7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Downtown Strip

I was back at Trader Rekt again grinding missions out hoping to quickly get to tier 5. Once you start to get up there in higher tiers they slow quite a lot down in how quickly I could clear out the buildings. I also could no longer just get fetch missions. Every now expects a special mission to fetch and fully clear out all the zombies.

While it’s been fun mostly showing tier 5 POI runs. I thought it is rather fun to show a couple of the lower tiers in more depth now that I’ve made it to tier 4. Some of them ended up being a lot more fun than I was expecting.

Downtown Strip

checking lower areas for entry points tier 4 7 Days To Die.jpg

One of them was a downtown strip. This consisted of at least five if not more buildings that were connected in some way. You can kind of see from the post cover it had some walkways at the top of each building leading into another. Along with some other areas that are connected.

The nice thing is there looked to be multiple entry points into this area of buildings. In a lot of these places, you tend to only find just one spot to enter into. So I first ran around the bottom seeing any zombies I could pick off and all options I had for getting inside.

I discovered quite a few of these buildings were connected on the lower levels as well. One place seemed rather unfinished as it was filled with a bunch of construction items laying around. While another was a quite grimy small store that looks like it came out of the 70s or 80s.

in the middle of the buildings 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

Some of these places had connecting doors. While others had giant holes in all that allowed you to pass from one to another. There was even this middle area making this place feel like a strip mall. With escalators being blocked off. Meaning I’d have to find a different way up to the next floor.

I did eventually find a way around the blockage to get to the escalators. As soon as I went to walk up them I was ambushed by a good eight zombies. I however made quick work of them. While zombies have a small chance to drop a loot bag none of them did.

Up on the second level I ended up finding a washroom that could have almost been for a laundry mat of sorts but it was not. It was also covered in rubble. Perhaps the oddest of it all was a wild chicken I found still running around. Now I know what my character is having for dinner.

After some exploring, I found a collapsed ceiling that allowed me to get up to the third floor. While I had hoped to have done more exploring of the second floor I was not able to access as much. It was quite a lot smaller than I was expecting.

The next floor up had little interesting as well. As soon as I found a red ladder leading up yet another floor I went for it. It also seemed like I was getting quite close to the supplies I was sent to retrieve from this area. It was still unknown to me how many floors this place had left to explore.

I did some further exploring around to the point I even went back down some floors again. It seems to get close to the supplies I was not. At one point I ended up almost doubling the distance I was from it just moments prior.

Before going much further my main gun had broken. So I took a short break and repaired it. While I would have been fine with my backup gun. I’d rather use up some of the ammo types I have for the main gun as I have a lot more of it to go around.

I then ran into open areas. Each flooded with zombies as soon as I started to take a couple of shots. With as high as a level I am now in 7 Days To Die they stood zero chance. They barely even did any damage to me.

courier satchel found 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

I was then wandering around a bit more before I found myself up on a rooftop. Up there is where I finally found the supplies I was looking for. I still however had not fully cleared out the area.

This was just one of many rooftops, however. Not that far away I ended up finding a green ladder that I went up onto another one. After crossing over some rooftops using small catwalks I ended up breaking into a small room that ended up having the final loot room. By then I had cleared out everything that was moving in the strip.

Final Thoughts

final loot room 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

I ran back to the trader and got myself a cool 25k experience and 2.3k tokens. At this point, I have more tokens than I feel I could ever spend. I then dumped everything into my truck to clear out my inventory and went off to the next site.

Among the loot I found. I even got myself a tier 5 drone. I ended up just chucking it into the truck as well. I’ve yet to work out how to make them shoot. My next few talent points from when I level I’m I’ll be spending on robotics to see what I can do with them.

As I think it would be rather neat to run around with two drones out if possible. Along with them providing some backup firepower to my own. I must be needing some kind of mod for them or something. At this point, I have no idea as I’ve not used drones in the past other than holding extra loot.

It would take a few more of these before I would reach tier 5 to see if I could discover any other tier 5 POI sites I’ve yet to run. It seems I have barely scratched the surface of how many tier 4 POIs there are.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.