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While I’ve been having fun running all the POI tier 5’s I can get from Trader Jen. It appears I’m just getting the same ones over again. Since I’m not quite certain how many tier 5 sites there are in the game and I’ve found the best way to try and find them is by running missions. It was time to head off to another trader.

Thankfully as you level up in tiers while running missions they send you off on special ones to show you the location of another trader. The downside however is if they are not the same one you need to grind missions again to get up to tier 5.

I ended up heading south down to Trader Rekt. He is quite a foul-mouthed individual who wants to keep checking my caps to make sure I’m not counterfeiting money. I guess I can’t blame him since we have not built up any kind of report yet and I do have an insane amount of caps sitting at my base.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and rush the missions as fast as I can. I’m only going to stop for loot in the lower-tier missions if it’s a nice chest or something like a bookcase. I won’t even be looking for the end loot area either.

All these lower-tier areas have lower-level loot in them anyways. I have quite an alarming amount of ammo and medical supplies back at my base as it is. I can run quite a lot of missions without the worry of running out of supplies.

While I was tempted to pick the trader closet to my base. I’ve decided I wanted to save that for another day. I’m hoping I’ll find some new areas to raid that I’ve yet to run with the new place I’ve picked.

If I’m not mistaken the loot level for the area I’m getting missions from will be a bit lower than I was getting with Trader Jen. Only time will tell however if I notice that and if it’s true. As some areas of the game are harder and come with higher loot bonuses than others.

In an attempt to rush as many of the lower missions as I can. I’ll also be electing to only pick from fetch missions if I can. As it can take quite a lot of time when you are just running around looking for the last couple of zombies you are missing on kill missions.

Trader Rekt 7 Days To Die.jpg

With that said I ended up being taken to some interesting locations at the lower levels. One place I found to be quite interesting ended up being a cave. Caves are not something I’ve spent any time exploring in 7 Days To Die as of yet. Despite everything I’ve done there are still many things I have left to experience.

While a lot of the places I would quickly run through looking for White River supplies were rather uninteresting. Those were usually the ones I could run the quickest. As I may already have an idea of how they are designed or they are quite easy to gain access to the stash and run for it.

It was kind of attempting to stop and get as many kills as I could. Despite wanting to get more levels for so many more skills I decided once I get back up to tier 5 on this new trader I’ll be getting all the killing of zombies and experience I’ll want. So I remained focused on my task at hand.

military installation 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up having one mission take me to this small military installation. With just a couple of small buildings to check it did not take long to find the supplies I needed to finish off my mission.

Since this place was a military one I did spend an extra minute poking around to see if any ammo or gun crates were laying around. Not that I need any at the moment. It however seemed like quite a waste to not check a site like that out a bit further.

While I love running the massive POI. I got to say the amount of time that was spent on the lower ones is far greater than I expected. This new location allowed me to find quite a few places I’ve not seen in my journey so far.

motel 7 7 Days To Die.jpg

I had no idea about this little Motel 7. I would re-frame from using the toils in this place. It was quite run down and infested with zombies.

There was this town where I kept getting sent into mission after mission. Which for me was quite fun as I got to explore many of the other buildings I was starting to wonder what was inside of them.

bigg buns 7 Days To Die.jpg

Right across the Motel 7 ended up being ummm BIGG Buns. This game has taken a certain turn for humor and other kinds of things in this game. This was not a building I’d ever seen before in all the times I use to play 7 Days To Die.

Yes at a later point in time I did get a mission for that place as well. I will just say their standards have dropped and I feel the sign was quite a false advertisement. I did shoot out the “open” sign on my way out as this place needed to be shut down by the health board. It turns out I have declared myself to be on the health board.

mining 7 Days To Die.jpg

Running a mission was not the only thing I was working on either. It would just be a couple more days before the next blood moon. Since I’ve recently looted an auger tier 6 I thought it was about time I put it to a test.

Between all my skills, the setting I for the game, and having an auger 6 I was able to mine up quite an insane amount of resources. So much so I could go out and do a few missions and all my forges would still be smelting it down.

The auger upgrade ended up being a bigger impact on my economy than I was expecting. I can’t wait to make some massive upgrades to my base. If I thought the amount of experience I could get now from mining was sweet. I should be getting a few levels once I can use all these renounces.

truck full again 7 Days To Die.jpg

Despite trying to go light on the looting during these lower-level mission runs. I did end up filling up my truck and inventory. While I could have made a bit of room. It was time for another base run to dump and sort things out. This was not my first time filling up the truck during my mission runs and it won’t be the last.

I have become quite a hoarder of renounces at my base. I even needed to craft more storage containers. A lot of my main ones for meds or ammo are full. At one point I gave up on trying to sort things for now and just made a few junk containers to toss everything in.

At some point, I’ll need to go through and break down any junk I don’t find worth keeping. I kind of wish I could make a giant vault that has an insane amount of storage inside of it. I feel it would be worth investing in the kind of renounces to make such a thing.

I do have just left my storage system in the chaos it is in for the time being. I however do want to quick shotgun through all the lower missions I can. I’ve been thinking once I get to tier four I might slow down a bit.

Quite a lot of them are quite fun to run I might end up showing them in more detail. For now, however, it’s off the races. Lots of zombie killing in my future.

Final Thoughts

more zombies 7 Days To Die.jpg

At some point, I’ll be taking a break from grinding missions and base building. While switching to a different trader has allowed me to explore another area of the map I’ve not been around. I do just miss pure exploration.

However with them adding in POIs exploring everything in a town or city takes a lot more time now. It’s not like the old days when you just hit up all the little homes quickly as you clear out each neighborhood. While those smaller structures are still around. You can now run into things that can take you an hour or more to clear out.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.