7 Days To Die | Horrors Of Higashi

Chambers with zombies found in them as if they were medical experiments. This place made me quite question what was going on here. Many floors were dedicated to different parts of medical experimental science as well adding to the overall vibe that this place was doing something quite wrong.

Before I got to Higashi I got to test out the new 4x4 truck I had crafted. I will say if I had to go off the road I think I would prefer the motorcycle for that. Otherwise, it was not that bad. I just had to get used to having a much bigger vehicle to navigate around large chunks of objects and potholes.

The real thing this 4x4 truck is for is all the storage. So I don’t mind if it’s not a perfect ride requiring a little more paying attention on the road to get it to a location. With this thing, I could strip an entire place if I wanted and still have room left over.

entry way Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

The entryway into Higashi was quite misleading. I had no idea what I was about to walk in. Some of the zombies I fought seemed to be in more expensive clothing. Along with the strange sculpture in the middle. I thought I was walking into some high-end company all decked out in experience taste.

This place was strange that was for sure. They had a section that had live trees inside the building. This would not be the last time either I find nature weaved into this place somehow. This further made me think this company was loaded with money to do this sort of thing.

The way up to the next floor had two different ways. I could either take escalators that are no longer working on the main staircase which would allow me to get to many more floors along my adventure in this building.

Up on the second floor, I was greeted by quite a lot of zombies. This place also had some strange place named “Kurabu.” This was however not even a full floor since the entryway into the building was two stories in height. As such it was not long before I was moving up to the next floor.

For floor three I used the main stairway again. The stairs were missing to get to the fourth floor so I would have to find an alternative way up from there.

office space and human resources Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

This palace was filled with a lot of office space and zombies. I then came across the front desk for this floor indicating it was human resources. An entire floor for human resources I thought to myself. That seemed quite excessive. Why would they need so much office space and employees for that?

On this floor, I also discovered that the elevator door was open. There was a red ladder that allowed me to climb up to the fourth floor. At least so far they are making it easy to find my way forward going higher into the building. At this rate, I felt I would be done rather quickly with this building.

This is then where the building decided to start to show its true self. The front desk on this floor indicated I was about to enter the chem lab. That would start to make sense why it felt like this place had some money. Perhaps they were some kind of research firm I thought.

I ended up finding a way forward into the lab itself from a hole in the wall in one of the bathroom stalls. I always check them for zombies anyways. Although I’ve stopped searching toils for loot for quite some time now.

zombie found in strange chamber Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

Then I found these strange chambers. Inside it was a strange-looking zombie as well. This would not be the last floor I found either with these kinds of strange chambers. My mind started to race to wonder if Higashi had some kind of relationship with what was going on with the state the world was in.

the rest of the floor had quite a few more of these chambers as well. I also found a server mainframe that was quite protected. Not like I could have done anything with it anyways. Perhaps one day I’ll come back and try to scrap it to see what kind of parts I get out of it.

There was also a broken window that lead me to the outside of the building. Along it was a catwalk. That simply took me to another hole that lead to the main staircase of the building. I could also see one of the doors I found on that floor that was fortified would have taken me to the stairway as well.

So I made my way up to the fifth floor. My mind raced even faster to what this place was up to. Things only got worse from there. This floor was for chemical storage. What kind of operation needed an entire floor to store chemicals?

chem storages tanks Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

There was further storage of even more chambers and zombies lurking everywhere. This place was also a little harder to navigate since there was piping from different tanks leading off to other sections of the building.

This was not something I would expect to find in a high-rise building. You would expect to see this sort of thing in a factory. Not a building in the middle of a large town.

While exploring one of the rooms I found the floor had collapsed. In its place was a wooden ladder leading to the sixth floor. While I had not ensured I fully checked the remaining floor. I was wanting answers to what this place was involved in. So I went for it and climbed up the ladder.

DNA testing floor Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

After a little bit of exploring around, I found I was now on the DNA testing floor. WTF? WTF? WTF? While certainly, I did not find any paperwork that would for sure tell me this place is doing what I think it is. For me at least this was all I needed to see to confirm in my mind they must have been involved with the zombies in some way.

This floor even had infected zombies which are quite hard to kill. They were laying down on metal blocks with x-rays of their bodies being displayed on a back display. This floor gave me the creeps so when I found a red ladder to go to the next floor I took it.

The seventh-floor horror stuck across my face. The front desk had giant red letters above it saying “trials” Everything was also blocked off so I could not get in through the normal way to explore this floor.

I checked the bathrooms and did not find a way to the locked side either. I did find in the respective areas a broken window that lead me to a balcony and further progress along the building.

floor in Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

It turns out this floor was covered in body bags. That is why they did not make it so easy for anyone to get access to the remainder of the floor. Every time I would turn another corner I’d find more body bags.

This floor turned my stomach. I was half tempted to bail on finishing this mission. What these people were up to in this building was not only wrong it made me sick. I also had a feeling I was quite close to the top. Just a little further I told myself and I’d be done with this mission.

Despite the medical and chemistry supplies I was finding in this building. I had made up my mind before even finishing that I never wanted to take another mission for this building again. The horrors that occurred here were outstanding.

Sure enough, I found the main staircase for the building to take me up one final floor to the roof. Right away I could see the final loot room. The roof was also covered in quite a few different garden areas. There were also some stairs taking up and up and up.

At the top besides an insane amount of zombies was a helicopter landing. There was luggage everywhere like the people who were conducting experimentation were trying to flee this place. I have a feeling they did not make it out alive.

final loot room Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

Since the only way into the final loot room seemed to be by a heavily fortified door I did some searching around. I ended up finding a button that I could press that would open the door. I looted and jump down the main stairway as quickly as I could without getting killed. I wanted out of this building.

Final Thoughts

loot Higashi 7 Days To Die.jpg

This was perhaps the most horrifying building in 7 Days To Die that I have found to date. It also left me with a lot more questions than answers. It did at least appear to me that they were carrying out some kind of experiments on humans or perhaps the zombies themselves. I could not tell.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.