not that far from the base so I’m not just stuck underground if things go bad.

While that final panic room is not going to get built in time for the next blood moon. I did manage to make some great progress on it. My main crafting room which is set up on the second floor now has a hatch I can drop through.

double walled panic room 7 days to die.jpg

That hatch puts you in quite a small room. The room is doubled walled with steel and a vault door. That room then has another reinforced hatch that you can open to going down some ladders. Each of these little rooms will have some extra supplies so I just need to get back on my feet in a winnable right so I’m not stuck down at the bottom of a mine shaft.

The next room is yet again another small room. I prefer to have a few redundant. You never know what kind of zombies could get added to this game at some point. I’d rather have a couple of safety areas just in case.

ladders down to bedrock 7 days to die.jpg

There is then a massive hole going all the way down to the bedrock. Along with some ladders to get up and down. Putting in those ladders ended up causing me a lot more trouble than I was expecting. I was hoping for a nice and clean shaft. They however did not want to install the way I was hoping so I ended up drilling out a lot more space than I had hoped to.

Since this is right below my crafting room. This is now the quickest way to get down to bedrock. My other mine is just a giant ramp going all the way down. It takes some time to use. At some point, I’ll be doing some massive drilling in this new mine shaft.

Along with setting up the final panic room with lots of extra supplies, crafting stations, and anything else I needed. However for now I wanted to make sure I have enough resources to do as much upgrading as I can on the main base before further working out this final room.

This all required getting a lot of gas to run my auger for mining and the chainsaw for all the wood I’m burning along with other sources to keep the forges going. While for quite some time I was getting enough gas from the junkyard and gas stations I was running into while going to other missions. That was only getting me so far.

I could have sworn back in the day we used corn to make gas to power things. Either I’m miss remembering or that was taken out at some point. Regardless I ended up lucking out quite hard since my base is in the middle of the desert.

making gas with oil shale 7 days to die.jpg

The reason that was quite lucky is you can find oil shale here. While I would sometimes loot it while off on missions. I ended up finding quite a lot of that while mining. I then just had to turn it into gas. This has kept my mining operations and the gas-guzzling vehicles I use stocked up quite nicely.

While I don’t go out of my way in trying to find oil shale since I don’t have to as of yet. Anytime I run into a chunk of it while mining that more or less covers my gas needs for quite some time. The last batch of oil shale I found is going to take over 25 minutes of real-time to craft it all into gas.

base almost done getting upgraded.jpg

One nice thing is a lot of my base you can reach to it by being on the inside. There are some tops over the garage that I needed to nerd pole my way up to so I could upgrade those sections. While I do have just a tiny part of the roof left it’s now almost done.

I however as expected ran out of the needed building supplies I need to finish the job. Once I do then I can focus on finishing off my final panic room and who knows what else I might end up building in the future.

At some point, I do need to do something about the rather broken fence that is around the junkyard. From all the zombie attacks and the fact, it’s quite easy to break. My attempt at repairing it has fallen behind. Not to mention it’s not worth repairing.

I kind of want to set it up in a way so zombies will want to go around ignoring hitting the back half of the base for the most part. I will then just leave the front gate door open and set up quite the killing field. That should serve as a nice choke point.

That is however a project for another day. I am almost tempted to put in a lot more forges to try and speed up the process. I’ll have to work out how much I can mine and how many forges it will take to keep everything in a just-in-time state.

my med supplies in 7 days to die.jpg

While using up all these resources I had to make a lot of upgrades to my base. In other parts of my storage system, there is not anything I can do to try and resolve everything being full. Just on medical supplies alone, I have an entire create full. I then have more medical stuff I need to sort and I would be shocked if I could fill another half of these.

At least with the panic rooms I’m setting up, I’ll need some of this stuff. I might even start to set up little bases all around the map. Just so if I ran out of something for whatever reason like ammo I don’t have to run back to my main base.

Such expansion plans are however things I’ll be thinking more about in the future. I still have a lot of the map left unexplored. Since I’m done with finding new tier 5 POI sites. Going on a giant exploration trip of the map after the next blood moons sounds like some amazing adventure.

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