7 Days To Die | Shotgun Messiah

Shotgun Messiah was quite an interesting place to run with how amazing the layout of this factory was. It might not look that massive from the outside. On the inside, they have a lot of areas all funneling you around along scaffolding high above the factory floor to how they have things blocked off forcing you to go around.

entryway Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

I could imminently tell this place was going to feel like a maze. As I noticed both sides of the lower building were being blocked off by heavy bars. While I could drill through them with the auger that would take forever. This place was more set up for you just to find the path forward and get around such barriers.

The next area behind the counter which was the only way forward ended up having a false ceiling. Thankfully only a couple of zombies ended up dropping down from it. This was the first sign of many that this place had some nasty ambushes set up waiting for me to wander into.

That area was set up like an employee locker room to get ready for a shift at the factory. Since I had yet to be in a place like this yet I was hoping to find something interesting stuff. While at first, I thought this place was going to be all about weapons. It ended up being more tools than anything else.

This place also has quite a lot of broken windows you end up finding yourself going through. With there being so many barriers around the place. I would often find myself outside of the building. I would then need to take out a horde of zombies to get back into the new area in the building.

zombies attacking me and using a lot of ammo Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

In what looked like the storage area of everything they needed for manufacturing I ended up running into my first horde of zombies. Thankfully I brought both of the guns that use different ammo with me. As I ended up burning a lot of ammo.

From there I ended up heading down a ramp into what looked like the main factory part of the building. As it was quite wide open. I could also see there were many scaffolding worths of floors above me. As I had a feeling as I went along clearing this place out I would be seeing this section from above over and over again.

Along the way, I ended up finding a yellow latter down on the main floor. While I was tempted to just go up to the next floor using it. I thought it would be best to finish clearing out the remaining floor.

At the time I thought I only had a couple of rooms remaining on the first floor before I would be returning to the ladder I found. I was quite wrong in that thinking. Not only were there many more unexplored rooms to clear out. There was a different way I ended up going to the next floor.

fulfillment area of the building Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

The back half of the factory seemed to be like little workstations. I’m not sure I could quite call these office spaces but they sure did get the feeling with the computer chairs being in them. For the most part, they were rather void of any loot.

Perhaps this area was more of a backing and fulfillment area of the building. Whatever it was it ended up having quite a few zombies in it to clear out. I’m glad I did not end up skipping over this section. Since the tier 5 mission, I have anyways is looking to fully clear the building.

One thing I did find a lot of in this place was the Working Stiff Tools boxes. Since those could have some worthwhile things in them I busted open the couple I found with my chainsaw. They were the only thing back there worth looting.

finding a tier 6 auger in a stiff tools box Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

I was rather thrilled that I did. As I ended up looting an auger tier 6. While I had a tier 5 and was rather happy with it. I’ve been wanting a tier 6 for quite some time now. It has more block damage so mining and opening things like metal doors will go a bit quicker now.

One of the last things I ended up looting on the first floor was a gun safe. Thankfully I had quite a few lock picks with me. As this was not the only gun safe I would end up finding on this run. It was just filled with gun parts and a skill book.

I also found gun shooting ranges. I suppose it makes sense if they produce guns they would need somewhere to test them out. These seemed to be on every major floor as well. For fun, after I cleared out all zombies in the area I took a few well-placed shots at the targets before moving on.

taking out a few zombies from a bathroom area Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

While going down a hallway I noticed there were some doors up ahead. One of them was a bathroom that ended up being filled with zombies. I ended up leaving quite a pile of them behind. I also took a couple of hits that I would later heal up on before moving forward.

This building was quite indeed misleading from the outside. I had expected by now to have cleared the bottom of the building. I however had a little more clearing to do before I ended up finding a ramp-up to an outside area.

ramp to the second floor Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

That ramp was also covered in zombies. It took me a little while before I was able to make myself a clear area to pop up there to get aggression on what was remaining up on that rooftop and dragging it down the ramp. It looks like I was not going to use that latter I found quite a few rooms ago anyways to get to the second floor.

When I got up top one way forward was covered in barricades like they did not want anyone going down that path. I double-checked to make sure they were not trying to hide a door from me. I then went around. I at least could see from that way there was perhaps a ledge I would need to use to get back into the building.

I then cleared out quite a few zombies. While it looked like one of the windows on that roof where busted out that it could perhaps climb through. Once I got close enough I realized it still had the protective glass in tacked.

walking along a ledge to find a way back into the building Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up taking a risk and checking out the ledge. Thankfully at this point, I was not that high off the ground, and heights in this game can sometimes get you. As I was walking past window after window a lot of zombies were starting to light up on my compass. It was clear they could see me.

While out on that ledge I ended up getting attacked by some flying zombie birds as well. Those are always quite annoying to deal with. Even more so when you think you got them all and more end up showing up later on.

office space Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

The outdoor ledge ended up going for quite some time. I was then greeted by a large number of zombies that were pouring out of a broken window. After clearing them all out I gained entry back into the building.

A large section of this next floor was for office space. It must have been where all the zombies were hiding while I was making my way to this side of the building to get in.

I then ran into a central point that was the forge for the building. I knew once I had opened the door for it to check inside that I had made a huge mistake. It was filled with burnt zombies which are much harder to kill than the normal ones.

It however became quite clear I had to go through the forge itself to get to the next part of the floor anyways. It was not long after that I found myself out on the roof again looking for a broken window to get back into the building to move forward.

way up to the third floor Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

It was then time to make my way to the third floor. At first, I had passed this spot thinking the floor above me was just broken. With the way the zombies were up there, I thought this was just a trap. I however was not finding a way up to the next floor.

After circling on the floor for a short time. It seemed like I could almost jump up on the boxes and use them as a stairway to get up to the next floor. After a couple of failed attempts, I was correct and found myself on the third floor.

A Lot of the next couple of floors if you could even call them ended up being scaffolding. Both on the inside of the building and on the outside of the building when I needed to get around a barrier. I slowly worked my way through clearing them out.

found a tier 6 chainsaw Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

While looting in one such area I lucked out. I found myself a tier 6 chainsaw. Since the one I’ve been using for quite some time is only a tier 4 it was quite the upgrade to find. Making just the chainsaw I looted and that auger well worth my time spent here. All the other loot I got was just extra gravy at this point.

My inventory was also getting quite full at this point. Before moving on I decided to make the painful decision to go down back to my truck. I had forgotten to bring out my drone with me on this one. Granted I think it would have gotten stuck in a few places in this building anyways.

My truck was also getting quite full since I did not empty it from my last run. So I did not end up getting a fully cleared inventory to keep looting for the remainder of the run. At the very least it gave me enough space to keep what I wanted.

I also took this as an opportunity to eat, scrap items, and work on trying to condense my inventory the best I could. That ended up helping a decent amount as well.

giant chimney stacks Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

After a fair bit of clearing and some floors later. I ended up making it onto the top of the main roof of the building. It looked like all there was left to clear were chimney stacks that all had ways to get up them.

At the top of most of them was a nasty surprise of huge amounts of zombies waiting for me to make my way up. I however had a feeling one of the chimney stacks would end up having the final loot area for running this tier 5 POI.

final loot for Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up being correct in that assumption. While at the top of one of the chimney stacks I could see a giant pile of loot sitting on one of the lower ones. So I made my way over there and looted.

riding back to the trader Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

I then made my way out of the building. I always wish I had a quicker way down off these buildings. It is what it is. Once I made it down I ran over to my truck and jumped in for a decent drive back to the trader.

I ended up making it back to the trader before they opened. So I chilled for about an hour in the game tapping any zombie that moved. For finishing the mission I ended up getting 45k experience, 4,080 Dukes Tokens, and a .44 Desert Vulture tier 6. Not a bad haul in rewards.

Final Thoughts

phat loot Shotgun Messiah 7 Days To Die.jpg

This ended up getting quite a nice haul what the loot I found in Shotgun Messiah from just the tools alone. As you can see my truck and my inventory are quite full from the last runs I’ve done on tier 5 POIs. I needed to make a base run for sorting and storing.

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